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  1. I am going to Liberia, Costa Rica in a couple of months. This is my first time out of the country since being diagnosed several years ago. Has anybody been there, and if so did you find it difficult to eat? I am planning to bring some things with me but not sure what I can get through customs and I definitely cannot bring enough stuff for a week. Any information will help...Thanks Donna
  2. I eat their fries without any problem...they do not put the seasoning on them but they do have dedicated friers..The manager told me yesterday that they would be getting gluten-free buns and "special" pans to heat them.
  3. First time I have ever felt it necessary to leave a comment for a show...they have lost me. I suggested next time they need a laugh they should "show a Celicac patient who has been fed any type of gluten writhing in pain, vomiting all over, has diarrhea so severely they cannot leave a bathroom, or one who's joints and muscles are so sore and inflamed the only option to get to the bathroom is to crawl, to say nothing of the headache that causes you to cry just by opening your eyes...there are many more hysterical symptoms if only your inept writers care to research first....pretty funny stuff...huh?" I do not know how much good it will do but hope if enough of us comment it will at least get their attention.
  4. I understand being a teenager going through this can be tough. One of my son's also has celiac disease and I have watched how difficult it is for him to adjust at times. One thing to remember is that you are in control of you!!! Nobody can force you to eat something you do not want to eat, and never give somebody else that much control over you. Unless another person has experienced what we have their opinion means nothing
  5. That way my pregnancy mantra...LOL I could have tipped at any time!Q
  6. Any chance Udi's will be coming out with a hamburger bun too??????
  7. I use their mixes all the time...my family and friends love them, and my son and I are the only Celiac's.
  8. Great message, would love for this to reach American schools!
  9. While out to dinner one night, my friend's husband thought he was being clever and when he ordered said "and make sure you make mine with extra gluten" then began laughing like the moron he is. When I ordered I asked the server to make sure to bring my friend's husband a side order of brains and empathy since he seemed to be starving for both...the server almost fell over laughing as did my husband...the other side of the table was pretty quiet but in the many times since then that we have been together he has certainly been more respectful.
  10. has not set their status

  11. I have had their pizza a few times....I think it is pretty good.
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. can you post the recipe for the crustless pumpkin pie?
  14. I have made the Morton's Steakhouse tri-tip without problems....cannot use the Bill Bailey's
  15. I have never had a problem with Outback...they are actually my go-to restaraunt when I am out of town. Myabe I have been lucky, I can get sick pretty easily..it has never happened with them.
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