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  1. So Delicious Kefir Coconut Milk? Oh no... I've been eating it and it's in my fridge.....
  2. Yeah, I have had a hard time getting armour too. My doctor and I use a compounding pharmacy...
  3. I LOVE "food should taste good" chips... they are so yummy and don't have yucky ingredients...
  4. This is a great thread! While I have not delved too much into gluten-free packaged goods...
  5. I'm 19, and in college.. so not "really" a teenager. I'm from southern NH But I go to...
  6. my left pinkie is shorter than my right pinky my left pinkie is shorter than the joint...
  7. I got allergy tested for food intolerances through IgG ELISA testing, and coffee came up...
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