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  1. Lockheed


    I just wanted to say, I love Disney World for their willingness to bend over backwards to make sure I have *DECENT* gluten free food and for introducing me to French Meadow Bakery brownies and cookies (although it's not like I needed to add more sugar to my diet - but whatever!). gluten-free living is vastly different today from almost 10 years ago when I was diagnosed and every day it just keeps getting easier.
  2. Hi All, I've seen it posted a couple of times over the years asking what Mary Kay products are gluten free and which are not. Pretty much everything in the TimeWise collection contains a gluten derived ingredient. In addition the following products also contain gluten: Pretty much everything in the TimeWise Collection Mary Kay
  3. No Kidding! I can't find the enjoy life chocolate chips in my area, but my local grocery store did start carrying their chocolate bars made from rice milk that do not have soy and I have been so happy!! I'll type up the ingredients when I get home this evening.
  4. So my husband was at the store shopping yesterday (a rare occurance indeed) and he noticed that in Cookie Crisps there are no more gluten containing ingredients. It does still say "may contain gluten ingredients" I'm assuming because it's not being manufactured in the GM dedicated factory, but I'm wondering if this is the next cereal product for them to move over? I did eat a bowl last night and don't think I am having any issues but my symptoms are way more subtle than most celiac's so please don't take my word for it. I've just been so desperate for anything with chocolate that doesn't contain soy. But it looks as though they are using the same ingredients in the cookie crisps sprinkles.
  5. Okay so somehow naturally I'm really close to a low FODMAP diet and those foods don't seem to give me an issue. I'm going to look into it further. Thanks for recommending!
  6. I'm sorry, I should be more clear. These are items I eliminated from my diet 8 years ago. I've been gluten-free for a while and I really pay attention to being gluten-free. But really.. I think I'm starting to have an issue with rice... like the same kind of issue I have when I get something with gluten. And it doesn't seem to matter the brand or type or source. And I'm thinking if I add rice to the long list of grains that I already can't have.. then perhaps I should consider eliminating all the grains together. Maybe I just can't tolerate grains. And I really don't miss the illness that came with eating most carbs. I do miss fast food french fries (the cross contamination on those has gotten to be enough in the last couple of years to set me off). Further, I've always wondered about the celiac's diagnosis. I don't present with the leaky gut syndrome or the immediate severe illness that occurs for the tradiational celiac model. My reaction is the exact opposite - everything just stops functioning including me. So maybe the end result is the same as a traditional celiac in that we both have severely damaged intestines and malnutrition resulting from not absorbing vitamins and nutrients, but maybe it's not really the gluten that I'm having the issue to. Maybe it's something broader that includes glutens?
  7. I am not a fan of eliminating a whole food group from your diet, but I'm seriously beginning to wonder if I would feel better if I just avoided grains entirely. I have celiac's so no wheat rye barley. I also react to oats, amaranth, millet and spelt. I recently seem to be having issues with rice also. I thought for a long time maybe I just needed more excercise and more water - although that helps me on the physical fitness spectrum, it doesn't help the severe digestive issues I'm having. Has anyone else eliminated all grains? How do I do that safely? Is there some research out there about this? Or am I just crazy?
  8. Lockheed

    Gluten Free Soups

    Oh these recipes are certainly after my own taste since half of them have either bacon or ham in them! Yum!! I'm loving all the replies already.
  9. I had this exact kind of reaction to muscle relaxers. They apparently put my brain to sleep without putting the rest of me to sleep. It takes several weeks to recover from. I had one reaction that was so severe that my significant other at the time called my parents to come and stay with me for a week to have me evaluated by a neurologist. They were concerned I had had a stroke or a seizure or something else that was brain damaging. Fortunately the severe effects wore off after a week or so and the fogginess wore off after a month. But I don't take muscle relaxers anymore. In specific I had the reaction to cyclobenzaprine.
  10. Each year for my new year's resolution I set a goal to learn to cook something new. Last year it was beans and honestly I was a complete failure. I made split pea soup once with a ham bone which was fantastic but that was about it (so I'll have to repeat beans and lentils another year). This year I am more determined and my goal is soups. So if you would like to share, please post your favorite gluten free soup that you make. Tonight I am actually going to try to make vietnamese pho. The reason I picked soups is because I need to incorporate more veggies into my diet and soups just seemed like a wonderful way to do it.
  11. I did some reading on the apple pectin and that seems to be the way to go for me. I'll see if I can't find something at the grocery store or pharmacy near by. Otherwise I'll order the NOW brand on amazon. Thanks for the info.
  12. Looking for a recommendation for a fiber supplement that is gluten free, soy free and spinach free. I really am working on increasing my veggies in my diet to resolve this issue naturally, but in the mean time I figure a supplement could help me out until I get better with veggies in my diet.
  13. Lockheed

    Doctors In Houston?

    Is there another doctor in Houston that is highly recommended also? Dr. Verm is not on BCBS TX PPO. I just have a bad feeling my current GI doc is missing stuff left and right and I was told by my previous GI doc in Dallas that they had removed tubular adnoma polyps - the kind that become colon cancer. But my screenings for the last six years have shown nothing and my current GI doc keeps wanting to take me off my gluten free diet (Heck no!).
  14. So before recently the only mac n cheese I could find here in town was the Deboles. It has rice bran in the noodles and as such taste a little more fibery than I would prefer for mac n cheese. Recently, the store here has started carrying Annie's Rice Pasta and Cheese which is such a tremendous improvement in flavor over the Deboles and that made me wonder if there was something out there even better? Maybe I could buy it over the internet and have it shipped or something if it's not too expensive. So what is your preference for mac n cheese?
  15. We're traveling to Holland and Ireland later this month. Any suggestions on traditional dishes that are safe or that we should avoid or any tips or tricks for finding out information? In Ireland we're staying mostly at bed and breakfast places so I've contacted the booking person at these places to ask some questions. I just don't want to spend the majority of the trip either being sick or starving for fear of being glutened. Also, my 2-year old son who is also celiac (we think) will be traveling too so any kids dishes would help as well. Thanks in advance!