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  1. I am surprised to read about Great Value being Gluten-free. I bought some Gluten-free rice lol...from there about 6 months ago. I quit shopping there after waiting in line so long that my ds took a chomp out of some bananas with the peelings! (4 little teethmarks) when the cashier weighed them....
  2. I drink peppermint tea or traditional medicinals eater's digest. It has peppermint and other hebs that are calming. WhimisKay: Please read the labels on Yogi tea. I was debating whether to buy Yogi tea or Traditional Medicinals. I was looking at the ones for liver detox...and one of theirs...
  3. I have had undiagnosed (instant results on a Gluten-free diet) celiac for years. I am also a teacher. I have had everything thanks to 7 years teaching. I have NOT had chicken pox (nor the vaccine) and have had numerous exposures through school, my own dear children, and my college roommate! ...