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  1. OMG, I'm so happy to read this! Thanks! We are moving to the Chesterfield area this week...woo hoo!!!
  2. Actually, you *can* take liquids/yogurt/whatever on a plane, you just need to purchase it after you get through security. But thanks for posting this...I just remembered I should call my GI's nurse tomorrow to get a "doctor's note" for our trip to Disney World. We never get stopped when they search our bags at Six Flags or baseball games, etc...b/c we have 3 children under the age of 3 with us, so they probably assume everything is for them (which most of it is, but I usually take along some salad dressing or a cereal bar just in case). And I know Disney is awesome about food allergies, so I highly doubt they'd confiscate anything from us, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!! We've flown 3 times since I was dx'd last year and I've never had issue at the airports. But, I've never tried to take anything through, except stuff for the kids. I will say though that the TSA missed a bottle of Clorox Anywhere spray that I keep in my diaper bag. It was about 4 or 5 ounces, so bigger than the allowed 3 oz rule, and I totally forgot about it. Whoops. But they missed it too! Makes ya feel safe, doesn't it?!?!
  3. I'm so glad to hear of other people having good experiences there. I nearly always get sick after eating here and at Outback, even when ordering and eating gluten free. I'm chalking it up to the fact that we don't eat "rich" restaurant foods much anymore so that is probably the reason my tummy gets upset vs cc or gluten. I'm giving PFChangs another try next week. Fingers crossed!!!
  4. I eat their tendergrill garden salad without issues. I know there is probably some cc, but I don't react to it. My kids of course get the chicken fries, fries, apple fries, etc. I thought it was funny you all were talking about the fries being safe b/c the last time we were there, there was an onion ring in the box with the fries Whoops!
  5. Our Melting Pot is REALLY good with food allergies. They have a huge laminated brochure type thing that they bring out that lists all the "no no's" for each food allergy and gluten/wheat is definitely on there. With that, we were able to select all 4 courses of the Big Night Out. I believe there are only 1-2 cheeses we can eat and 1 cooking fondue. I think the salads and chocolates are pretty easy though. With the dessert course, we always have them bring the fruit separate from everything else and then my husband just drizzles the chocolate over his "gluten food". We've eaten there 3-4 times since I've been dx'd and no problems! It's one of our favorite places to go!
  6. I can't speak for multiple allergies, as I only have gluten issues, but here's an email address for contact... WDW.MK.Special.Diets@disney.com Also, here is the email the person sent me...
  7. Our Super Wal-Mart carries DeBoles as well...and also the Gluten Free Pantry brownies. I've been getting them for awhile now...they are pretty decent. I have also become a loyal Great Value brand supporter b/c of the specific "gluten free" labeling. I figure if they're going to that trouble, I will buy their products Just this past week, I saw some "re-shelfing" going on in the cookie/cracker aisle and it looked like they were adding a bunch of Pamela's gluten-free cookies and Nut Thins crackers, etc. Kind of like how other grocery stores put the organic stuff at the ends of the aisles. I'm super excited to go back next week and see what they've added. Oh and I wanted to comment on the gluten free labeling with the Great Value brand. Sometimes, even though something's ingredients are gluten free, they won't write "gluten free" on the label if it's been processed in a facility that also processes wheat. I suppose that's a good thing, but I have come to overlook that since my own kitchen processes wheat on a daily basis So when I don't see that "gluten free" on the label, it makes me second guess myself on the label reading. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. I was a loyal Taco Bell eater before being dx'd and since then, I've only eaten there twice. I have also heard/read that the taco shells and meat have oats in them. I did eat tacos once after being dx'd and felt gassy/bloaty, but they did not cause me diarrhea like a usual glutening would. And I have eaten the rice before with no ill effects, but that little container of rice is hardly worth going there. I'll eat it in a pinch at a mall fast food court, but won't be making any special trips there. Anyway, we make tacos at home and I just bought some of the Taco Bell mild sauce (which is made by Kraft as a previous poster mentioned) and it seems to be okay. I believe it has a modified food starch in it, but I am going on the assumption that if it were wheat, it would say wheat. I know what happens when I assume stuff...ha ha ha. I've had it twice though and haven't noticed any symptoms of a glutening. HTH!
  9. I've tried sushi twice at a local restaurant and not gotten sick...maybe a little gassy/bloaty but that happens a lot b/c I also have IBS so I tend to ignore it. I had NO idea how the rice was prepared and didn't think to ask. Well we just went to Las Vegas and ate at Shibuya at the MGM and the wait staff said their sushi rice is prepared in an oil/vinegar that has gluten in it. I asked if all sushi rice was made that way and they said yes. I ordered a plain steak with steamed rice, but since I knew I had eaten it before, I also had 3 pieces of California roll sushi. The next day I was sick. I don't know if it was gluten or massive hangover (yeah, we went to Rain at The Palms that night too). So now I'm curious about sushi... What's your experience or knowledge of it??? THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!
  10. I eat the Rice Crunch'ems pretty much every day and don't have issues with them. I don't care for the Corn ones and have been too scared to try the Puffins. Ditto the poster who mentioned the Peanut Butter Panda Crunch and the Gorilla Munch...they're pretty good! And we occasionally get Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles as well
  11. I don't think I've ever been glutened by a drink before...and most liquors are okay (except the malted ones like wine coolers) and obviously beer. I know there is a cross contamination fear, but honestly, I'd just go and have fun! Happy birthday!
  12. I eat at Outback and The Melting Pot regularly. Outback has a gluten free menu, so does PF Changs (but I don't care for them as much)...and The Melting Pot staff is VERY knowledgeable about food allergies and very helpful with selecting the fondues and foods. I'm not sure if you have one in Dallas or not, but I would HIGHLY recommend them! And for what it's worth, I've been really lucky with just getting steak and baked potatoes in most restaurants. Have fun!
  13. We still eat at McDonald's occasionally. No one else in my family has celiac...so they eat "normally", but I usually get the 99 cent salad and ranch dressing. Sometimes I get the yogurt but don't put the granola on it or the apple dippers. And rarely, I'll get an ice cream sundae. It's not a terrible lunch for me...but I'm sure your kids wouldn't be too thrilled about a salad and yogurt.
  14. OMG, it's fall! I love stopping at QuikTrip to get cappucino (not sure why I love them so much but to me they beat a $5 Starbucks cappucino anyday!). Also caramel apples are a big treat this time of year. Are those okay? The caramel apples at Wal-Mart appeared to be okay ingredient-wise, but just wanted to double check. Anyone know about QT? Also, what do you do for Thanksgiving? I was planning on just making a small dinner here on Tuesday or Wednesday and using those divided tupperware plates with lids to ration out some meals to take with me to my grandma's and to my husband's family get together. That way I don't have to worry about cross contamination or trusting other people to make my food. Is that what you do? What do you make/take? THANKS!
  15. Taco Pizza! Refried beans, salsa, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, black olives Mmmmm!
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