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    home educator; married with 2 kids; female. Like baking, need help with adjusting recipes. Needs help coping with food life changes.,<br />hobbies include: self-directed learning, sewing, shoes window shopping LOL.,<br />I have tried and I am very pleased with the Kinnikinnick Brand of premade bread mixes, celiac all purpose mix. Kinnikinnick is an Edmonton, AB gluten free, casein free bakery, that sells frozen baked goods as well as premade mixes. :P ... Their logo is correct "Gluten Free Has never Tasted So Good." Product is found at various places, health food stores etc. Check their website for places sold.
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    Western, Canada
  1. Hi all, May 20,2008 Sorry not been around lately. Life just got busy for my family with a new addition of "muddy feet." We got a puppy 2 weeks ago, so I've been rather busy with the housetraining and constant clean up of dog ownership. The kids are happy, the home is in chaos , as the hours needed...
  2. It's hard to believe that one month as gone by now. When I sit back and think of the "emotional attachment" I had to gluten when I first went gluten-free , I do roll my eyes a tad I was so down by it at the time. It was not till I found out that Kinnikinnick products were at my local grocer's and...
  3. This blog was originally dated as March 20th, but I only recently figured out how to "add in blogs" >> blames gluten for lack of knowledge :D Today, I did finally get to the Organic Market and found the product name I was looking for. I wish I did not have my son along with me, (he's just...
  4. Hi jayhawkmom, Sorry to hear you are fighting some sort of ailment. Health Valley Soups are supposely gluten-free , you can look for their "organic broths" theres a chicken and beef one. Then you can add you own noodles; veggies etc. CeleFibR does soup cubes too in vegetarian beef, vegetarian chicken...
  5. Hi Ki Ki 29, The books sound very interesting. I will see if they are available at the local public library. I have heard on more than one site, about the gluten being higher now in products. I have not tested positive for celiac. But, I have a very good doctor, who suspected the gluten sensitivity...