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  1. I'm bumping this thread..when I posted in July 2009 the angus burger contained wheat, and 6 months later they changed the seasonings, which I only found out about now! My non-gluten-free daughter wants to go there, and since my gluten-free son wanted a toy and apple dippers, I decided to re-check the allergy info. I was wondering if anyone else has been brave enough to order a burger sans bun at McDonalds lately.
  2. Sulfapyridine has some of the same side effects as dapsone, and it's probably pricey since it's an orphan drug. Nicotinamide, from what I've searched, is used in conjunction with another drug like a tetracycline, not alone. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10844495
  3. Antihistamines do nothing for DH (except if you take enough of them to make you fall asleep). DH isn't a histamine response, it's another part of the immune system. I've found that Sarna lotion (the one without the menthol) works great. It contains the painkiller that's in Neosporin Pain and it works great to dull the itching. As for iodine, you don't need to go iodine free, just don't use iodized salt and avoid shellfish and seaweed for a few months. There's enough iodine in the rest of your food to make sure you get enough (you don't need much). NSAIDS also can aggravate DH, use Tylenol instead of Advil or Aleve for awhile too. Good luck!
  4. Sarna Lotion sensitive (the one that doesn't have menthol) has a painkiller, it works great and helps a lot.
  5. Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek: TNG fame) has a sister who has celiac disease, and his Mom has started a new site, notevenacrumb.com. See his post about her site here: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ Supposedly CBS has agreed to air a PSA on celiac disease!
  6. I would go to glutenfreedrugs.com. Print out his list of gluten free drugs and send it to the hospital before you go, so the hospital pharmacist knows which meds to give you. Brand name Percoset is gluten-free according to the list. Because of the way they're formulated (liquids, not solid pills) injectable drugs don't have gluten in them, so if for some reason you have to have a c-section (I hope not), you don't have to worry about the spinal or the IV on top of everything else. Besides, they don't ever go though your digestive system so they're safe. HEre's more info; http://glutenfreeinsd.com/pharmaceuticals.html
  7. The drug companies are not required to list allergens on medications, so yes. If you look at your equate bottles, there's a toll free number on the back. Call them and ask if your medications are gluten-free. Any ingredient containing the word 'starch' is suspect, but it doesn't necesarily mean it contains wheat starch. Take a look at glutenfreedrugs.com, there's a list of gluten-free prescription meds and a list of ingredients that may contain wheat. Good luck!
  8. If I didn't have those nasty side effects, my goal was to stay on it for a year and then taper off. I'd heard that it takes about a year for DH to totally clear up on its own (no dapsone), but that may be just anecdotal. I would think about how long you want to stay on, then taper off the drug (take 1/2 pill a day for a week or 2, the 1/4 per day for the same time). Did you know there is a topical dapsone? It's called Aczone and it's for a certain kind of acne. It's really pricey, but I have afew sample tubes from my dermatologist that I used on some particulary long-existing sores. I didn't have any active lesions so I couldn't check it. Search the forums for 'aczone' and you may get more results. Congrats on feeling better!
  9. I agree with Richard, you must absolutely have blood tests, weekly for the first month then monthly after that. I had no problems with my bloodwork, but I had the other side effect, which is extreme muscle weakness. I couldn't walk without being out of breath and tired, and I pulled more muscles than I knew I had. I couldn't exercise and gained weight. I heard a story on these boards of a runner who had to give up running because his muscles were so weak. I was on dapsone for about 9 months and went off slowly, and it took me abother 6 months to get y muscle strength back. However, now that the gluten is out of my system I can eat iodine and shellfish with no breakouts. I didn't know if you knew to stay away from NSAIDS too, like Advil and Aleve. Both NSAIDS and iodine can aggravate your DH, but only when there's already gluten in your system. Strict gluten-free diet = you can eat iodine again, but if you think you've been glutened stay away from it for a week until the gluten gets out of your system. Good luck!
  10. Hee hee, that's hilarious but so true! A lot of gluten-free beers are just too sweet for me. I've decided that redbridge and New Grist are my top two. Have you tried St. Peters Sorgam Ale? It's my very favorite, it's drier and a lot hoppier than the gluten-free beers out there. (PS, this isn't my blog, I'm just using it for reference: beer photo link) I can't wait to try the Estrella Damm. On another note, I've told my husband that if a brewer doesn't make me a gluten-free stout soon I'm going to have to try making one myself! One thing you may want to try are ciders, not the candy-a$$ stuff like Woodchuck, but hardcore like Strongbow or Woodpecker or anything from the UK. They are dry and not very sweet. My fave is from Ireland, it's called Magners. I have to drive to Wisconsin to get it, but I know a guy.
  11. I wanted to post an update, I didn't end up going to CF because there was a snow/ice storm and we would have had to drive through it for an hour. Just FYI, the last time I was there I had the thai chicken lettuce wraps, which are fine as long as you ask for grilled chicken and no side sauces (the coconut sauce on the noodles is fine, and acc. to the list I linked to above maybe you can add a salad dressing so it isn't so boring). I usually stay away from places like this anyways.
