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  1. 19 - from MA. I have to say I know how all you guys feel. But I think eventually, I just realized - that we are ALL actually alone. I know that sounds kind of depressing, but it's true. And it certainly does not have to be depressing. After I accepted that, I was actually happier than before...
  2. Could be the whole grains. I still have slight issues with any type of insoluble fiber, although I have gotten a lot better.
  3. I too have a similar story. In addition to having panic attacks when I was consuming gluten, I also had a fear of flying which magically seemed to disappear. I remember when I did have the panic attacks it was as if my body was overreacting. My mind would be mentally more calm than my physical...
  4. This is kind of embarrassing and yet, really funny. Numerous times I have had (I guess you could call them nightmares) dreams where I accidentally eat gluten and then immediately wake up.
  5. Hi,

    I am logged on as DNP, currently finishing a dissertation on Celiac Disease. I am collecting information regarding the effects of the disease on families. If you could share you personal story with me, I would appreciate it. Send info to doeykelly@aol.com. I am an RN with a MSN in community health. I think creating awareness of this to many in the medical community is important. Thanks H

  6. I'd also be careful with bananas; they are a prebiotic and if added with a probiotic, you can get a lot of bloating and discomfort. You always want to try and git rid of some of the bad bacteria, so when the good guys get down there, they have a place to live. I'd recommend enteric coated peppermint...