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Aldi Now Labeling Certain Items Gluten Free

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Hi all, this may be old news to some but for those who don't know....

I noticed Aldi is now labeling some items gluten free......the fresh "all natural" guacamole, both regular and spicy, is labeled gluten-free (Aldi's "La Mas Rica" brand).

Also, the Aldi brand corned beef hash and regular corned beef are also both labeled now.

There could have been more, I didn't have time to comb the store.

About 6 mo's ago I sent them a letter about how disappointed I was with their labeling policy, maybe it paid off????

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Need to check Aldi out, a bit out of the way. Shopping for gluten-free is getting very expensive.

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Their Fit -n- Lively brand does a good job at labelling, also.

The thin sliced lunch meat in the plastic tub is labeled gluten-free, as well as their hummus (which is AWESOME).

The Aldi's in europe stock gluten-free bread, I don't think there's a chance of that happening here. ;(

I was told to contact them if you had any question about the gluten-free status, I think their vendors who make their provate labels are realizing that it's advantageous for them to label things properly.

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I live in Ohio, our Aldi has gluten free bread and once a year (happening this month actually) the special buys are all gluten free options from their brand Livegfree.

gluten-free finds from their special buys section this month: 

Supreme Sampler Cheesecake, full size $8.99

5 pack of cinnamon raisin or plain bagels, $2.29 USD

Cinnamon raisin bread, I didn’t buy but I assume it’s the same price as their typical gluten-free bread and wraps $2.99 USD 

General Tso’s tempura battered chicken $4.99

Veg, beef or chicken empanadas. 6/$4.99 USD

Chicken Florentine or Broccoli Alfredo $4.99 USD

This is my favorite month of the year. I don’t have to cook the whole month. Not the healthiest to eat prepared food sure, but it’s month a year, we eat mostly fruits and vegetables for snack and nice to have a break. 

Sample of some things I buy from their gluten free brand that are regularly stocked:

Pretzels $1.79, Cookies (like the enjoy life ones) Snickerdoodle or double chocolate $2.29, chicken nuggets $4.99, hot pockets 2/$3, Mac n cheese $2.29, organic rice and quinoa pasta $2.79, rice spaghetti noodles $2.79/lb

Not to mention that yes, their gluten free labeling is back on their “regular” food offerings. I do 70% of my shopping at Aldi (25% at Costco, 5% at Kroger/Riesbeck’s)

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