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  1. I went to Besito tonight... it's in huntington village.. NY ave.... first of all.. its a really classy place... great...
  2. If anyone is from Long Island... I just went to Mama's in Oakdale. It was the best Gluten free meal I have ever had....
  3. Jamie

    Lifting And Jogging...

    whether your working the same muscle groups every day depends on your specific goals. You should give your body time...
  4. Jamie

    Recommendations In Nyc

  5. I know I have posted this before... but I am leaving tomorrow and I want to see if I can get anymore ideas for good restuarnts...
  6. The cinnammon is so amazing. I would eat it all the time even if I wasn't celiac.
  7. http://www.smokingsloes.com/ I know I have already posted a topic about this place.. but I have to again. This place...
  8. I just found them at Waldbaums yesterday! I got the cookies!
  9. I just read on a website that they will be priced at $4.49. http://www.csaceliacs.org/documents/BettyC...ease...
  10. First put warm water in a bowl and add the yeast that it comes with. Then add the dough, oil and eggs. Then use a mixer...
  11. If there is anyone out there who has not tried this yet.... it's amazing. I made it last night... it's the easiest thing...
  12. I like to snack on baked cheetos, baked lays, rice cakes with peanut butter, boars head honey maple turkey... in a roll...
  13. Jamie


    DO they have any chicken dishes that are gluten free?
  14. That's great! This is why I love this board!