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  1. I know this is already a few months old but because I disagree with most of what was said here I want to post my opinion for the sake of future readers. First, unless I missed something I didn't see anywhere that the OP said he/she had celiac, all I saw was “gluten sensitivity” which is not the same. In a video I saw a few months ago on Youtube, (and which unfortunately is no longer available) the difference between gluten intolerance, sensitivity and celiac was explained. If I remember correctly an intolerance is more of an allergic reaction and sensitivity is difficulty digesting it which can lead to full-blown celiac in some individuals. Next, I disagree with the statement “wheat is wheat”, the GMO wheat we eat here in the USA has several extra sets of chromosomes and the gluten in it is not quite the same as natural wheat. Dr. Davis explalins this in his book “Wheat Belly” and in several videos available on Youtube as the reason why so many people are having trouble with wheat and he is of the opinion no one should eat it. Also, “gluten is gluten” is not entirely correct, all grains contain some type of gluten but only some are really bad for celiacs, also, each grain has a different proportion of gluten, and naturally, wheat has the highest percentage of all, whereas oats has the lowest, which probably explains why many people only seem to have a problem with wheat. The video also mentioned that all glutens appear to cause some intestinal inflammation though, but I imagine that is more of a problem on a heavily grain-based diet and is probably the reason why some, like Dr. Mercola, actually recommend a grain-free diet for better overall health.
  2. I realize this post is now 8 mo. old and the OP may not need help but I noticed NO ONE answered her question regarding the anti-depressant he/she was taking and that bothered me because from what I've learned the answer could be "yes", but that would depend on which a/d it was, some can actually help weight loss. But since several SSRI a/d contain fluoride, which has a suppressive effect on the thyroid by virtue of blocking iodine absorption, perhaps taking supplemental iodine could (or could've been of) help in this situation.
  3. Hi and welcome! Besides having studied Cosmetology, which led me to participate in hair forums, I also was studying Holistic Nutrition so I know quite a bit about nutrients, and one that I researched and has a lot to do with hair health but is also related to PCOS is iodine, please read go here. Biotin is part of the B-complex and I learned that it's never a good idea to take a single B vitamin without properly supplying the other known 10 factors. Silica has worked for me, more specifically with MSM, a form of sulfur, another mineral that plays an important role in hair and skin health. Magnesium "oil" (or liquid mg. chloride), intended for transdermal use, is applied by some people directly on the teeth, with a brush, to help strengthen them, especially when the enamel is worn out and the teeth look translucent. I don't know if these days it can be found at health food stores but I've been ordering mine online from www.health-and-wisdom.com because their prices are very good.
  4. Hello

    I didn't know celiacs could suffer from constipation! That was the story of my life, in fact, I had intestinal/digestive problems on/off since childhood but the bane of my life was constipation, then in the last couple of years began having both intermittently and finally very directly after eating wheat sometimes, so it's very possible I already had problems with gluten or at least wheat way back then. Oh, sorry! Hi Davina! I hope you will soon be able to go on your gluten-free diet so you can start feeling better soon!
  5. Great story Mr. Happy, thanks for sharing it! And congratulations on your many improvements in such a short time, it's very likely that the rest will follow as time goes by. I feel exactly like you, no way I want to put my body through more suffering (now that I finally "got it") just to get tested. I don't know if all my problems will resolve in time since I'm older AND for years played the "game" of "resting" from gluten, or mainly wheat, and then even when I did try going gluten-free I was not always careful about cross-contamination and sometimes did cheat in small amounts thinking what I had was more of a wheat "allergy", and all that probably caused a lot of unseen damage over time. When my gut began to react and my liver function got worse,because my father was a diagnosed celiac I figured I probably inherited the genes from him but I still was in denial for a good while, it took my having some very scary episodes this year to realize this is nothing to play with.
  6. Three weeks off gluten is hardly enough to start reversing anything, at best some lucky people might get relief from diarrhea and other acute digestive problems but anything else would take months, even years to heal if the damage is not too great. When I didn't know better I'd tell people to go off wheat for a week or so to see if it would make a difference, well, that might work for a few lucky ones but now that I know about "gluten detox" and have lived it on 2 occasions I know it's completely possible to feel much worse before starting to feel better. Because I've never been diagnosed I'd stay away mainly from wheat for months at a time but would eventually cheat, but the last 2 times the consequences have been more serious, especially the last time. I first stopped wheat, then the other gluten grains back in March but my progress this time has been very very slow. I surely understand your frustration, I've felt it regarding other important things that I wanted to pass on to others, but many will not listen. These days I don't get frustrated anymore, I plant the seed and leave it up to others to choose what to do, and cold as it may seem I now feel that those that won't listen probably deserve the suffering they're in.
  7. I just posted on the thread "Wheat Belly" and you'll see my opinion of why I think it's not reasonable to eat wheat every single day even for those who are "healthy", so if there are more reasons, it makes even more sense to "approach it with care". As far as I'm concerned, it's all a "conspiracy" to sell more wheat products, even the skewed Food Pyramid was concocted by the Dept. of Agriculture in an effort to encourage people to eat more grains.
