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  1. I know two gluten-free resturants in London - The Mermaid, in Leicester Square, does Fish and Chips in gluten-free batter - and it's lovely. In the O2 Dome, in Greenwich, there's a sausage cafe, that actually does two different kinds of gluten-free sausage - and also does dairy free mash Any Wetherspoons (usually got moon in the title - there's a Moon Under Water in Leicester Square) marks what on their menu is gluten-free.
  2. Be warned - some people are intolerant to sunflower too I've been gluten free for years now, with a few hairy moments when I accidentally ate something with gluten in (why, why, don't Kelloggs put it in on the label!) but gluten free for ages. But now I'm reacting again. Weak, trembling, irritable, diarrhoea, constant upset stomach, headaches, and a massive massive weight gain. Can't work out what it is, so cutting out soya and milk for while. But I did notice I got a stomch ache after eating crisps - so sunflower oil going out too. Bit by bit, the food I can eat is going down to carrots and turkey! (Bananas and raisins make me ill too) It's all getting very frustrating! Goodness knows what I'll happen when I go on holiday, and will have no control over the food I eat.
  3. I've been trying to find out about all this too - I've been reacting badly to something lately - no gluten in my diet, so worried I'm becoming senstive to something else. I put on loads of weight when I react, so I'm eating like an anoreic rabbit and look like an obese hippo! It's very annoying - I have gone up two whole dress sizes in a week. Anyway, I thought before I excluded all milk, soya, diet coke and sunflower oil from my diet (narrowed these down to possible culprits) I thought I'd better double check that nothing I eat has gluten in - and then my cleaning products suddenly occured to me, so I'm double checking. Dove may mark 'gluten' on a label, but they don't mark when a product is actualy gluten free, which makes me suspicious.
  4. My acne's better when I'm gluten-free, and my skin is less greasy - I always had bad acne ever since I was a kid, but lately, it seems to be getting better.
  5. I did not know this had a name, or that it was gluten-related - I just had a flare up of it too, after accidentally eating gluten. Hopefully, they'll die down again now.
  6. I have both too, and my endometriosis symptoms got a lot less worse when I came off gluten - my cramps went, my bleeding was less. Unfortuntely, it's now too far gone, and I have to have an operation and I can't help wondering - if I'd gone gluten-free earlier,would this operation now be necessary? Anyway, I told my consultant about being gluten-free helping my symptoms and she said a lot of women had mentioned that, and there was some research beng done into it.
  7. I think it's me too, although I didn't realise it until now. This gluten thing really does affect a whole lot of things, don't it.
  8. Me too - Had terrible migraines until I went gluten free, none since. And to prove it, this week I had a terrible migraine - turned out some tablets I'd been taking had gluten in.
  9. Just to say - if you're in the UK, Asda's own brand chocolate is gluten free, apart from the rice kind. Plus, it tastes a lot lot better than the Mars ones. I've never got a reply from Mars over which of their chocolates are gluten-free, so I just refuse to buy any of them
  10. That's the problem, so many people don't believe in food allergies, they think it's just fussy eating. I've been told it's not that bad, it's all in my head, it was made up by doctor, one bite won't hurt me... (lets see them deal with the explosive diarrhoea and severe stomach cramps!). Unless someone has some kind of intolerance or allergy, they can't imagine what it's like for us. I've even seen serious news items on how food intolerance is the new fashionable fad! On the plus side, when my mother came to visit, I told her all about it, and she's gone away and done some research on it, and called me back to say how expensive gluten-free food was, and she' been checking labels and was surprised at how gluten was in EVERYTHING! It' surprising how some people understand, and others just have a complete blind spot - as if being gluten free was a faddy diet, not an annoying, irritating and threatening illness
  11. My gluten-intolerance caused me to put on massive amounts of weight. I'd go to the doctor, and say I'm putting on weight for no good reason, and he'd just say 'eat less, exercise more'. It got to the point where I was exercising for 3 hours a day, and only eating 500 calories and was anemic, but still obese! (Of course, most of those 500 calories came from sandwiches). I only did an exclusion diet to stop the stomach cramps I'd get, and it was only once I'd realised gluten was the problem, and cut it out, that I got down to a normal weight (I had to buy all new clothes!). I went back to the doctor and I said 'Look, I'm eating more than I was before, just uten-free stuff, and I've lost weight - I'm gluten-intolerant' and he said - Oh well, yes, you might be' I could have screamed! Ten years I'd been obese, and he'd (and two other doctors) had chosen to believe I was lying about my diet and exercise rather than suggest I might be gluten-intolerant. So first I'd tell doctors - House is wrong. Patients do not always lie. And second - I was being treated for menstrual problems, and I told the consultant that 'd had a lot less pain and blood since I cut out gluten, and she said that there were some studies just beginning to be done that showed the same thing. And if ever I've accidentally eaten gluten, (why is it in Mars Bars now?) i've had the most terrible period cramps and very heavy bleeding. so second - not all gluten symptoms are related to the gut. It can have an effect all through the body. Next time a woman has heavy bleeding and cramps every month, try suggesting the gluten free diet.
  12. I'm so relieved! I just went on my post-Christmas diet, and despite cutting everything good, I continued to put on weight - turns out I'm sensitive to raisins, which I cut out, and the burning sensation in my stomach stopped, and I stopped putting on weight. However my weight still didn't actually drop, and I continued getting that embaressing gas. Also turns out the diuretics I've been faithfully taking everyday are full of cellulose, which now I discover, can be made from wheat! The tablets weren't labelled gluten-free, but I didn't recognise any of the ingredients as being bad for me, so I took them. I've now thrown them away, just this minute, and hopefully my diet will work. There's nothing more frustrating then being on a very strict GI diet, and not losing a pound. I shal.l now just stick to tablets labelled gluten-free, or without cellulose
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