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    I am doing an ongoing research into celiac history at http://golem-stgermain.freeblog.hu<br /><br />It starts with Sissy (Empress of Austria Hungary) and son Rudolf (1889)<br />then we jump to Proust's friends (Tzar Alexander of Serbia) in 1934<br />and to prime minister Henrijk Verwoerd in Johannesburg in 1966<br /><br />I am looking for contributions on my blog.
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  1. Oh surprise...thank you, God bless ya too

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Maybe I am too scientific-minded (in this question of mine here now), but i wd like to know (if there is a chemist here the question may be answered) what is the ingredient of "latex" that we react to? We dolknow that in gluten (wheat) there is a protein called gliadin which conatins opiate molecules...
  4. Passing out may happen to celiacs but after being on tghe diet for a few weeks or months it will not happen again, that is my experience. i was even terated for epilepsy, now seeing the glutenfree diet helps my doctor says sorry. geo
  5. many times they told me in my famuily I had bad breath. Now I dont hear it that much since I am on this glutenfree diet. I wonder... Geo