  12. YOgurt, some dried fruits, a lot of Aldi canned goods now say 'gluten free' on the label. They also have Fit and Active meatballs that appear to be gluten-free, I bought a bag to try. Some lunch meats and all their hummus is labeled gluten-free.
  13. No, citrus shouldn't affect your DH.. You may have inadverdently gotten glutened at the same time.
  14. Are you eating iodized salt? When you first go gluten-free, to keep the DH from getting worse you need to stay away from iodine and NSAIDS(like advil and aleve) for awhile until all the the gluten gets out of your system, maybe a couple months. Iodine is found in vitamins, seaweed, and shellfish, as well as iodized salt. Once you're gluten-free for awhile iodine and NSAIDS won't be a problem and you can have them again. As for personal care products, the gluten can't get into your system through your skin (seems logical, but a lot of people on these boards argue to the contrary), but if you then lick your fingers after eating or get some of your hair in your mouth then you're ingesting the gluten and that is bad. Watch for oatmeal too, no aveeno products anymore!
  15. According to my link above, the Godiva chocolate cheesecake is not listed as gluten-free, but I think that's because Godiva states that all their chocolate is not gluten-free (I believe it's a CC issue, and so jas the Triumph guide's blog). I'll probably take the risk and get the cheesecake.
  16. OH goodness, see what you find while surfing? The hidden cheesecake factory allergen list. Cheesecake Factory Allergen List Summer 2010
  17. My mom asked to go to the Cheesecake Factory for her B-day next week. Last year I went and had a plain but good (=didn't get sick) meal, but I wanted to know if anyone had been there recently. (FYI last time I had the Thai lettuce wraps with no sauce on anything, it was really boring.)
  18. According to this:http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-the-effects-of-an-iodine-allergy.htm very few people have iodine allergies/sensitivities, and these usually come about when you have to ingest iodine. Both of your responses to iodine sound like DH to me for sure. In a normal person, the iodine would stain their skin and then be absorbed back into their skin over a few days. If you've both just been diagnosed, make sure your go gluten-free and steer clear of iodine-containing foods (vitamins, iodized salt, shellfish, seaweed) and NSAIDS (like ibuprofen and naproxen) for a few months, these are known to aggravate your DH. I"ve been gluten-free over 2 years and can eat both with no problem now.
  19. Hve you talked to Steve Plogsted who does glutenfreedrugs.com? He's a pharmacist and has been telling the FDA about this for years.
  20. I think you need to read their labels more carefully...they now stamp everything with "no gluten ingredients', which is not the same as 'gluten free'. TJ's is always a hotly contested topic on these boards. Do a search and you'll see for yourself. In short, we like that TJs is up front with their labelling, but whether you eat said item is up to you. There are people who eat their items that have been made on shared equipement and do not get sick, and those who are very sensitive and do get sick. In your case, since you're just starting out on your gluten-free journey, I'd stay away from those items for the next 6 months or so, so if you do get accidentally glutened you can more easily figure out what made you sick. I've been gluten-free for almost 2 years and I don't react to TJ's products at all.
  21. I emailed Brachs (owned by Farley and Sather), part of their response is below. It looks like now they're stating whether their candies are prepared on shared lines. The two bags of Brachs candy corn and autumn mix I found at Wal-Mart both had statements that the product was made or handled on shared lines with wheat. I think it's a personal choice, some people would eat it and some (like me) would not. I"m going to stick with Zachary's this season, even though I do miss the taste of Brachs candy corn! "Current labeling for product manufactured and/or packaged on lines with other products containing any of the
  22. If you're careful there are some places you can eat out, probably just not with the foods used to eating. There are some chains that you can eat at, like PF Changs, Monical's pizza (in the midwest), Panera, Moe's mexican, Qdoba, Outback, Pizza Unos, etc. I personally really like thai and indian food, and have found places near me where I can trust the food. Where do you live? Maybe we can help find you some celiac friendly places near you.
  23. I carefully read the labels to make sure they don't contain anything wheat related (wheat germ oil, etc). Call Neutrogena, they'll tell you if the product you're looking at is gluten-free or not. The phone # is on back of the package, or probably on their web site. I"m not as careful as some people, but I figure it's a small amount and I"m not eating it (we're not talking about lipstick here), so as long as the label looks good I"ll use it.
  24. Have you been diagnosed by a Dr. with DH, or is it a self-diagnosis? If you diagnosed yourself, you may want to try the iodine patch test, since you just glutened yourself. Search the forums here and you'll find some info. Besides, if you have DH that equals celiac and no more wheat for you, ever, sorry! Also, does your rash get better when you take Benadryl or an antihistamine? If it does you probably don't have DH but an allergy, since antihistamines don't help DH.
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