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  1. angieInCA

    Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Oh My Gosh, I also have tingling in my lips and tip of my tongue, also the tip of my tongue is now numb.. My tongue also swells and becomes rippled around the edges. (yes, I have been tested for many allergies). The swelling and rippeling...
  2. angieInCA

    Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Thanks for the responses. Gemini, I have been gluten free with a clean diet and a gluten free kitchen (the whole family went gluten free in the house when I was diagnosed) since 2008, so it has been 5 years. I am very careful and I rarely...
  3. Hi all, Over the last few years I've been having some deep muscle pain and tingling in my hands and feet. Around August of last year I started developing insomnia, debilitating exhaustion, agonizing nerve pain all over but especially in...
  4. My sister and nephew were recently diagnosed with Fabry Disease. They were both tested for celiac some time ago and the results were negative but they were eating gluten light at the time. I will be tested for Fabry disease on Monday....
  5. angieInCA

    Gluten Free/ Friendly In Las Vegas!

    I have to go to Las Vegas quite frequently for business (about 4 times a year). I have stayed at several different hotels from the main strip to the old strip. I have never had a bad experience. All of the resturants are pretty well versed...
  6. angieInCA

    New And Unsure

    Wow! I love your analogy! May I have your permission to use this in the future?
  7. angieInCA

    Suddenly It Makes Sense

    A positive DH diagnosis is a Positive Celiac Diagnosis...period.... My blood tests came back very weak positive after being gluten-free for 6 weeks and my GI said it was possible I was just intollerent and we scheduled a endoscopy for...
  8. angieInCA

    Gluten Free Beer!

    I was not a big beer drinker before except for an occasional Guinness or one of the Sam Adams brews. I Like Redbridge!!! I never liked waterd down lite beers, I always liked beers that had full flavor so for me it's good
  9. I too was never hungry, would have to remind myself to eat. I was not anemic and regular blood testing showed nothing irregular. Yet nothing explained the terrible pain I was experiencing (constant migraines, debilitating back, leg and...
  10. I was one of those that had normal weight for most of my life until about 6 years ago. Suddenly i started putting on unexplained weight. The Dr's just said I was over 40 and it was to be expected. I lived on a diet. For over a year I...
  11. angieInCA

    Immune System Excessive Cold/flu Killer?

    I was the person who had a cold every 6 to 8 weeks. I caught everything coming and going. I would get a sinus infection 2 to 3 times a year and it would develope into bronchitis. I had the flu at least once if not twice a year. I've...
  12. angieInCA

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    My work is geting ready for their Holiday Feast that they have catered for our whole company (70 employees). The office manager came to me on Thursday and asked me to help with the Menu so she could make sure there were pleanty of Gluten...
  13. angieInCA

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    It helps that his son is Austic and Gluten free, he really understands the need to keep my work area clean. People walk around the office eating gluten stuff all the time and he tells them to keeep it away from my area.
  14. angieInCA

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    I had my keyboard and mouse replaced with new at work and NO ONE is allowed to touch it by orders of my boss
  15. OMG! That is exactly what I said to my Dr when he first threw out the possible IBS diagnosis to me before testing. He said' "It's probably just a case of IBS". I said, "Doesn't that mean I'm Basically Stumped and just want to write...