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  1. I was glutened 2 weeks ago. Symptoms were severe. Right after recovering I have started...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. My mom had this happen to her and it was a medication she was taking for glacoma. She...
  4. Question: Are ya'll saying that it helps with other food reactions. I am reacting to...
  5. Looking for suggestions to substitute the rice flour and cornstarch. Can't do rice or...
  6. I was going through my cabinets and found a pkg of Hall's Cough Drops and wondered if they...
  7. Fyi

    Thanks for that list. Let me add to it Unilever will label all products clearly. Here...
  8. I use Wal-Mart's Equate brands. I tried calling my local Wal-Mart and even the pharmasist...
  9. Could you give up your recipe for egg rolls? I have been looking for a way to make them...
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