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  1. I haven't posted in a while...but I hope someone can you me some information. For about 3 days, I have been having right upper quadrant pain. It runs along the rib cage starting about 2 inches about belly button and down to bottom of rib cage on right side. The pain hurts underneath the rib cage also and seems to travel around to the back. It feel like something pressing on my ribs and almost feels like a burning pain at times. Intermitently when having this pain, I feel like I have lower abdomen cramping. I also randomly feel like there is muscle twitching in this area at lower rib cage. I don't really have nausea. The pain is similar to the gallbladder pain I had years ago, however my gallbladder has been removed. I went on a weekend vacation this past weekend in New Orleans. Although, I thoroughly discussed my gluten intolerance and they assured the food was gluten free, I know I am at their mercy when dining out. Could this pain be from possibly ingesting gluten? Has anyone ever experienced this pain? It is really starting to get on my nerves because I don't know what is causing it.
  2. Does anyone know if this is gluten free? I have searched the internet and can't find any information. Thanks.
  3. I really hate it when I make DUMB choices without thinking. For the past 1 1/2 weeks, I have been feeling nauseated, dizzy, joints hurting, etc. I couldn't figure out what was causing it. Tonight I figured it out and feel stupid. I have been taking a Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gelcap nightly as I have had a sinus headache. I realized that all Tylenol PM is gluten free with the exception of the Rapid Release gelcaps *which contain gluten* Just a reminder to me that I need to be proactive all the time with OTC meds and not just assume!!!!
  4. I really need to take calcium supplements, however any I don't tolerate them very well. I am currently taking Citracal w/ D and magnesium. I have taken them for a few days and every time I take one, I end up with indigestion and heartburn starting about 1 hour after I take them. Can anyone suggest a calcium supplement that is tolerable for an extremely sensitive digestive system? It has to be gluten-free/DF/SF. Also, I have started taking Natural Calm magnesium powder and it tends to give me nausea. I take only 1/2 tsp. Will the nausea pass after my body gets used to it. Thanks
  5. newceliac

    gluten-free, Low-cal Club Drinks

    Flavored vodkas are not gluten free? Is this all brands?
  6. I recently bought some supplements to start using. I thought they might help since sometimes I just don't feel "up to par". I need a little advice about when is a good time to take them (with or without meal, bedtime, morning, etc.) for the maximum results. I got d3 5000 iu (as I have vitamin d deficiency problems off and on). I already take calcium. I also got sublingual b12 and coenzyme b6 complex. All are by Country Life. I have not taken any of these yet. I also got the Natural Calm powdered magnesium. I took 1/2 tsp., per instructions, last night. It gave me small cramping about 1 hr. after and I awoke with some nausea this morning. I assume it is from the magnesium. Is this normal and something that will pass after my body gets used to it? I feel my stomach is super sensitive and I am sick of it! Any advice for the supplements is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I am planning a nice romantic dinner for two for Valentine's. Does anyone have any suggestions for a quick, easy gluten free appetizer. Also, what about a gluten-free/CF dessert. Are most champagnes gluten free? Thanks in advance.
  8. I know there are some handy guides that are available for purchase. I just want some suggestions of which ones are the best.
  9. What is the best shopping guide that can be purchased? Preferably one that lists food items, safe brands, etc. I am trying to go back to square one and I feel I need to purchase a shopping guide? Thanks.
  10. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a little over a year ago. I felt better initially but then began having similar problems. My problems are still much better than during the many years prior to diagnosis but I am just not feeling like I think I should after 1 year gluten free. I was still having problems with cramping, bloating, constipation, fatigue,etc. (in the meantime I had changed GI docs because the initial dr. who diagnosed me basically said to get on the internet and research celiac disease and stop eating gluten.) My initial biopsy which was done after positve blood test results found moderate to subtotal villous atrophy. The new dr. decided to do a follow up scope since I was still having some problems. They called me today with the results. The results said "partially treated celiac disease". The nurse didn't really know any other details besides that. I am confused by this. I have been trying so hard to be gluten free. Could it be that I am just not totally healed......or have I possibly still been getting gluten somehow.......or is it possible that other food intolerances are possibly causing me to not be totally healed? This is so frustrating. I guess "partially treated celiac" is better than moderate to subtotal villous atrophy but it is still frustrating. I think I may have a casein intolerance, however I am not totally diligent in making sure I don't consume products with casein. I also had mild to moderate gastritis. I have a follow up appt in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any insight or information on what "partially treated celiac disease" means. Or any advice on questions I should ask the dr. Thanks in advance.
  11. I had a colonoscopy and a scope (re-scope) done on Monday. I was a liquid diet on Sunday, took 3 dulcolax and consumed a gallon of Nulytel flavored with Crsytal lite. The procedures were on Monday morning. Monday, I had nausea, cramping and gas all day....which is know is normal. However, I still am having cramping. I also feel crampy every time I eat anything and sometimes I have to rush to the restroom. Is this normal 2 days after the colonoscopy.
  12. newceliac

