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  1. I haven't posted in a while...but I hope someone can you me some information. For about 3 days, I have been having right upper quadrant pain. It runs along the rib cage starting about 2 inches about belly button and down to bottom of rib...
  2. Does anyone know if this is gluten free? I have searched the internet and can't find any information. Thanks.
  3. I really hate it when I make DUMB choices without thinking. For the past 1 1/2 weeks, I have been feeling nauseated, dizzy, joints hurting, etc. I couldn't figure out what was causing it. Tonight I figured it out and feel stupid. I have...
  4. I really need to take calcium supplements, however any I don't tolerate them very well. I am currently taking Citracal w/ D and magnesium. I have taken them for a few days and every time I take one, I end up with indigestion and heartburn...
  5. newceliac

    gluten-free, Low-cal Club Drinks

    Flavored vodkas are not gluten free? Is this all brands?
  6. I recently bought some supplements to start using. I thought they might help since sometimes I just don't feel "up to par". I need a little advice about when is a good time to take them (with or without meal, bedtime, morning, etc.) for...
  7. I am planning a nice romantic dinner for two for Valentine's. Does anyone have any suggestions for a quick, easy gluten free appetizer. Also, what about a gluten-free/CF dessert. Are most champagnes gluten free? Thanks in advance...
  8. I know there are some handy guides that are available for purchase. I just want some suggestions of which ones are the best.
  9. What is the best shopping guide that can be purchased? Preferably one that lists food items, safe brands, etc. I am trying to go back to square one and I feel I need to purchase a shopping guide? Thanks.
  10. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a little over a year ago. I felt better initially but then began having similar problems. My problems are still much better than during the many years prior to diagnosis but I am just not feeling like...
  11. I had a colonoscopy and a scope (re-scope) done on Monday. I was a liquid diet on Sunday, took 3 dulcolax and consumed a gallon of Nulytel flavored with Crsytal lite. The procedures were on Monday morning. Monday, I had nausea, cramping...
  12. newceliac

    Fresh Apple Cake

    Could you use a gluten free all-purpose baking mix in place of the featherlight?
  13. Jenny, What type flour do you use when making a roux? What ratio flour to oil did you use?
  14. newceliac

    Lots Of Stress

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease in Sept. 2007. I started feeling better in the beginning and a lot of my other symptoms that were not digestive cleared up. I still had some lingering digestive problems and had a test to determine I...
  15. newceliac

    Lots Of Stress

    I haven't posted in a while but I guess I just need a little advice or reassurance. The past few months, my stomach seems to be in a constant turmoil. Even when I know that I have not accidentally consumed gluten, etc....I am having...