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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, Was wondering if anyone has AS and celiac both. I tested positive on the HLAB27 (gene marker) for the AS. I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, but with the positive gene marker and the symptoms I"m having, it's likely. I'm seeing a rheumatologist next week. Anyway, I was wondering if it goes along with celiac, or if any or you have any experience with it. Thanks for any info,
  2. Hey, thanks for that link. I'll check it out. I know what it's like to stop sugar/carbs. Holy cow.....if I do that again, I'll start slowly. Die off of candida can be WAY torturous! :-)
  3. I am already off of all grains. I do eat a little bit of sugar, because I can't tolerate any fruts and veggies (good carbs!) due to my stomach condition (gastroparesis). With the celiac and the gp, I'm really in a bind....which is why I have all the vitamin deficiencies. I'd love to get off the sugar, but when I can't eat any other carb, my energy level goes right in the dumper. I'm sure getting plenty of Vit. D is essential. I am currently 10 points below what they consider a low normal for Vit. D. so I'm exploring ways to get more (stomach won't handle any supplements either). I bought a Vit. D3 cream but this is my first day using it. So far, I'm doing good with it and it actually has relieved some pain (I put it directly on my spine).
  4. I would definitely get tested. The HLA-B27 is just to see if you have the gene. It's not a diagnosis. But with your symptoms and "fusing', I would say it's at least possible that you have AS. Google will find symptoms, one of which being morning stiffness. I am SO stiff in my neck and shoulders in the morning. It feels like someone stole some of my vertebraes in the I don't have as much spine as when I went to sleep. It gets better with warm water and movement. I also found out that I'm real low on Vitamin D, which is probably the cause. So you might suggest testing that also. Symptoms of AS do not improve with exercise, unless it's the right type. Such as swimming, which is easy on the joints. I can't hardly play baseball with my son because I'm sore for a week afterwards. Too jarring on the joints. So yeah...get tested. It can't hurt anything.
  5. Hi All, Was wondering if any of you could tell me whether the las palmas green chile sauce is gluten-free. I looked on their website and don't see any info. It does have modified food starch in it. Thanks in advance,
  6. Hmmmm...well...that always still makes me nervous to just trust them to abide by the law. Guess I will write the company if nobody else has tried it and had good luck with it. Thanks for all info.
  7. Hey everyone, Have any of you heard of celiac axis compression syndrome? I have no idea if it is related to celiac disease, but I do know it can be related to gastroparesis (which I have -- very debilitating). I am having trouble finding much info on it, so if anyone knows anything, or knows where best to search, please respond or email me off line ( Thanks so much!!
  8. Does anyone know if Act II popcorn (other than plain and buttered) are gluten-free? On delphiforums, it does state that Act II microwave popcorn is gluten-free, but does that mean all types? I'm particularly interested in the kettle corn, and the caramel corn. Thanks for any help!! Brenda
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    Hi all, I just went to Arby's website and noticed that they are listing all sorts of items as gluten free! (I thought their beef was gluten-free and that's all). Even the Arby's sauce is listed as gluten-free. Can anyone share their experience with Arbys? Is there a lot of problems with cross contamination, etc? If you haven't visited their website lately, you should give it a try. It's an awesome way to list what is gluten-free and what is not. Click the little arrow by the item, and it will give you the specific ingredients of that item. In other words, the roast beef sandwich is listed as having gluten, but if you click the arrow, it give you ingredients of the cheese, the roast beef, and the bun....and then tells you which of those items are gluten-free. Anyway, please advise as to whether you think I should try this or not. I'm so sick of Wendy's I could puke. Thanks, ~Brenda
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the replies. I feel pretty good about at least trying it long as I have a few days of being able to be sick, just in case. Arby's, here I come!!
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    Del Taco

    I would love to know the answer to this too. I don't see anything on their website about gluten-free items. Are their fries gluten-free??
