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  1. I get tested Dec. 12th....part of me really really hopes I am positive on the biopsy...just so that she'll have proof that she should indeed get tested. I go give blood on the first of December. I was gluten free for a month and a half (as we went to a gluten free household when my son's bloodwork...
  2. Wish my sister would believe that gluten could be the cause of her MS type symptoms. She's had episodes for the last 8 yrs...possibly longer. Has said she feels she has IBS. She's been to Mayo Clinic several times but never once did they test for celiac. She has large lesions on her brain but...
  3. I really am curious about a link. My daughter had her appendix removed at the age of 11. She presented with pain on her right side and was sent home from the dr's 3 times in a week. Told her to tell me if she feels nauseas to come and get me immmediately. She woke me up at 5 am a week after the...