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  1. This is a great/interesting conversation. Regurgitating food was my first symptom, which confused many a doctor because they assumed it was something caught or growing in my upper GI and ignored my lower GI symptoms. When I get glutened I regurgitate food. About a tablespoon or less at a time...
  2. Not to get all Alton Brown on this, but there is nothing worse you can do than to stuff a bird. It increases the cooking time and dries the meat out. DOWN WITH STUFFING! (Up with "dressing" on the side, gluten and non for all to enjoy!!)
  3. Thanks MommaG I have been diagnosed (I probably need to figure out the signature thing), a month ago today. I am still having some seriously problems and not really seeing any improvement... and GI Doctor #1 wants to run a bacterial overgrowth test and/or a colonoscopy. (Last week I broke...
  4. I saw my PC today, she said "they are totally normal. They are from aging or pregnancy." She INSISTED that they had been there all along, because no one gets these "over night." I told her that in fact yesterday there were none on my forearms and pointed out 8 of them to her, that are on them...
  5. jmd3 - THANK YOU BUNCHES! This totally sounds like what I have. After further investigation, I noticed that they look a lot like a spot on my upper thigh that I have had my entire life. I am still going to get them checked out to make sure they aren't a vitamin-related thing (thank you too...
  6. I have been diagnosed with celiac for just a month now, I do not have DH, but starting yesterday, I have bright red spots on my chest, torso and one on my arm. They do not itch, they are not painful or raised. At first I thought I had cut myself by accident because they are that bright in color...