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    databases - access and oracle, data warehouse (taking time off work but missing it!) , cooking, gardening a little, aspbergers/childhood bipolar (middle child, sigh), Attachment parenting/extended breastfeed (tho we've kinda outgrown that, i'm still passionate about it), World of Warcraft (play w hubby!)
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    Richmond, Va
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My neighbor's daugher wasnt dx'd for a long time, becuase the pediatricain kept saying, but celiac doesnt cause vomitting. She finally got a positive blood test and was told she couldnt get the biopsy for 3 weeks . .. and then that weekend, she had to take her daughter to the ER for dehydration...
  3. Wait, have you only used canned chick peas? I have a lot of intolerances, and I'm on a huge elimination diet. I tried canned black beans once, and I seemed to have a reaction to them, same w canned refried beans. So finally I made my own refried beans - soaked pintos over night, boiled until soft...
  4. Hi, hope you don't mind a note. If you are in Richmond, you may want to look up the UVA. Dr. Sheila Crowe is a teaching Gastroenterologist, and supposedly the "expert" for the area. I traveled down to see her....and I admit that I got a LOT more from the dietician I saw there....Sherrei Walker. Something to consider....