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    I am doing an ongoing research into celiac history at http://golem-stgermain.freeblog.hu<br /><br />It starts with Sissy (Empress of Austria Hungary) and son Rudolf (1889)<br />then we jump to Proust's friends (Tzar Alexander of Serbia) in 1934<br />and to prime minister Henrijk Verwoerd in Johannesburg in 1966<br /><br />I am looking for contributions on my blog.
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  1. Oh surprise...thank you, God bless ya too

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I found this reporting in the Isareli (daily) haaretz.com it is (also) about new drug research to cure celiac disease. The year before, Devary took part in a seminar at Tel Aviv University together with a fellow scientist, Prof. Azriel Sandler. The seminar was about the discovery of new hormones consisting of peptides (protein chains). Insulin, which regulates the level of sugar in the blood, is one example of a peptide hormone. Devary left the seminar feeling dissatisfied. Insulin is made by the pancreas, and when its production goes haywire for whatever reason, diabetes results. Devary wondered why no single drug similar in potential to insulin had been discovered in the last 10 years, even though oceans of money had been poured into the search. "From about 1994 or 1995 to 2004, some $4 billion had been put into finding new peptide hormones, but the result was beigeleh," he says, or, zilch. "It turned out that science's ability to discover new peptide hormones was limited," he relates. "We left the seminar feeling irritated, and for a year played around with the idea of finding a new way to discover peptide hormones." Then came a eureka moment that led to the discovery of a genetic sequence, which might, might just be a peptide hormone on chromosome 10. Humans have 46 chromosomes, in 23 pairs, and for all the hype surrounding genetic engineering and the revival of the woolly mammoth, scientists are far from understanding how our genetic material - DNA - actually works. Research continues apace, however, and in the case of ISK, the discovery was a "virtual" one, Devary explains - an "intelligent guess" based on better use of existing computerized tools. They were pleased with the discovery, he says, but didn't actually do anything about it. Until his wife became involved, that is. "She heard the conversations and asked why we weren't checking the discovery physically. Perhaps a peptide with medical abilities could be produced," he says. "Finally we decided to check it out in depth. I used my own money and bought a PCR device." That's shorthand for "DNA polymerase chain reaction" machine. What the DNA polymerase chain reaction machine does is replicate a piece of DNA, using enzymes. That DNA then serves as a template for protein production. The long and short of it is that the genetic sequence they'd discovered becomes a protein that is expressed in the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the development of the body's immune system. The thyroid is also "responsible" for the development of autoimmune system diseases, which is when the immune system goes awry, overreacts and attacks the body. Examples include multiple sclerosis, Addison's disease, another is celiac disease. Discovering that the peptide was involved in immune system development was crucial. Devary and Sandler obtained $100,000 from private investors and family members, and began clinical trials on animals. They found that the peptide was efficient in helping to treat Crohn's Disease, which attacks the intestines, and various conditions of the blood, including leukemia. So far ISK has registered five patents on its pet peptide, based on its uses. Now Devary intends to take the company to the next stage, though the team has yet to decide which direction to go in - toward Crohn's or leukemia. Meanwhile, Ichilov Hospital, at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, has granted permission for human clinical trials of the peptide for diagnostic purposes. More specifically, the peptide is being tested for two roles: to detect early-stage leukemia, when it's easier to treat, and to detect people with a heightened tendency to develop the disease, Devary explains.
  4. Maybe I am too scientific-minded (in this question of mine here now), but i wd like to know (if there is a chemist here the question may be answered) what is the ingredient of "latex" that we react to? We dolknow that in gluten (wheat) there is a protein called gliadin which conatins opiate molecules. Is there some opiate in latex? (Not impossibble, I am just asking.) I am a bit frightened by this, because it seems now that glutenfre eating is not enough I have this cystitis issue banning tomato and many nuts and so evidently I wd like to see more clearly. I will look around on the net to see what latex consits of. But now I must run. tnakx for listening.
  5. I am so glad my depression lifted. i suffered from it in all my 53 three years and then last year Is tarted to eat gluten-free and it lifted...in a few weeks. And also my compensating compulsive erotical manias subdued or diminished. I never have been so healthy - I also stopped all acidic food (because I have polyurea - intersticial cystitis). I am frightened when i hear about cases where the depresive moods did not lift. i hope mine stays as it is now - lifted. (I lose this when I get - involuntarily - glutened but only for a day). Geo Kozmos
  6. If you are the only one who sees this? as some member said it: " No, most decidedly, no. Most of us here see this...but unfortunately, most DOCTORS do not.........no money in it for them. " I agree. But slowly, partly due to these foirums, things will change hopefully. I thinktha bipolars autists and schizos who get better could raise their voice...Of course it is not easy. Generally we will not find an openmindend audience. There are people who suffer and refuse to take advice. I was told I shd try to eliminate gluten fr 6 years and I did not listen...I do not know why. I meet very intlligent friends with sons who have autism or schizo - and they refuse to try this diet. Instead they take drugs. That is life.
  7. My son is now 11 and I am fully there with him. I quite honestly have very hazy memories of the first 10 years of his life. I pretend when I see picture that they kind of jog my memory or maybe it's just the memories of the pictures themselves. I try not to think about that, I hope that made sense.
  8. I also have this Jekyll-Hyde type of depression when I am glutenized. And it clears away if I pay attention to my diet. Strange. But doctors are not interested, probably because ifI am on a diet strictly their drugs are of no use. (And I dont use them anyway because they dont help me.)
  9. Yes, it is good, but a bit discourageing:it is clear that no hope for longterm recovery exists. In a site I read about tomato better avoided which is quite startling (since it has good antui-inflammation effects if used on sking, like akne). I wonder.
  10. Me too I get sleepy and depressed aftere ating gluten so I try to avoid it. But for decades I was medicated against manic depressive disorder. It is so good that this diet exists, otherwise I wd have to accept that I am very sick. This diet is not a sickness it is a way to recovery. Big difference.
  11. I used to be treated for depression in the past. My fatigue lifted since I am on a glutenfree diet. The connection is evident.
  12. Passing out may happen to celiacs but after being on tghe diet for a few weeks or months it will not happen again, that is my experience. i was even terated for epilepsy, now seeing the glutenfree diet helps my doctor says sorry. geo
  13. many times they told me in my famuily I had bad breath. Now I dont hear it that much since I am on this glutenfree diet. I wonder... Geo
  14. Yes I have the same symtom, complusion, anger, mood swings when (if by chance) on gluten. i do take sme vitamins but I dont see the difference. The main thing is to avoid gluten. If I keep my diet my mood is stable and I feel okay. (In spite of normal daily problemsolving issues.) Geo
  15. Well, gluten free bread and pasta is just not tasty. Obviously because it does not conatin the main thing in gluten: opiates. So I never buy glutenfree. I just avoid normal berad and eat rice waffles instead. Wuith youghurt or jam or even ham it tastes like a real toast. Just my twopences. by the way it helped me a lot to go to 12step sites. Like Narcotics Anonymous. they are people self-diagnosed as sensitive to grugs or alcohol aso they have a great assortiments of tricks how to deal with life if the thing you carve you cannot digest. It boils down to values. i want to preserve this relationship and I need to eat glutenfree for it. So then this should be important enough to keep me on the diet. Self-respect is enhanced by self-discipline.Such values help me too. But of course I am sure I am celiac because I feel so bad if I slip and eat some gluten. geo
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