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    I own a Stained Glass and Hair Business. I do hair for 2.5 days a week and Glass for over 40 hours per week when I am up to it. I love stained glass and gave up painting 5 years or so ago to devote to stained glass. I design all of my work and do a lot of custom work. It is my passion
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  1. I have been gluten free for over a year now and still have problems with Gluten Ataxia which includes some of your stuff. After finally tapping into the "Candida" issue, thanks to you people, I have been on mega doses of probiotics and am...
  2. Thanks, but National Ataxia foundation says "Quest" is the only one that does the "NON-deamidated" for Gluten Ataxia (not standard Celiac) and now Quest doesn't want to tell me what test to have, they say ask my doc. The problem is, my...
  3. Ya, it was gluten free. I had just recently had an attack before the antibiotics too. I am sure I ate no gluten. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I did not get emailed for some reason. Still slowly coming out of it now.
  4. Okay here's the situation. I'm sure I have gluten ataxia, have the genes, been gluten free for a year and suddenly having attacks again (I think from yeast overgrowth), but I was on the National Ataxia Foundation site and they listed the...
  5. Hi folks, I am just coming out of an ataxia attack, knowing I have not touched gluten. I had to take another round of Azithromycin for my gums. I had just a week previous to that started on a large amount of Probiotics for the yeast overgrowth...
  6. Check what DQs you have. Mine are 1 and 3 which are gluten ataxia genes, I do not have 2 or 8 and my biopsy and original blood test were nagative too. I just had the IgG Non-Diemiated #8889X by "Quest" Labs for the gluten ataxia (do not...
  7. I got really excited about the oatmeal till I saw the soy tooo! Oh crappy!!!
  8. Amber M

    Igg Test

    I broke out in what appears to be cold sore blisters inside my bottom lip. This has happened a lot in the last 2 years, mainly when I eat corn. The ingredients in everything I bought seems to be good. The Stevia is Pure, I contacted the...
  9. Amber M

    Igg Test

    I am giving up sugar and using "Stevia" sweetener, but I know I will still eat Pamalas Pancake mix, unless I have to give it up too, but only for awhile maybe. I am on my first day of "mega" doses on probiotics and my mouth broke out tonight...
  10. Amber M

    Igg Test

    Wolicki, I just want to give you a special Thank You! This may be what will help heal me soon. I should have listened to others before on the issue of Candida, but for some reason this article made it click for me. I wrote a post this...
  11. Amber M

    Igg Test

    Ya, I am still a mess. It's been about 3 weeks now. I am better early now and worse by evening. It's starting to leave. The thing is, I know I did not get glutened! After reading the article and doing the "spit" test for Candida, and...
  12. Amber M

    Igg Test

    Great article, thanks so much. I am geting ready for a round of antibiotics, couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks again!
  13. Amber M

    Igg Test

    I am DQ 1 and 3 which are the genes for imulogical gluten sensitivity and gluten ataxia. I also do not carry DQ 2 or 8. The research on gluten ataxia comes with any of those genes, but no digestive symptoms in alot of DQ 1 or 3. (although...
  14. Amber M

    Igg Test

    Duh!!! Yea, contact the lab. Of course!! My brain is not working right now! I will, thanks. I know that when the ataxia is to the point that you can't walk, etc. then an MRI shows cerabellum atrophy. I have seen some pictures of MRIs...
  15. I have been gluten free for over a year now and done pretty good finally, until last week. Full blown gluten ataxia episode right now. I have investigated the "four" gluten free proccesed foods and discovered that a gluten free (local...