  8. I read this thread about a week ago and did a search on Youtube and found several videos with Dr. Davis, what he said really supported what I'd read quite a few years ago about wheat being hybridized/genetically modified. I once saw a video about allergies where a Chinese doctor suggested that we do not eat the same foods every day, his opinion was that that depleted our enzymes and made it harder for us to digest those foods over time, and it made sense to me. And when we think about the American diet revolving around wheat (i.e., pancakes, cereal (at least 90% contain wheat...), toast/bagels for breakfast; sandwiches for lunch; pasta or pizza for dinner, or biscuits/rolls as a side, then desert that could be cake, pie, cookies; crackers/pretzels for snacks, etc.). We all know that one can't go to a supermarket without seeing wheat products, or others with wheat or its byproducts as an ingredient, in every isle, so people's diets revolving around wheat has got to be bad even if wheat were "normal". I have forwarded the links to Dr. Davis' videos entitled (Parts 1 & 2) to all my e-mail contacts and also posted them on my FB wall because I think EVERYONE should be aware of this and even if they're apparently healthy they should at least limit their consumption of this "Frankenwheat" in order to hopefully avoid problems in the future, so I hope others here will want to do the same.
  9. Just A Hello

    Hi, I'm kind of new here but I want to welcome you too and tell you that I totally understand your frustration, this is a hard thing to accept! I'd joined here several years ago but at the time wasn't sure I "belonged" here as I've never been officially diagnosed; also the forum didn't seem too active so I eventually forgot to come back. Through those years I kept eating wheat/gluten periodically. When things caught up with me in some way, I'd stop for a few months but eventually fell into temptation again. It was also amazing how I'd "forget" things I'd read before and how I could not see the connection between my worsening health and the pattern I'd created. It took a rough wake-up call last Spring for me to come to terms with my "gluten sensitivity" very possible celiac. It came in the form of a thyroiditis attack (2nd since last year...) accompanied by the panic attacks from hell, intermittent diarrhea, queasiness and pain in the liver area, nearly paralizing fatigue and depression all of which interfered with my sleep. The puzzling thing was that all that happened about 2 months after I'd cleaned up my diet again (but I learned here that some people go through a period of "detox"). Also, during my so-called gluten-free period I'd cheated a little a couple of times by having cheesecake with cookie crust, at the time I thought it was more of a "wheat allergy" so I'd pop an antihistamine and avoid the worsening of my chronic nasal congestion (my only most obvious and immediate symptom) and thought that was the worst of it. But I forgot about my thyroid... I'd read many years ago that antibodies from gluten would attack it, so I've had a few thyroiditis attacks, during those my throat area gets swollen so I can't lie on my side when I sleep or I choke, and the symptoms that go with it are like being hyperthyroid, not fun at all. And I also "forgot" that last year eating wheat had begun to give me loose bowel movements (and I was always constipated...) and awful abdominal cramps. But I also read that such antibodies can be lowered by taking vit. B12 and selenium, so I made a point to try to take those supplements as regularly as I could remember, which sometimes I just didn't, but on the whole I think that kept me from things getting much worse. So perhaps you could give that a try. I'll try to find the article I read about it (if it's still available online) so I can give you the link, who knows, perhaps that might help shorten/speed up your recovery period.
  10. Hi, one thing I learned over the years of my "playing" with eating gluten (because I've never been Dx'd) is that there comes a point when one doesn't feel well at all when stopping, to the contrary, the last 2 times I quit gluten (and dairy which makes my chronic nasal congestion worse) I couldn't understand why I was feeling SO ultra-fatigued and depressed. I learned here recently that it's due to "detox" and that can definitely last for several weeks, in my case the last time, probably because I have Adrenal Fatigue, I began going downhill after I stopped (in March), ending with a huge adrenal crash that started on 4/30 and for most of May I felt really bad. Also, I usually lost weight quickly and rather effortlessly after stopping, but not this last time, it's going slower. In fact, when I went to the doctor at the beginning of May I'd ballooned to 160 lbs., about 15 lbs. more than weighed during the winter. I attribute that to the following: 1) I have Hashimoto's and my last indulgences must've increased my antibodies causing my TSH to go up again, to 9, the highest I've ever had measured, I also had a thyroiditis attack at the beginning of May. 2) My liver was affected, for many months I had not been secreting much bile and sometimes felt an ache on the upper right side of my abdomen, have had to take digestive enzymes w/ox bile (but a liquid liver/galbladder supplement and milk thistle have really helped). The bottom line is that a sluggish liver will prevent weight loss. 3) In July I finally felt well enough to want to exercise more but then I made the mistake of pushing myself harder than my body was ready for and I had a lesser adrenal crash that set me back some. I began feeling discouraged until I realized that I'd abused my digestive system on/off for way too long and I cannot expect my body to bounce back in just a few months. Now my expectations for more significant improvement have stretched to a full year from when I stopped, and that because about a month ago I realized I'd eating a canned soup that had some wheat in it twice. If I get better and lose weight sooner, great, but if not at least I won't feel let down by expecting more than is realistic and I feel this is the way you need to think right now. My best wishes to you!
