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  1. How Long

    my 2 and 1/2 year old son hasn't grown in a whole year! He is tiny and thin (makes up for it in character though ) We have done the celiac panel and it has come back clear. We put him on a gluten free diet for the past 3 weeks, and i want to know in how long will i see a change? These past weeks, i know that he has not had a drop of gluten coz he didn't go to day care. He started again today so... Seeing as he isnt a celiac and will probably not have a reaction if he does have gluten, i cant know if i can trust it there... Also, do any of you people out there have any idea if him having constant burst ear drums could stunt his height and weight gain? He had tubes put in this week, but i want to put my hopes somewhere
  2. My dd was just over 2 when she was diagnosed. She had a growth spurt, then stopped growing and only started after i had taken out dairy and soya from her diet. We will probably try dairy and soya when she is 5, she is going to be 4 this month!
  3. My son had FTT in a major way, with celiac being ruled out about five times and him anyway being gluten free. He was put on reflux medication and started to thrive. He was also put on a restricted diet - gluten dairy soya and egg free - which was slowly reintroduced, but it was definately a silent reflux!! Now, before any of you say anything, it is not that i am saying dont look into the celiac business, just that it is possible that it can be reflux, which is a relatively easy thing to rectify... Also, i was told by all the drs that it was my feeding and milk that was the cause of his FTT, and it wasn't I would have done anything to keep feeding, so if you can and are willing to change your diet for him... well that is a big thing!!!
  4. It is only my almost four year old that actually has celiac. Our main meal - supper - is gluten free, although i might make different pastas seeing as we eat seperate times from her. Any other meal, she has her cereal, her snacks i pack for her day care etc. Her brother,even though her is 2.4 years old, knows that she gets OJ instead of milk in her cereal, and he gets cheerios and she gets rice chex/copy of granalo cereal. When i bake, its only gluten free. BUT she knows and sees us eating gluten, and that is the world we live in. We cannot insulate them to the point that they NEVER see gluten. Yes there is gluten in the world, yes others are allowed it, BUT at home there are ALWAYS gluten free foods that she can have. That is my opinion
  5. the recipe was great when it first came out of the oven, but when she ate it today, it was awful and crumbly. The taste stayed the same, so that was ok, coz she ate it, but i am a allergic to crumbs How can i stop that from happening? is it too much xanthium? Or is it because the bread mix was potato, corn and rice based, as opposed to a mix that had bean flour and more rice? I have just found garbanzo flour, not tried it yet, but would that help? Not her allergy, but mine?
  6. My dd is having a baking day at her day care, and they are baking Challa bread. Whenever they bake, we are told the day before and my dd bakes with me and we come in with it on baking day. This time, i decided to take a regular recipe for challa, and just use her gluten free flour in it instead - it was a bread mix that is awful, but with this recipe... well... it couldn't be worse!!! It came out YUMMMMMMMMMMY! Exactly like the regular one, although what it will taste like tomorrow i have no idea I even managed to role a rope out of it, and then shaped it like a snail, it didn't look braided, but they were good... I put them in the freezer, i can't toast them on shabbat, should i heat them, or will that make them worse???
  7. i was told by my dr and by ALL the hospital staff when we were admitted for my son's malnutrition, that every formula is gluten free according to law!! I am not sure i believe them 100%... but they did say that.
  8. i just go to a shop that sells kosher stuff, and any premixes, like stuffing and coating things, or brownie and truffle mixes etc, have a sell by date for approx 15 months. I spend plenty $$$$$ and buy for the whole year. I also buy all my spices, packet soup mixes etc then coz it has much fewer additives and msg. Basically anything that i have the smallest chance of eating during the year, i buy in bulk. Also, they have a load of long-life cake that i buy, that i use in emergency (like when i give birth in a few weeks, that will be my weeks off for all the premade stuff ) And the pasta that is for passover - generally egg noodles - i find it is not as good, but each taste to their own You asked where you can order it on line, sorry folks i haven't got a clue on that one, although apparently, walmart and all those big shops do bring in a collection of some sort that is kosher for passover, and then you can check the website... Sorry can't help more....
