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  1. I ordered a bunch of Rancho Gordo and am still trying them out. Shipping is a flat rate, so order with a friend, to...
  2. I had DH or eczema/psoriasis all over my neck and scalp and that has almost completely gone since going to Dessert Essence...
  3. I have been asking in Atlanta for the last 6 months and no test market here...go figure. Mellow Mushrooms are everywhere...
  4. Glamour

    Mourning The Loss Of Gluten?

    I was the biggest baby and went into a depression over bread, pizza, gravy and my normal way of cooking. At first it...
  5. I think gas, as well as slow digestion causes mine. Mine has improved since going gluten-free. Some theories are candida...
  6. Glamour

    Probiotics And Enzymes

    While I don't buy into the enzymes working on gluten enough to relieve an attack, these enzymes could still be useful...
  7. Glamour

    Recovered After 5 Years

    From what I have been reading people respond well and some respond poorly to different probiotics and enzymes, depending...
  8. Glamour

    Probiotics And Enzymes

    I have been researching this a bit. I found this site today. http://www.enzymestuff.com/ There are all sorts of...
  9. Glamour

    Home Remedies

    Interesting about urea being aggravating - it is in a lot of lotions for dry skin.
  10. Glamour

    What Does Dh Look And Feel Like?

    I got purple scars on some areas, especially in the beginning. I still have remnants of a few of the first places.
  11. Glamour

    The Hives Are So Bad

    I have some areas that look just like that. I feel prickly burning sensation before the itch begins too. That is how...
  12. Glamour

    Bout To Lose My Noggin- What Is Making This Worse?

    I sympathize - I have been having bad attacks and don't know if I got glutened or if I even have DH. I just went off...
  13. I bought the food for life rice flour like tortillas and they are terrible. I wonder if mine are old or something. They...
  14. Just ok tasting. 2 of them gave me a stomach ache.
  15. I like Mary's Gone Crackers. Good with cream cheese type of spread or with salads, they are crunchy. Udi's bread and...