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  1. Mother of Jibril

    Mast Cell Activation Disorder

    Hi Gypsy, Yes, I've run into quite a few people on the SM/MCAD/IA boards who are either sensitive to gluten or have...
  2. Mother of Jibril

    Mast Cell Activation Disorder

    Thanks JoAnn I remember you too! Although it stinks to have another autoimmune disorder (as you know all too well...
  3. Hi everyone, The last time I was here (about six months ago) I was struggling to figure out some ongoing health problems...
  4. Mother of Jibril

    Hla Typing

    I did use Enterolab, which seems to be the cheapest. It takes about a month from the time you order the test until you...
  5. Mother of Jibril

    Hla Typing

    Although the blood test is a great place to start, a genetic test (for HLA-DQ) can be very useful when you still have...
  6. What kind of special treat are you thinking of? There are a few limits in the gluten-free world (no croissants, no licorice...
  7. Terra chips are my gluten-free (and corn-free) favorite
  8. Mother of Jibril

    All Of These Tests...

    Some quick answers to your questions... Nobody can diagnose you with celiac disease "on the spot." The blood tests...
  9. Mother of Jibril

    Swollen Glands And Fever

    OK... here's my basic understanding of how immune complex disorders work. The basic function of your immune system...
  10. Mother of Jibril

    Swollen Glands And Fever

    There are several different types of rashes that can occur in people with immune complex disorders (like rheumatoid arthritis...
  11. Mother of Jibril

    Afraid Im Gonna Get Cancer

    Hi Jason, I really think you're doing the best you can! You've made SO much progress Something to think about...
  12. Hi Sandi, Considering that you're IgA deficient, a blood test is useless. If you're still eating gluten you might...
  13. Mother of Jibril


    How old are your kids? I've heard a couple of other stories like this and it seems to work best when the kid(s) say...
  14. Hi Cheret, ANA is a general term for autoantibodies (antibodies designed to destroy your own cells). Since you've...
  15. Mother of Jibril

    'immunal' Reaction To Cow's Milk

    Hmmm... I have read that casein can cause "protocolitis," a temporary condition that damages the intestines causing...