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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Tephie

    Going To Fertility Doctor

    Hi Cherry Tart, Don't be scared, it's really not that bad. Both my husband and I went and we went over both of our medical histories and some of the tests that results that we had done. Then basically the dr ordered a couple of more...
  3. A few months back at the SL GIG meeting a Dr. Karnam (I think that was how you spelled it) from the Provo area spoke to the group. He seemed extremely knowledgeable about Celiac disease. I live in the SLC area and thought about driving...
  4. Tephie

    Anyone In Utah?

    Hi Bobohead, Welcome to Utah (soon anyways). Vernal is a very rural place hopefully you won't have to hard of a time finding food to eat. Have you been to Vernal before? I am sure you run into people all the time that have Celiac...
  5. Hi, I have not tried the BRM, but I have tried the ones out of Wyoming and the ones in the red box....sorry, I know that is a lot of help My favorite have been the ones out of Wyoming. I used my regular old chocolate chop oatmeal cookie...
  6. I have read on this forum that the cheese packet is gluten free. You can also buy a can of just the cheese. It is actually marketed as a popcorn topper, but tastes just like the stuff in the packet. It is a tiny can, but I bought it at...
  7. Tephie

    Biopsy Of Dh

    According to my Living Gluten Free for Dummies book it states: To Diagnose DH, doctors take a biopsy of the skin near (but not in) the lesion. I had rashes on an off for probably three years or so, the first time they did a biopsy it...
  8. If so, how did you like it? I want to order some from Amazon, but don't want to order a whole case if it's not that good. Any help would be appreciated! Stephanie
  9. Tephie

    Anyone In Utah?

    Thanks Sweetfudge! You have made my day, I may stop by there for dinner
  10. Tephie

    Anyone In Utah?

    Sweetfudge, When you get the salad at Cafe Rio which dressing to you get? Thanks, Stephanie
  11. YAY, thanks everyone for your input! Stephanie
  12. Tephie

    Anyone In Utah?

    Dan, Were you able to speak with someone at Cafe Rio that confirmed their food is gluten free? I have called the corporate offices in Salt Lake several times and left messages and no one has ever returned my calls. I LOVE Cafe Rio and...
  13. Hi All, I have tried to google if Valtrex is gluten free, but can't seem to find any info. I have an outbreak of shingles and would really like to take this medicine, but not sure if I should. Any help would be appreciated. Stephanie
  14. Sorry to laugh, but that is a great story I would never have thought to put maple syrup in it. Thanks for sharing
  15. How did you make it Jenny?