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  1. Considering the enormous variety of neurologic complications linked to celiac, nightmares might be expected http://www.csaceliacs.org/library/neurocomp.php
  2. (scratches head and looks stupid) If we buy the product through your link do you make any money from the sale? Not that I'm against anybody making money... (and no,before anybody asks... I don't own any stock in Caphosol ) Interesting company, I'd never heard of it before-looks like they have...
  3. I hope to goodness your eyes are in your head I had to go to a major teaching hospital before I found an eye doc who had a clue. Pacific College of Vision, actually. The guy I'd been seeing just told me I "needed to blink more" Its amazing how many doctors I've had to sort through over the...
  4. Of course there is the well known connection between celiac and Sjogren's, which causes severe dry eye. There is a simple test (the Schirmer test) for the dry eye where they put little strips of blotter paper in your eye and see how long it takes them to get damp, lots of fun (NOT!) http://0-www...