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  1. JillianLindsay

    gluten-free Sushi Places

    Bump! Looking for gluten-free sushi place for tonight - preferably near downtown
  2. JillianLindsay

    Training And Energy Management

    I'd say yes and yes I had a very similar experience: two weeks of feeling amazing, followed by a bit of a roller-coaster before things leveled out. The body goes through a process of adjusting to the new diet, but things will improve and...
  3. JillianLindsay

    Gluten-Free Prenatal Vitamins

    If it's the prescription-strength (Rx formula), then the Pharmacy should have that info or be able to get it for you
  4. JillianLindsay

    Active 21 Y.o Male/ Widespread Tendonitis

    Hi maldo, Yes, I play competitive women's soccer and had very painful tendinitis in both my achilles and in my knees. Physiotherapy and muscle strengthening helped, but the next season, after going gluten-free, I had much less pain and...
  5. JillianLindsay

    Gluten Free Food In The Hospital?

    I was just in hospital overnight Tuesday to Wednesday and got a gluten-free breakfast Wednesday morning. It sucked, but it was gluten-free. It was krispy rice cereal (I think envirokidz), a gluten-free muffin, and coffee and orange juice...
  6. JillianLindsay

    Pregnant And Glutened :(

    I'm 31w & 4d pregnant and I'm fairly certain I got glutened Wednesday at lunch. My stomach has been unhappy ever since and I feel so lethargic and weak, I have no energy. I've been trying to rest and drink lots of water, but I have so...
  7. JillianLindsay

    Having gluten-free Food Brought Over Postpartum

    Glad you brought this up - and congrats! We're due in early November! We're fortunate that we have a chest freezer in our basement, so we can pre-make and freeze a lot of meals. It's helpful to hear other suggestions for people...
  8. I have celiac disease and am currently 29 1/2 weeks pregnant and very healthy, and there are lots of other moms on the board your daughter may or may not pass it on, but she can certainly have healthy children in her future if she so desires...
  9. JillianLindsay

    Gluten Free In San Diego-Help

    I was there last year for a conference and had a good time I was staying in a hotel with a mini fridge (I recommend that if you can). I went down to a Whole Foods and stocked up and had a little stash of food at the hotel room for whenever...
  10. JillianLindsay

    France: Lyon & Paris

    Thanks Kate!! We'll be staying only one block away from the Maubert - Mutualité Metro, I'm sure we can make the trip up to Goncourt station (I think that's the closest). I looked it up and it's only about a 20-minute Metro ride. French ...
  11. JillianLindsay

    France: Lyon & Paris

    We are in Lyon for the week, and then to Paris for our last couple of days. Food has been definitely challenging, and at times frustrating. Each time I go to the hotel restaurant, I get different answers about what I can and cannot eat...
  12. JillianLindsay

    France: Lyon & Paris

    Hey folks, we are here in Lyon. We are in a hotel because my hubby's work is paying for it as he is here attending a conference. The hotel restaurant was great last night providing a delicious, gluten-free meal. However the area around...
  13. JillianLindsay

    Grrrrr Powerade

    The best and most recommended post-exercise drink is chocolate milk. It has protein to help your muscles recover and repair, and has carbs and sugar to help replace electrolytes. The best is just to drink lots of water and eat a healthy...
  14. JillianLindsay

    France: Lyon & Paris

    Hello fellow Celiac travelers! Hubby & I are going to Europe for the first time and are leaving this Saturday. We will be staying most of the time in South-Western Lyon, and then will spend our last 2 nights in Central Paris I am...
  15. Hi and welcome every body heals at a different rate, and it depends on what kinds of deficiencies you may or may not have. In general, it takes 6 months to a year of iron supplements to get iron levels up to normal if you're anemic. ...