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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Salem, Ma

    Thanks for the info, Lisa!
  2. Salem, Ma

    Hi! I'm going to be traveling to Salem MA next weekend and was wondering if anyone had any restaurant suggestions for gluten-free dining? Thanks for your help.
  3. Long Island Ny

    Mama's in Oakdale, Chipotle in Huntington, Carrabba's in SMithtown, Cafe Rustica in Great Neck, Lame Advertisement in Wantagh, RS Jones in Merrick, Oysterman's in Sayville, Pizza Bistro in Massapequa.
  4. Hi, Molly - You might want to double check on the Centrum vitamins. I started taking them when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago because their website said gluten-free. Unfortunately it was the Canadian site. When I called them they said only the ones sold in Canada are guaranteed gluten-free. They might have changed that since then, but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  5. I use Lactaid also and it works great for me.
  6. I was also concerned about Progresso's Chicken & Rice and Chicken & Wild Rice soups since they aren't on the gluten free list and I've been eating them for 2 years.....with no problems, I might add. This is the written response I received from General Mills. It's actually the same answer that Cruelshoes received about the Cream of Mushroom but thought I would put it out there. Thank you for contacting us about gluten in Progresso soups. General Mills offers several products that are labeled gluten-free. Please check the package label for the gluten-free statement on the front/side/back of the package. Only products that can be verified to be gluten free will be declared as gluten free on the label. It is important to check the product label each time you purchase a product because it has the most accurate information about the product in the package. Because we constantly strive to improve our products′ quality and nutritional value, the most up-to-date product information is on the package the product is purchased in. For that reason, we do not distribute product information lists as they could quickly become outdated. For products not labeled gluten free, we will always declare gluten containing ingredients if they are added to the product. If the ingredient declaration lists wheat, oats, barley, rye, or derivatives of these grains, then the product contains gluten. Examples of derivative ingredients include: malt, barley malt, organic malt, semolina, Durham, triticale, and spelt. We do not include gluten containing ingredients in the ′Natural Flavors′ or ′Spices′ on the product ingredient list. If there are gluten ingredients in our products, those ingredients are always clearly listed. If there are no gluten- containing ingredients listed in the product ingredient label, but the product does not make a gluten free claim, it is because we cannot fully assure that this product is gluten free. While we have not added gluten-containing ingredients, factors such as sourcing, conditions of manufacture, etc. do not allow us to provide the full level of assurance that a gluten free claim requires. Additional information regarding gluten may be obtained by contacting your health care professional or: Celiac Sprue Association/United States of America, Inc. PO Box 31700 Omaha, NE 68131-0700 402-558-0600 Or toll free: 877-CSA-4-CSA (877-272-4272) www.csaceliacs.org We hope this information is helpful. Sincerely, Jenni Cooper Consumer Services
  7. I go every six months to have my Celiac blood panel run. After 9 months on the diet, my numbers were all in the normal range and have remained there ever since. If I have an accidental glutening once in a while, I don't know it, but if I was getting 'glutened' repeatedly, I think it would show in the bloodwork.
  8. I live in a mixed household with no problems...the only one of five that is gluten free. I have my own drawer in the fridge and my own counter that no one else is allowed to prepare food on. They are very careful around me and I have had no problems in the 2 years since I have been diagnosed. They eat regular bread, crackers, cereal, packaged sweets. The one thing I do not allow in the house is wheat flour. I do use gluten-free flour when baking. So far, so good!
  9. Nutritionist On Long Island?

    Hi, Random Guy. Although I never ended up seeing a nutritionist, I was looking for one when I was first diagnosed. Here are 2 names that were recommended to me: Cathy Ficalora in North Babylon Linda Fiverson in Woodbury I believe both of them have experience with Celiac Disease. Good Luck!
  10. Oh....Oh....I just remembered another one that quite a few people on LI seem to use......supposenly instead of supposedly. I don't even bother correcting them anymore!
  11. Libary instead of library. My friend actually works in one and still calls it the libary. And my personal favorite......ValentiMes Day! Can't tell you how many times I've heard that over the years!
  12. Best Mixes

    I've had good luck with Gluten Free Pantry flour mix. I purchase it on-line so I don't have to worry about any stores carrying it. I used it for all my Christmas cookie recipes last year with no problem. Makes great Chocolate Chip cookies, too!
  13. I haven't checked lately, but a year ago Garnier Fructis said all their shampoos and conditioners were gluten free.
  14. I use Citracal Plus with Vit D and Magnesium.....just another option for you.
  15. Cross Contamination

    My TTG was also >100 when diagnosed. My second test was 5 weeks later and it was 65. Nine weeks is not very much time. And as Mamaw said, it can take some people a year or more to get those numbers down. I wouldn't stress too much. As long as the numbers are headed in the right direction, you are doing well.