  9. If you buy your stuff at passover time, approx april, and you get Kosher for Passover and NON GEBROKTS, they will be free of ALL your allergens. I know it is another three months, but i buy for hte whole year some stuff, coz i know there is no way any cc... I am not saying anything about the cost though
  10. Ok, here is the greatest news in the world... A new health shop opened in my area, and they are willing to order ANYTHING for me - i just have to name it!!! I am in seventh heaven I don't want them to order any ready made stuff, coz most have soya in it, and i don't yet know how much i can trust them to check those things out, so really i want them to order flour. Problem is, i don't know which ones - they have whole rice, white rice, tapioca, and chickpea. Is there any thing that you can think of, off hand? Thanks
  11. When my son was in hospital, every breakfast came with bread on the tray, and if i complained, they took the bread off - useless coz everything was covered in crumbs. For the main meal EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A WHOLE MONTH he had the same - rosat chicken, rice and baby carrots. My daughter, straight after her biopsy, and she was so bad they said start diet NOW, they gave her a sandwhich and a cake to make sure her insides didn't get damaged from the biopsy. I said, we were told she should be gluten free, do you have anything for her? They asked me what is gluten and i am sure a little bit of bread won't harm her... I gave it to her (we hadn't yet started the diet) otherwise we wouldnt have been discharged!! If my daughter was ever hospitalized, i would bring everything from home. I wouldnt trust a hospital for anything in the world!!
  12. Thanks, you are the best!! Sometimes i just want to give up and give her gluten again, but i know that it is really the soya and dairy that is getting me down now, coz those are new additions to her diet. I was telling my DH that if she could eat gluten, but still be off dairy and soya, it would be just as hard, coz almost all bread spreads are dairy/soya. Even PB has, although i think i might have one that is soya free, just need hubby to read ingredients, coz its not english!! So, now i have to come up with a breakfast and lunch meal that is ok for her. She has breakfast at home, at around 10.30 they eat a sandwhich, and then thy come home for lunch! So i can't quite send her with a thermos meal for 10.30 - i know i couldn't stomach a heavy meal then, so i doubt she would!! I have sent her in with muffins, and seeing as she is still so little, not yet 4, i don't care to give her cake for breakfast - she doesn't yet need to concentrate But i still call it a special treat, like this she doeasn't get it every day... Her 10.30 meal, is very often an apple/banana with a couple of rice cake sandwhiches (she hates it and often brings it back) and then for lunch is an egg and veggies. Supper is our main meal and she loves her lunch, although i don't know how healthy it is to give her eggs 6 days a week with cholesterol problems that are genetic in my hubby's family. (He's 28 and been on medication for years, that diet and excercise didn't help At least he can still eat chocolate and not feel bad ) Any tips, all will be welcome. She HATES all gluten free bread, coz they 'make to much mess'!!!!
  13. I would like more stuff, like pretzels and crackers that are gluten free, dairy free and, the hardest, SOYA free. I find that companies use lots of soya flour in these savoury things and i find it really hard to give her 'healthy' snacks that i can keep in the car. I know that dried fruit is always an option, but hey, how much fruit can a not yet 4 year old eat?!?!
  14. Thanks for all your replies! ANy cookies that look half normal i am willing to try!!! (Just by the way, ever thought in you head "I HATE ALLERGIES" ) I guess i when my stuff doesn't work out i get put off baking for a while!! Also, seeing as i have such trouble with breakfast at the moment, so it is also muffins, as in another thing to bake, when i get a wrong comment... well her breakfast might be nonexistant!!!! Seriously, where do you buy things like almond butter?! And buckwheat flour?! Or any of these wierd flours... All i have at hthe moment is potato, tapioca, corn and rice. Those are sold in a lot of the shops around here, will i find the others in a second rate health shop? The type of shop that thinks they have everything for celiacs nad you get there and they just about have half a shelf??? Know what type i am talking about?!?! I think i am now officially desperate for her to grow out of this dairy and soya allergy
  15. My dd was really cute, if not tactless, but i sure got the message!!! I made her cookies last night, which were gluten, dairy and soya free, which she tasted after her lunch today. Her only comment on them were, "Ma, they look like ....... throw up don't they!!!" I was ready to cry!!! (from laughter ) Seriously, i couldn't use any butter or marg - dairy and soya - so i used oil instead of marg, couldn't use chocolate chips coz they have soya lecithin, so i grated the chocolate instead. The taste wasn't bad, but they looked awful!!! For muffins and other breakfast stuff, i am putting raisins or dried fruit instead, and i can generally use oil for cakes instead of marg. But for cookies i am finding life much harder. Every cookie i have tried has come out looking awful. (Some tasted so good that my gluten eating neighbour makes them and is blaming me she is putting on weight!) She doesn't care for, and nor does my pocket care for, the prepackaged ones. Anyway most of those have soya in it. Does anyone have an ALREADY adapted cookie recipe??? Please??? She does not like PB Thanks...
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