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  1. NY is good... I was just diagnosed a month ago and I have done a lot of research. Long Island has a lot of restuarnts that have gluten-free menus ,including cafe baldo, which is a completly gluten-free resturant. I havn't even been to the city yet since I have been diagnosed. I can't wait though because I heard there are some excellent restuarnts and bakerys there. I don't know about upstate. http://www.glutenfreeli.com/gf_restaurants.htm http://www.celiachandbook.com/california.html (This is for california... I found it because I am going on a full west coast trip in June... I
  2. I have been using Gold Standard... I wasn't sure of some indredients.. so I called the company.. they said some products had gluten in them... such as cookies and cream protein powder. I am using rockyroad .. she said that had no gluten. I double checked and made sure she knew there was a difference between wheat and gluten and she said she was sure there was no gluten in them.
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