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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing. I do think about it pretty much everyday, but at the end of that day, decide not to. I am too scared to try, especially after reading the replies. I feel to good now to go backwards. Thanks again for your input and help. You guys rock!!! :)
  2. Here is what I received from the local support group... October is Celiac Awareness Month through the CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) with whom our support group is affiliated. We have some media opportunities to make you aware of: On Wednesday, Oct. 15th, Susan Roberts will be on WBIR in the morning. It is my understanding that she will be on at 6:35 AM! Tammi Ford will be on the Phil Williams show later in the month.....we will let you know when it has been confirmed. Lyn Oakley
  3. I like it alot too. Even my husband and daughter, not son :) I also LOVE pizza. Glad to find something close.
  4. Here is a response from Regal Entertainment regarding movie popcorn. Nutritional Ingredients - Popcorn Per your request, below are the nutritional ingredients of our popcorn components: Popcorn Seed Contents: Natural product. Unpopped popcorn seeds. Coconut Oil Contents: Coconut Oil, Beta Carotene. This is a refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil. Seasoning Salt Contents: Salt, Certified food color (including FD&C Yellow #5 & #6), imitation butter flavor, Tri-calcium Phosphate added as an anti-caking agent The typical batch of popcorn contains 4 parts seed to 1 part oil, and 2 to 5 teaspoons of salt depending on the size of the popcorn kettle and the make/model of the popper. For example, a 32 oz kettle would require 32 oz of popcorn seed, 8 oz of coconut oil, and 3 Tsp. of seasoning salt. Voluntary addition to the popcorn
  5. Haven't really found any prepackaged breads that I like yet, but Gillian's cinnamon rolls and french bread rolls are pretty good. I also prefer the rice pasta. I bought "Gluten Free and Easy" cookbook by Robyn Russell and made a couple of recipies from it that were delicious. The Pork w/OJ and Soy Sauce and Chicken Souvlaki w/tzatziki (sp) Both were soooo good.
  6. So we were hungry and I was so tired of cooking from scratch, so..... off we go to a new restaurant. A new sushi place opened and we thought, OK sushi, knowing that Teriyaki and soy sauce were a big fat no-no but, whatever, I'll find something. Well, they didnt have gluten-free and the whole menu, almost, EVERYTHING had teriyaki in it, on it, around it *you get the idea* so I stuck with a salad with citrus dressing. Food comes, take a bite, OH NO totally smells either soy saucy or teriyaki- like, Took a bite and was SO SUPER SCARED! Put downj the fork and waited to go. It has been hours, usually I get hit within about 3, so I guess it was OK. *fingers crossed* No Contamiatinon. I know I have said on another topic that I was curious, however, I want it to be on my own doing, if I choose. So, all in all, Tomo in Knoxville is not a restauranT i would recommend. Yes, I did ask for gluten-free.
  7. Totally not upset about that comment I think the whole thing is that since I was advised by mr dr. to "try" it and see how is goes is what is bringing on the idea. I remember the pain and very unhappy, uncomfortable, however you want to describe it feeling and DO NOT want to go there (at least not on purpose) Basically, the thought just keeps popping into my head, or more like the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Thanks so much for all the replies. Reassurance is definitely needed.
  8. Those sound delicious! I've been looking for something to take to a gluten Thanksgiving and these might be it! Thanks for sharing! :)
  9. So it's been about a month now and I feel great! But...... since I wasn't actually diagnosed as Celiac, I am so tempted to just try a piece of bread or whatever, to see if that is/was the case. I know that by default, me feeling better, that it most likely was gluten, but that not actually "knowing thing", is driving me CRAZY!! *pulling out hair* I just want to take a piece of bread, eat it, wait and see what happens, but I am so scared to. Knowing the feeling of the pain, is enough to get over it real quick. Has anyone else felt like this? What did you do? Did you take the test? I really am interested in knowing everything Thanks all!
  10. WOW!! Thanks so much. I had a feeling, but wanted to check. Thanks for the recipies too!!
  11. Not sure if I posted in the right spot... I was wondering if there was any kind of walk or any kind of awareness being promoted. I would be very interested in being part of getting one together. Maybe to restaurants, grocery stores, etc.....
  12. Th pain, the pain, the PAIN!! Since going gluten free - almost/only 1 month now I feel better than ever! Starting to see slight weightloss Able to make it through the whole day w/o being couched Finding that there is delicious food Not being in a fog Getting back into cooking like I used to be Just making each day a little better - I think THAT is the best thing since changing my diet Best to all! :)
  13. If a turkey is stuffed with "regular" stuffing, will that contaminate the whole turkey? Also, does anyone have a good stuffing recipie to share? Thanks
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