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  1. I don't really get sick from gluten noticeably and neither does my nephew any more. I am an asymptomatic celiac diagnosed with bloodwork and biopsy. My nephew now 10 was diagnosed at 3 and doesn't really have a such a strong reaction. My...
  2. My mom tries really hard to not allow gluten into her kitchen as I, my daughter and nephew all have celiac. However, for the third or fourth time this year my daughter has gotten very sick from gluten from a meal my mom prepared. None of...
  3. The Childrens Hospital celiac support group posted this article a while ageo: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140113154219.htm "A new blood test being developed by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers can rapidly...
  4. I have "silent" celiac and am IgA deficient. My doctor misread my tests 4 years ago when I asked to be tested after my daughter was diagnosed in 2009. I asked her to check again a year ago and the IgG was positive - the rest she thought...
  5. Another thought. I think often some adults tend to over-react. I'd add something about maintaining X's privacy and not singling her out. We had some phrase like that in our 504. When my daughter was younger teachers would sometimes send...
  6. My daughter went to camp celiac for a week in Rhode Island. I think registration starts in Feb. She really liked meeting other kids with celiac and it made her more sure of herself. It's pretty much a regular camp other than everyone has...
  7. My husband took me to Paris recently and there were plenty of places there to eat out and the shops had lots of both fresh and packaged gluten free food. Any health food store carries stuff. There was one restaurant that is entirely gluten...
  8. I was recently diagnosed with celiac after my doctor misread my lab results. I was tested 4 years ago when my daughter was first diagnosed and my doctor incorrectly interpreted the lab results as negative. My IGA was very, very low. I had...
  9. seezee

    Iron Deficiancy Anemia

    My daughter (14.5 with celiac) was recently found to be very anemic. Her pediatrician did some preliminary blood work which showed her counts were very low and then followed up with many tests to determine the cause and checked for things...
  10. I had 5th disease last June and there's a blood test to confirm. I took it to rule out Lyme.
  11. seezee

    Celiac And Arthritis?

    Last year I had awful joint pain and it turned out to be parvo virus and it got better.
  12. seezee

    Wheat Syrup/wheat Starch

    There was a product that had something called gluten-free wheat fiber in the gluten-free meal from American Airlines that I didn't eat. It was kid of gross anyway as was the whole meal.
  13. seezee


    We went to a wedding in early June. Both me and my daughter (age 14) have celiac. She was glutened at the rehearsal dinner that I did not attend. She was with her grandparents who asked several times if the meal was gluten-free and the waiter...
  14. seezee

    Affordable Care Act ?

    My thought is that cable news is really entertainment. Of course fox or msnbc has some truth but both stations seem very slanted and give partial truth. The more scandal the better. The internet has a lot of misinformation too. In Massachusetts...
  15. Massachusetts has a very strict food allergy law and mandates training for all restaurant staff. Ming Tsai (celebrity chef) worked with the legislature for years to get it passed. http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/senate/185/st02/st02...