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  1. zero

    Chronic Constipation

    I started having constipation after diagnosis and going gluten free. After 2 years I discovered that a probiotic (3...
  2. zero

    What Is Your Restaurant Spiel?

    Eating out is the worst part of celiac for me as I don't really want to discuss my health history with strangers. I...
  3. zero

    Any Vegetarians Here?

    I don't claim to be a vegetarian, I simply don't eat meat unless I have to. Which means I only eat meat if I am at a...
  4. With regards to oats, this link my be useful, http://www.celiac.ca/Articles/PABoatsguidelines2007June.html The...
  5. zero

    Another Job Related Question

    I would probably also periodically get a blood test to see if my body is reacting to gluten. As I understand it, the...
  6. I suggest you read the book "Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic" by Dr. Peter Green. I found it invaluable for helping...
  7. zero

    How To Notify Family

    FYI, this was from part of the email I sent to family members, ... However, as this is related to genetics, I am...
  8. zero

    Cleaning A Breadmaker?

    My philosophy is that if it is visibly clean then it is safe as long as it is dedicated to gluten free usage. If I go...
  9. zero

    Help :)

    I like pure fit protein bars as a filling snack and protein supplement. I also like the food for life frozen rice almond...
  10. zero

    Buffet Line?

    I stick to the simple and plain foods at a buffet and have not had a problem in my limited experience. At a thanksgiving...
  11. zero

    Maintaining Some (Small) Tolerance

    What you are suggesting sounds a lot like Hormesis. At least for someone with celiac, this sounds like an exceptionally...
  12. zero

    Celiac And Religion

    Sharpy, I am catholic and I have chosen to not take communion. I came to that decision after taking communion after...
  13. 1. Male 2. 50 3. 2 years 4. No 5. Not too bad -- my sensitivity starts at the crouton size. 6. Yes. 7. No -- maybe...
  14. zero

    Am I The Only Gluten Girl?

    This is the data I collected a couple of years ago so it may be out of date, 1 in 133: for general population ...
  15. I work out everyday and lost an unusual 6 pounds when symptoms started and gained them back a year later after I was...