  12. Well, they said the cholesterol was at 217. I'm not sure what the normal range is. I don't know about the good vs. the bad cholesterol. I found out all this info over the phone from the receptionist. I'm not on an antibiotic. I haven't spoken with the doctor since he got the test results back. I don't have any symptoms of a UTI, or kidney infection. Could this have to do with a yeast infection? I have been battling an intestinal yeast infection, but not vaginal. Anyway, I have an appointment with the doctor in six days. I would think that if I needed an antibiotic asap, he would have called. At least I hope so! :-) What is your opinion on the cholesterol level? Is that WAY high, or just moderately high?
  13. I just found out today that I have leukocytes in my urin, along with a high white blood count. I haven't been able to talk to the doc yet (not until a week from today). Soooo....I was wondering if any of you have had this and know what it means? I'm assuming I have either kidney or a urinary tract infection??? Could it mean anything else? I also found out my cholesterol is high, and my thyroid seems to be a bit low. I know those two go hand in hand sometimes. I was shocked to find out about the cholesterol. I'm only 33. I'm five foot four, and weight 106. Doesn't seem like I fit the profile. ?? Thanks for any info you can offer. :-)
  14. Hi again, Thanks so much for the info and replies to my last post regarding the yeast infections. I did go to that appointment with my doc, and he feels that the intestinal yeast is a problem, but not the vaginal. If you remember, I don't have any symptoms of the vaginal infection, but my chiropractor told me I did. My doc said that if you're not symptomatic, you don't have it. DUH! Anyway, he gave me diflucan (sp?), and I'm wondering if you can tell me your experience with this drug. I'm scared to death to take it. I hear you can get pretty sick on it -- just because it's getting all those bugs destroyed. I homeschool three kids, so if I'm down too long, I feel like my life will go spinning out of control. Ok, maybe not that bad.....but I really do need to be up and functional. Anyway, can anyone tell me their experiences? TIA!
  15. Hey all, Was watching Doc tonight with Billy Ray Cyrus. I don't know if that's a show everyone gets or not. But anywho, they had a girl on there whose parents and Doc thought had anorexia/bulemia. Nobody believed her, until she was relentless in her plea for innocence. Doc thought it would be wise to do more tests, and decided to do a biopsy. Sure was celiac sprue!!! Man, did that story ever ring true. I was accused of being anorexic, bulemic, name it. Only that period of time for me went on for nearly two years. This girl only had to wait a week. LOL. Good, good show!!
  16. Oh darn. I don't know the name of the episode. But it's one where Beverly is pregnant (BIG)...and Doc has his hair cut short. I think it's one of the latest ones. I don't think Billy Cyrus is a good actor....but it is a good, clean show. It's something I can let my kids watch without being paranoid. Anyway....I'm sure they'll show it again. Or you might even be able to purchase the whole series of Docs on video, I dunno. ?
  17. Wow. That is cool that everyone has had good experiences. That certainly does ease my anxiety. I'm nearly positive I have an I am prepared for things to get worse. I just don't know HOW worse they'll get. :-) Yes, he did recommend the follow up treatments. Acidophilus, along with some natural remedies to keep the yeast away. And he talked about doing the nystatin in between the two doses of diflucan. Basically, I'll be taking a week's worth of diflucan, then maybe nystatin, then one more week of the diflucan. Anyway, I hope it goes good. I'll be starting it within the next few days (I had to schedule in being sick - lol). Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate it!!
