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    Gardening, flowers, prayer, doing things with my husband and friends. I'm really interested in learning as much as I can so I can help people that ask me questions regarding gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. I like meeting new people also.
  1. Happy birthday and God bless you today!

  2. I have read every word of this thread with great interest. I'm at work and every break I have been able to take, I am reading and reading. I too suffer from an ataxia that is genetic, my father was handicapped and we went to a children's hospital when young and they told us it was all genetic...
  3. Some of my family members, I have just found out, have some bowel incontinence issues. Is there anybody out there that has some accidents, and if so, what products do you use?
  4. Yes, Julie is wonderful, very caring. She did inform me that once she gets her feet under her, she has been extremely busy keeping up with store orders, that she will start making some "dairy free" items. She is just not happy with the way things turn out right now using rice milk, I think she...
  5. While on vacation, I was able to stop at Grandma Ferdon's Gluten Free Store in Hayward Wisconsin. It is a nice little shop with many nice items. I thought the prices were reasonable for gluten free items as most of her mixes makes more than 1 loaf or more than one batch of bisquits. However, nearly...
  6. Thanks for asking. Sometimes it is good to check other products besides food items for wheat ingredients because some items can actually get into your mouth such as shampoo, or makeups. Also, some people get a rash (DH) if they use products with wheat ingredients. That can also include pet...
  7. Which fabric softener sheets are gluten free? I use Tide detergent and know that is alright, but wasn't sure about fabric softeners. bambam