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  1. I'am one who had recently self diagnosed myself as gluten intolerance. You also may be familier with my user name around forums in the past. Though most recently I have re-introduced gluten back into my diet, as I've notice while on a gluten...
  2. So eventhough I was about 2-3 weeks in my diet, a blood test for celiac would most definately come back positive? __________ My server symptoms went away when removing gluten, though when I was able to remove yeast my symptoms started...
  3. Was told by a recent doctor I visited that one on a two week diet before testing for celiac, the test will come back accurate reguardless of diet because there are elements in your blood etc.... How true is this? I also mention how I have...
  4. I'm also 17 years old. I have some symptoms related to you ( such as swollen lymph node on back of head and acne.... bad case of clog pores), and others ( some were very server until I removed gluten). I think you could possibly be gluten...
  5. It's sold at big stores like Krogers picture:http://americandigest.org/livercheese2.jpg I didn't think it contain gluten.
  6. I self diagnose myself as being gluten and yeast intolerance. Though I also concluded that I have a over production of candida. Any suggestions of a candida diet ( and also cleanse), though also healthy for me since I'm also gluten and yeast...
  7. Liver cheese makes me really drowsy, any ideal what may be the cause?
  8. Serversymptoms

    Rice With Taste

    Cook pinto beans ( season to flavor) and rice. Then simply eat both together with a decent amount of each, very tasty ( base on ones seasoning). Ofcourse side items such as gluten ( and yeast free if like) bread.
  9. I think it's possible, at least speaking of all my health problems one of my symptoms is bloated face... which have been going down. Morning before I took the ACT over the summer all I could eat for breafast was 3 slices of bacon and a apple...
  10. Its possible, since it's known that many who are celiac do not know... some show no signs or symptoms. I experience times eating gluten where I felt fine and just experience a increase in hiccups, gas etc... but other times i experience...
  11. I think the blood results can only aware them about gluten intolerance. Actually looking at Mayo Clinic for reasons one white blood cells may be low, it covers lots of things and especially the conditions I mention I may/ do have: gluten...
  12. I'm also 17 years old and have/ do experience similar health problems as you and more ofcourse. When I removed gluten from my diet I started to see many improvements, and went through a long process with the doctors and had to self diagnose...
  13. Serversymptoms

    Doctors Prescribe Respidol

    Yeah I'm really glad they lifted off that medication, for I don't need any at all. It was all just a really horrible moment, and still shock with the doctors actions. Well there were a few things ( about 4 or 5 ) below or above the normal...
  14. Thanks for the answer, I actually got my blood results back Friday and now know my white blood cells are below normal ( 2.9) and C02 of 32 ( about two or three more things a little out of the average range). I'm thinking now they will start...