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  1. I'm so glad someone posted this! I thought maybe it had something to do with getting older, or maybe I had developed another intollerance. I am a very petite woman and used to be able to hold my drink like a man, I could just keep drinking and drinking and never really feel it let alone get sick...
  2. Hi, How long have you been gluten free for? I have heard that the neurological symptoms take a lot longer to go away that the physical symptoms. I also have scary dreams when I get glutened but they are more along the lines of giant donut and bread stick shaped monsters chasing me and trying...
  3. It so interesting that so many of us have had ear problems. I actually have scars on my ear drums from having so many ear infections. They started when I was around 2, as soon as one would clear up another one would start. I have had ringing in my ears since I was sixteen. I have not had an ear...
  4. Well, here is mine: I guess I have had symptoms of celiac disease since I was a kid. I was constantly sick with various things, it seemed that I would catch anything that was going around. I also had bad teeth, was very slow to grow (I'm still only 5ft 2" and 110 pounds having gained 10 pounds...