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    Gardening, flowers, prayer, doing things with my husband and friends. I'm really interested in learning as much as I can so I can help people that ask me questions regarding gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. I like meeting new people also.
  1. Happy birthday and God bless you today!

  2. Rachel, in Polson Montana is the creator of an almond rice flour that actually has protein and some nourishment to it. She has a business called the Gluten Free Mama - in Polson Montana. She has also created a cookbook to use this flour with 100 recipes. I bought the flour last summer and then got the cook book and honestly, I will not go back to any other rice or bean flour mixture. In the cookbook I have made an awesome sour cream chocolate cake, I have made delightful buttermilk bread, oatmeal cookies, honey sandwich bread and a potato bread. All have turned out with a good texture and a good flavor, something that you can make a sandwich with and it doesn't all fall apart. It is good toasted with peanut butter also. You can buy the flour in a 4 pd bag for approximatly $13.00, I've seen different prices at a couple stores. I have not bought any expensive mixes since I have found this flour. Yes, it is expensive, but you get products that are moist, delicious and full of flavor. For my birthday, my husband wanted to bake me a red velvet cake, I sent her the recipe and she converted it to fit the almond rice flour, and I must tell you, that was the best cake I have ever eaten since being gluten free! She may be able to convert some of your favorite cake or dessert recipes also. I use this flour for everything. Her e-mail is the following: glutenfreemama@bresnan.net
  3. A year or two ago you recommended the Rainbow Lite Calcium pills, and I just wanted to let you know the calcium and vitamin D are working, I scored better on my bone density test this year, I am still in the range of osteopenia, but it is getting better! I also bought a tread mill and I usually walk a mile every day now, so that helps too! Thanks again BamBam
  4. I was at my local health food store looking at protein shakes, and they all have some sort of dairy/whey in them. Do you know of any that are gluten free and DAIRY free? BAMBAM
  5. My uncle's cows got into a wheat field last year, ate wheat and they bloated up and some of them died. I asked my husband why that would happen, and his response is wheat is not fed to many farm animals, it is too hot for their digestive systems, meaning if they eat too much of it, it heats up their insides and can die. A cow weighs anywhere from 500-1500 pounds. If an animal that big cannot digest wheat properly, then no wonder our small bodies can have problems with it. This is kinda a weird topic, but I found it interesting.
  6. www.dairyqueen.com Coose menus/nutrition Choose nutrition/allergen Choose Allergen brochure for Treats & FOOD There it is. It is pretty small, so I printed it out. Obviously the crispy chicken salad has gluten, but the grilled chicken salad is gluten free.
  7. I looked at Dairy Queen.com before I listed my message and under the nutritional information I did find it listed as gluten free. I never post information before checking! Your list only lists desserts. There hamburgers (without the bun of course) are gluten free also. BamBam
  8. This is one of the better bread mixes that I have found. Make sure you pick the one that is dairy free though as they make several different kinds. Each kind is in a different colored bag. My husband didn't realize it and he picked up the one with dairy. He is gluten free but not dairy free, so at least he can eat it. BamBam
  9. I was so happy when my husband found this last week. It is a wonderful salad. They make them fresh when ordered (at least at my DQ they do). I asked about gluten contamination and the salads are made in a completely different area. I ordered the salad today and there was so much good stuff on it, I had a hard time eating it all! It was sooooo good. They also have gluten free 1000 Island Dressing. The best part for me, is the fact that they make them as they are ordered, so I can order mine with no cheese! BamBam
  10. Thank you so much for the quick responses. Rebecca will be back to work on Monday and I will have some good information for her. Good to hear from you Canadian Karen - you're one of the oldies but goodies!! I miss hearing from some of the old timers! BamBam
  11. Look at the Food Network. A couple weeks ago Tyler made homemade onion rings with rice flour, he says the rice flour is lighter and better tasting than regular gluten flour. Rice flour helps bring out the flavor of the onions. I think his show is something like Tyler the Ultimate or something like that. I copy tons of recipes off the food network, 90% of it is homemade and I can change a few things here and there that are gluten free and get the same tasty results. I LOVE the Food Network. Some of the other good cooks are the Barefoot Contessa, 30 Minute Meals by Racher Ray and even Paula's Cooking Party has some tasty dishes. You can copy the recipes right off of the Food Network.
  12. My girlfriend joined toe boards last week, she got no responses to her simple questions, so I wrote to the board asking the same thing and have yet to get an answer, so I will ask again. I've never been doctor diagnosed with celiac, I am self-diagnosed so have not had any blood work done. But we need to know what blood tests to request to be checked for celiac/gluten intolerance. My girlfriend has many symptoms. Also what other test is recommended for other food allergies, we think she is highly intolerant of corn products. When she eats them she is running for bathrooms almost immediately. I've heard of Enterolab, and wasn't sure if there were any others or not. I thank you in advance for any advice!
  13. My girlfriend wants to be tested for celiac disease. What tests, exactly do I request? She also wants to be tested for other food allergies, please give some address for enterolab or any other tests that you think are good. My girlfriend is leaving for vacation soon and I was hoping to have some info before she leaves I thank you in advance. BamBam
  14. This past March my husband and I went out to eat at a restaurant that we normally eat. Well, to do something different, I ordered an ice tea instead of diet Pepsi. I got so sick, I was bloated and sick for a good 48 hours. I went back and asked and sure enough it was some cheap type ice tea with barley in it. Please be careful with the different teas, some do contain barley. I only use Lipton. BamBam
  15. Thank you so much for the responses. I have a lot to think about here. I am going to borrow my girlfriends Pilates DVD and see what that is all about. I do not swim (fear of water) and I have a hard time running with my ataxia. I have a stationary bike (it's older than the hills, but it will do for now). I'm gonna look into getting a health rider and some free weights. I have some three pounders, and I would like to get something a little bit heavier to work with to. I will continue working out at Curves because that does help better my ataxia by strengthening muscles. This is an awesome board, thanks again for all your responses. BamBam
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