    Fresh Apple Cake

    Could you use a gluten free all-purpose baking mix in place of the featherlight?
  13. Jenny, What type flour do you use when making a roux? What ratio flour to oil did you use?
  14. newceliac

    Lots Of Stress

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease in Sept. 2007. I started feeling better in the beginning and a lot of my other symptoms that were not digestive cleared up. I still had some lingering digestive problems and had a test to determine I was also casein intolerant. I was beginning to keep a food diary when all the stressors started, however now with my busy schedule, I don't have time for all meals much less keeping a food diary. I just want the stomach issues to subside and I am not sure if something else is going on or if my tummy is just under so much stress. mftnchn.....what is SCD?
  15. newceliac

    Lots Of Stress

    I haven't posted in a while but I guess I just need a little advice or reassurance. The past few months, my stomach seems to be in a constant turmoil. Even when I know that I have not accidentally consumed gluten, etc....I am having lots of stomach cramping, gas , etc. Can stress cause problems that mimic celiac symptoms or cause celiac symptoms to flare up. I went back to the gastro dr. a couple of months ago regarding these continued symptoms and he didn't seem too concerned. He thought maybe constipation was causing the problems and he prescribed meds for the stomach cramping. Here is a synopsis of my last couple of months and you will see there has been a fair amount of stress. 1) My son graduated from college in May and he started Physical Therapy school in Alabama in August. My summer was spent helping him find an apt., get everything in line to move in and then move him in. He is two states away so I guess I miss him. It's like the empty nest grew bigger. 2) I live in Louisiana and work for the Dept. of Social Services. When Hurricane Gustav began to threaten Louisiana in August, I was sent to work at a shelter in Shreveport which housed 2000 evacuees that were bused in from New Orleans. I had to work 5 days of 12 hours shifts daily. Needless to say, it was 5 days of h___. Most of the evacuees were very unappreciative and demanding and the days were so long. They had several fights and arrests. I was away from home, therefore staying at a hotel. As soon as I was relieved to return home, our state activated a disaster food stamp program to assist the parishes most affected by the hurricane. So, I still have not had a day off and now I return home to continue working 12+ hour shifts 7 days week. My parish was not a disaster parish, but we took turns driving to a neighboring parish to assist them. 3) Just as we are in the middle of this, Hurricane Ike rears it's ugly head. Finally, on Friday, Sept. 12 I got a day off....but not for pleasure. But the day off was to prepare for a hurricane that was headed to our side of the state. Once the hurricane passed we immediately returned to work the following day. Now the parish I live in is considered a disaster food stamp parish for Ike, so we start distributing these on Friday......still working 12+ hour shifts 7 days week. This is a very stressful process as you may have well over 1000-2000 people daily applying. I just don't know how much more I can take. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I caught a virus when working in the shelter. I have been sick now for 2 weeks and can't shake it off. I have been coughing, feeling bad, no energy and my body isn't doing very well at healing. Finally, got some meds from dr. I know this is a long story but I needed to vent. My question is my stomach hasn't felt good for over 2 months now. Sometimes as I am eating, my stomach will start cramping. I get gassy frequently. I have been having a pain regularly on the left side between the top of hip (pelvic bone) bone and bottom of my rib cage and sometime it curves around about 1-2 inches into the back. Could this be celiac or something else? I guess I just get scared I could have colon cancer or something serious. I had a colonoscopy 9 years ago and they said that since it was normal, I should be OK. All I want is to have a normal stomach and not constantly worry about when it will start hurting and why it is hurting. Has anyone else ever had symptoms worsen with stress?