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  1. I get nauseous if I use those creamers. They are so loaded with junk, who knows what ingredients are reactive. I wonder is the coconut creamers (from health food stores) are better for you, if you can't do dairy.
  2. I think detergents are a major cause of aggravation. I am about to try baby detergent, like Dreft. I double and triple rinse almost everything, and may have to step it up to every little thing. I have also been putting vinegar in the rinse when it seems the detergent is not coming out. I...
  3. I can only eat beans if they are soaked, and properly slow cooked. Nothing right out of a can or quick prepared. Same with rice, no converted. A lot of people eat to large a serving of beans and rice at a time. I was doing this also. This is a good thread.
  4. Glutathione (GSH) happens to be your body
  5. What about dairy? I think I am reacting to it had a hot chocolate yesterday and rash went crazy. The only other thing I had was Pamela's cookies, and Trader Joe gluten-free curry chicken tenders with fresh organic veggies. I am also going decaf.
  6. Yes marie and Chemist Mama, etc. thanks for the info. I am trying to be patient. I do see some improvement in skin, and mood. I have a little more energy. I read about meds and iodine and am not taking anything. I have had the rash about 3 years, and it was really bad. I did step up...
  7. I was given one by a friend, called Thunder Chocolate Meal REplacement by forevergreen. It is a big almost 3 lb canister, and I think it is around $60. makes 60 shakes. It is whey and 24 Karat Chocolate with vitamins,enzymes, omega's, amino acids, minerals, probiotics. It has honey crystals...
  8. I am about 3 weeks into the gluten-free diet. I have not had any official tests. I do think I was being glutened by either Kettle Chips, Margaritaville and Garden Fresh chips (same company manufactures them and they will commit to gluten-free in some foods but not the chips (sea salt could be causing...
  9. I find keep it simple is best. I have purchased everything under the sun. Too many ingredients and I am bound to react to something. I think this disease makes you SUPER DUPER reactive to any kind of chemical. I like about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a warm bath when it gets crazy. I bought...
  10. How could I forget PAIN. It is like sitting on rocks. I am currently sitting on a tempurpedic pillow. Jeans hurt. The outline of the pocket is like sandpaper. Elastic in underwear is unbearable. pants behind the knees hurts loose, babysoft cotton clothing is all I can wear, my uniform...
  11. I am on the gluten-free diet - 3 weeks. The derm I saw 2 years ago did do a biopsy, but only the places on neck and scalp, said it was eczema/psoriais. I accepted that. Gave me steroid and topicals which only thinned and damaged my skin and made rash worse. Wanted me to take prednisone, I filled...
  12. Does your rash go from flat and dry, to weeping, itching, hot and raised, several times during the course of one 24 hour period? Peeling and crusty, flakey at times. At other time like an ulcer? A spot might be dry with flakey skin but still oozes a clear or pale yellow watery liquid. Worse...
  13. Need to check Aldi out, a bit out of the way. Shopping for gluten-free is getting very expensive.
  14. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!