  18. Hey all ya'll, Anyone ever hear of or have any experience with the LDA treatments? I won't go into great detail, but if you have any knowledge or experience, please let me know -- good or bad. I'm about to spend a lot of money on it, and really don't want to do that if it's a hoax. Thanks so much,
  19. Hi, Ok. I understand the remission remark now. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought I had missed something BIG. Yes, I was able to have children (3). But I don't know if I had the PCOS back then. They are 15, 14, and 9 (but I'm only 33). I don't know if that answers your question or not. I've not tried glucophage, but I tried an herbal remedy that is supposed to do the same thing as the glucophage. I felt really hyper and junky, so I got off of it. I don't know if I'm insulin resistant....I thought I was at one time...but I'm not sure. Never been tested. Thanks for the reply! marcia, Well...I know what you mean by "quacks". I'm not sure if this guy is a quack or not....I haven't decided. He told me if I can't take this certain remedy, that there wasn't anything he could do for me. So, I walked out of the office, thinking I have this terrible intestinal infection, and there's nothing that can be done. UGH!!! What an awful feeling. With your gall bladder sort of makes sense for him to pinpoint that, especially since it's gone. That's a weak area in you, and he could tell that something was off. I'm sure he assumed that you had one, and it was just not functioning. Interesting. I do agree. We have to be careful and wise when we meet new doctors. Whether they're md's, or chiropractors, or whatever. There's really good ones, and there's really bad ones. Well, I know you're supposed to have increased vaginal discharge with yeast infections.....but my problem is just the opposite. I am dry most of the time. Sorry if that's TMI.....but I've not been able to figure that out, unless I am low on estrogen. But yeah, you would think if I had an infection, I would not be dry.
  20. Hi Guys and Gals, I was diagnosed today as having both a vaginal and intestinal yeast infection. Unfortunately, the chiropractor I went to is claiming that there's only one remedy that TRULY works....and it is not gluten free. So.....I'm not sure I buy that there's only ONE remedy. I'm wondering if there's any of you that have had this problem, and have succesfully treated it. Please list the supplements, meds, and diet you used to help. I realize that this can be a very aggressive problem, and it certainly is wreaking havoc in my life. So for my chiropractor to tell me that there's nothing they can do for me if I can't take this supplement is sort of freaking me out. Any help is appreciated!! ~Brenda
  21. Uhmmm.......your celiac was in remission? Can you explain that further? Once celiac, always celiac. Or so I thought. I have PCOD also. I'll check out the link. Thanks! Well, I have irregular periods (is that a symptom?). But itching, irritation, etc. Don't laugh, but I was diagnosed by a chiropractor. Ever hear of muscle testing? That's how he diagnosed me. It's really complicated. Not sure I could explain it to you. But yeah, that's how he diagnosed both my vaginal AND intestinal yeast infection. Thanks for the info and replies!
  22. jenvan, I thought the same thing about the acidophilus. So I switched to a brand with no additives at all....and I still had a problem with it. So I don't know what it is. I get very anxious and edgy, along with my stomach really burning. ?? I understand what you're saying about the tampons. Are the ones I see in the health food stores any better? They're supposed to be free of any irritants, etc. I can stop using them...but I hate to. I hate pads. Funny thing is....I don't itch or have any vaginal irritation at all. But he says I do have an infection. Hmmmmmmmmm................ Thanks for the info. Any other advice or experiences are still welcome.
  23. Hey jenvan, I have an appointment to get a second opinion next Tuesday. So we'll see how that goes. I was just wondering what would be the problem with usin tampons (sorry if that displays my ignorance). I do use them, but only for one or two days a month at the most. I have light periods, so I don't need them much. The chiropractor tested my husband for yeast also, but he checked out fine. So I don't think I'm getting anything from him, or visa versa. As for acidophilus, I have a really bad reaction to it. Almost as bad as getting gluten. Maybe down the road i'll be able to better handle it. Thanks, jenvan. I appreciate your input. I'll definitely check those supplements/books out. I need all the info I can get! Thanks! ~Brenda
  24. Mary, If you have yeast, it doesn't mean you've been ingesting gluten (was that what you were implying). It happens because of a compromised gut flora problem and because of probable overuse of antibiotics. Just thought I'd clear that up. ~Brenda Thanks! I'll check it out!!
  25. I'm contemplating drinking a little bit of wine for my stomach problems (gastroparesis, inflamed lining). I also have tension/nervousness with the stomach problems, so am wondering if the wine would help with that. Have any of you had good experiences (or bad ones!) with wine? I'm pretty sensitive to grape juice (burns the tummy), so I'm skeptical as to whether I could even handle wine. Anybody know of a good quality wine that doesn't have a lot of additives? Thanks for any advice. I'd love to hear your experiences with wine helping/hindering your tummy problems.