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    Qdoba is the fast food place I eat at most frequently as it is very close to work and is about the only place I can go...
  2. Emily928

    Bj's Pizza Ok?

    I've had good luck at the BJ's in Louisville, KY. A lot of other members in our group love their pizza and I haven't...
  3. Emily928

    Fries- Fast Food Chains

    I didn't realize that Wendy's new fries were gluten-free! Next time I go to one, I'll have to check on the dedicated...
  4. Emily928

    Panera Bread...watch It!

    We have a Panera in my building and they have always been helpful in working with me. I don't go there too often though...
  5. Thanks Mack! Definitely helpful - you're right, a little "Australia-specific," like the parts about wheat dextrose and...
  6. Emily928


    You'll probably just have to get creative in satisfying cravings unless you can just distract yourself! Maybe try focusing...
  7. I've used a chili mix that comes in a box - I think it's called "2 Alarm" or something similar. The chili seasoning...
  8. I'm trying to locate some sort of document that I could give to caterers, hotel staff, etc. that would educate them on...
  9. I will soon be taking over as President of our local CSA chapter, and am wondering if anyone knows of any good resources...
  10. I am a Catholic and have been diagnosed with Celiac for almost two years. Shortly after my diagnosis I talked to my...
  11. Emily928


    DownWithGluten (or others), I have been taking the same approach of just taking the wine at communion. My question is...