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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I also suspect a tapioca intolerance but don't want to give that up, not yet, and the reactions are not too bad yet. I replaced all my flour at home, wondering if there was something bad...because I don't react as bad to the chebe mixes, if I remember not to binge eat because I finally have a bread...
  3. I have way too many allergy problems to go with a hankerchief. However, I will go that route if it does get to that point. I have had to stop using plastic bags for shake and bake oil and seasoning on my homemade steak fries and went to mixing in a bowl that we wash. I don't get sick anymore...
  4. Thanks that was my next step...it has kind of been at the back of my mind, every time I go to do laundry.
  5. I have found, the more I am away from corn (as I was with gluten) the more sensitive I become. There are things a year ago that were not a problem but now they are...I figure I will avoid more and more corn as the time goes. I read that bounce is bad, corn wise from the middle site you listed...
  6. I eat the quick rice with few problems. For some reason though, basmati rice bothers me.
  7. Actually, I am not worried about Klenex - now the puffs lotion stays on my hands and face and therefore could easily get into my mouth so I will change that but the rest, hey, I figure is probably a little too much to worry about as long as the tissue doesn't crumble and pieces fall into my mouth...
  8. Here is something else I found on the avoiding corn site: "I contacted Kimberly-Clark Corp. to check on Kleenex, and was told that Kleenex may contain cornstarch. The representative also said that the cardboard boxes may contain corn products, as they are made of recycled fiber." Then, I checked...
  9. I react to some styrofoams too, not all, just some.
  10. I found this on the Avoiding Corn message board: http://www.ecocupinfo.com/
  11. I don't know which part of the corn I react to, but, I react to all forms corn - I don't avoid the corn in my meds yet but I do for everything else. I made a mistake last night and didn't think about it until I was half way through but I got an lemon shake up at the fair, talked to the lady and...
  12. For me, I used a combination - I went down to plain foods with some extras and kept track (food diary that was a pain but worked) of all reactions, even ones I didn't think were connected to my food. It worked. I did that with my son, more limited, and did a lactose challenge - it worked. He is...
  13. Thanks for the name - the pics from the search are it!!! I have started to use a steroid cream when they pop up and it seems to help. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000832.htm This site also says it can cause fingers and toes to crack. Well, that explains something...
  14. Hey, I get these blisters but never thought about DH because, well the pictures don't paint a pretty picture and mine don't look too bad...just very itchy, blisters that come and go. I even go to the point where I thought maybe they were poison ivy even though I couldn't figure out how or where...
  15. Well, this would explain why mine are finally more normal, not always, and not quite, but closer. I think the white slippery stuff is mucus. I used to have problems with that as well but all gone now.