  11. Hi, thanks for responding to my post, I had not yet figured out how to get notified by e-mail of replies so I just coincidentally came back around here and saw you had replied. I'm glad my post offered something, I'm sure we all have experiences that can be useful to others. I now have to "educate" my sister who believes eating gluten occasionally is not a big deal, that's what she did with my father, kept giving it to him when he asked for it, and now I'm not surprised that her adult son, who I learned yesterday was diagnosed several years ago, still cheats fairly regularly and he thinks as long as he can avoid getting diarrhea everything's "ok". But then for years I used to think that all I needed to avoid was making my nasal congestion worse... I thought it was all due to a connection to my mold sensitivity (as wheat contains mycotoxins, on top of everything) because for a while it looked like I could get away with it during the winter months, but I'm now not exposed to mold anymore and kept getting worse due to my cheating and I now I understand that the antibodies had attacked my thyroid, adrenals and liver (so far that I knew of...).
  12. Thank you very much for posting this, after watching it I went on to find longer videos of a lecture by Dr. Davis (in 2 parts) in which he explains everything in more detail and I've just posted them to my FB wall and also to my sister's wall because our father was a celiac and my sister never took it seriously and fed him wheat whenever he wanted it and as a result he died a very sad death. She now has like at least 2 AI illnesses and all her children are not healthy either, one with digestive issues supposedly diagnosed as "Crohn's Disease". We all need to raise consciousness so this nonsense of GM foods stops! The moment I read years ago that today's wheat is not the wheat "of the Bible" I immediately suspected that was the reason why so many people are now having trouble with it and that video has confirmed it for me. And, holy cow! Two slices of whole wheat bread have a higher GI index than a Snickers bar! And for years that's what I ate thinking it was "good" for me, yeah right! No wonder I've always dropped weight whenever I stopped eating that c***, even last night a male friend told me at a party "You've lost weight!" I'm not remotely on a weightloss diet, so I had not even noticed although, come think of it, I fit into some clothes I'd not worn for many months and during my last wheat indulgence back in February I quickly gained back 10-15 lbs. I'd lost last year (after I stopped eating wheat once before...). So I feel pretty encouraged thinking that this time I'll continue to lose and achieve my final goal because I "ain't" touching that stuff ever again, so help me God!
  13. Hi everyone! I actually joined this forum in 2007 but stopped coming here, at the time I lived in W. Palm Beach, FL but 2 years ago I moved to SC. I am a 50+ divorced mother of 2 adult children, and I have a beautiful 2 y.o. granddaughter. I have never been diagnosed w/celiac but my father died as a consequence of it and I'm sure that's what killed his mother as well. But because I never even told a doctor about my suspicions, it was easy for me to be in denial. Around the year 2000-1 I did begin to see that wheat was not my friend. I remember one time when I suddenly began feeling awfully depressed, tired and my clothes were suddenly tight; I realized I'd been eating whole wheat bread daily for several days so I decided to stop and see what happened and I was amazed when 6 lbs. dropped off me in less than 3 days. Anyone would've thought that had made a believer of me but it didn't, I thought at worst I just had a "wheat allergy" because I didn't seem to react to rye. The only other cereal I ate occasionally was oats, but it was hard to tell if they affected me because I ate them with honey and molasses and I was supposed to avoid sugars because of my hypoglycemia. So for years I went back and forth avoiding wheat (& dairy too) for months but eventually falling into temptation again. I'd read somewhere that some people supposedly can eat gluten again after 6-12 mo. of abstinence and I was hoping to be one of those (if they indeed exist), so I guess that delusion helped me continue my destructive pattern. At first there was no reaction whatsoever, then my chronic congestion would get worse causing apnea attacks when I slept (but I often could get around that taking Loratadine), my face contour would change looking rounder and my upper eyelids puffy, and I'd gain weight extremely fast. But then two years ago I began having clear intestinal problems when eating wheat, I remember being doubled over with colic wishing I at least could go to the bathroom and "get rid of it". Naturally, I stopped but foolishly repeated the same cycle 2 more times, each time with increasingly serious consequences, the last time, because of my Adrenal Fatigue the symptoms were horrendously scary and I swore I'd never touch gluten foods ever again because I do not want to have to go through that ever again, and not only that, it's taken me much longer to recover this time. :-( I'm hoping though that my experiences with this affliction will allow me to help others in the future. Ok, now that I got my story out, if there's anybody from Upstate SC in this forum I'd love to connect with you, but I'll also be happy to find any friends close to my age from anywhere, I'm sure everyone knows how lonely having celiac can be, it's like others have no clue as to how bad this can be and how difficult it is to try to live in a world where just about everything has gluten in it.
  14. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  15. Thanks! Regarding Publix I wouldn't say they carry "a lot" of stuff but, yes, I've been able to find some Bob's Red Mill products, breakfast cereals and Nut-thins (crackers).
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