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  1. I've been gluten-free for two years now and am almost 14 weeks with my first. I had extreme nausea and fatigue for about 2 months which was followed by daily dry heaves. I've only puked twice.... mostly I've had symptoms from the other direction, even before knowing I was pregnant. I thought it was gluten, but now I really believe it was just my version of morning sickness. I've never been much of a puker, but my body sure learned from celiac disease how to clean out from the other end! My doctor recommended taking papaya with my meals to help with the nausea. I was skeptical, but I do think it has helped some. Plus eating small meals and snacking frequently has really helped keep me in balance.
  2. I received the exact same response today, except with the following also added in: "All Yoplait Original, Light, and Thick & Creamy yogurts are gluten free at this time, but we encourage our consumers to continue checking the label for any sources of gluten if the product is not marked GLUTEN FREE. We are working towards expanding the gluten free message to all cups and other Yoplait products."
  3. <sigh...> I just bought a bunch of Yoplait this weekend- I've been eating more of it lately because my guts have been "off". I now wonder if it was the yogurt giving me that feeling! I checked my fridge yesterday and actually had two of the same flavor- one labeled gluten free, the other not. The un-labeled one has a later date on it. And I'm assuming this applies to gogurt and smoothies too...? When I was shopping today, the only Yoplait products labeled gluten free were some of the thick & creamy and some of the originals. None of the "fun" things like whips or gogurt.
  4. I like having the visual- it makes it easier to remember the products!
  5. I'm still easing into the cooking- I never cooked before going gluten-free! But we made some foods to share that were safe for me in case there was nothing for me to eat (we went to 2 different houses yesterday)- well at both houses, it was the grandma that put me into a gluten panic. One tried handing me a dirty knife (dirty from the turkey cooked with stuffing) to cut our pot roast. The other was making gravy when we arrived and after she used a spoon to scoop out the flour, she wiped it off on her shirt and threw it back in with the clean spoons! EEEEK!!!!! Needless to say, I used a fork to eat- no spoon. But overall, it was a good first Thanksgiving without gluten.
  6. For those of you who have battled the yeast demon: How did you figure out that it was the problem? I know the obvious symptoms of the typical female yeast infection, but I'm wondering more about problems with yeast overgrowth in the guts. What symptoms were you experiencing? Is there a test... or is it just looking at the "big picture" of symptoms and trial-and-error treatment?? Let's leave it at that for the moment. I'd love to hear about treatment, but I want to KNOW that it's my problem before I try to tackle that.
  7. I've been too nervous about cc to attempt to go to Flat Top. It's a very busy place (at least the one by me), and it just seems like it would be too easy to mix stuff up. I'd rather take my chances at a steak house.
  8. People think I'm crazy when I say I love my Dora cereal, yet somehow... they are trying it and liking it! I used to be able to find it at Walmart, but haven't seen it there recently- not since they were on sale for several weeks in a row. I figure the almighty W was demanding too low of a price... don't get me started on my Walmart opinions! Anyhow, I buy it at Meijer. I love Dora!
  9. Indy is a bit far, and a bit different, from Fort Wayne. And for me, it's just not a realistic option at this time. That is why I first posted this. I would love to join or start something here locally. When I met with a dietician at Dupont in mid-September, she said that at one time several years ago, there had been a small group of some sort, but it never really got off the ground. It would be nice to do something to raise awareness in the community and have an understanding social network. Online communications have done me well over the past few months, though.
  10. I have noticed improvement in the condition of my hair and skin since switching to gluten-free products, and personally, after all the work I have done to keep my guts safe, I would hate to risk accidentally ingesting something, regardless of whether the improvements are real or not. I do not want to take the chance of reacting! And if I have a reaction sometime... I would assume it was something that I ate- not that I accidentally got a little lotion in my mouth- and it could be quite maddening trying to eliminate different foods that might be suspect when all along it was the lotion! I'd rather avoid the stress.
  11. Makes me want to think of a reason to visit people down at IU... I haven't been there in 10 years!
  12. What tests have been done so far? I used to get extreme pain on my left side, which usually coincided with sex. Ultrasounds and pelvic exams showed nothing, so it got added to the list of "it's all in her head" ailments, and it eventually improved on its own. The closest I ever came to an answer was determining on my own that it would only occur within a couple of hours before or after a bowel movement. Fast forward a few years, and suddenly I have a new understanding of why I may have been experiencing pain related to bowel movements! Get tested for celiac just to be sure- you might have to request it. BUT make sure you're still consuming gluten- eating normal- or else it won't show up on the blood test. Good luck!!
  13. Before I begin writing letters to companies requesting information on their products (I'm thinking personal care products like lotion and such), I would like some input from those with experience doing this. Any tips for achieving the best responses? Are there any letter templates out there to get me started? Thank you!!
  14. I'm still figuring things out right now with regards to bloating, but I actually lost the bloat for a few days last week (it's back right now). From what I can tell, what seemed to help me was exercising. And exercising is one of the first things I quit when the gluten symptoms were kicking my you-know-what because I just didn't have the energy! But perhaps time will prove me wrong...
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