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  1. It's seems like forever since I've been here. and I can already hear the gasps over this question. I don't know if its just me or everyone, but has anyone else seen a site on your facebook timeline about EINKORN flour? Has anyone actually had the nerve to try it? They say its an ancient wheat flour. So, no its not an alternative to wheat. It IS wheat. But its not modern wheat and they say it has 14 chromosomes to the gluten structure versus modern wheat flour having 42 chromosomes. It's not been modified and engineered. Supposedly. So, "THEY" aren't saying its glutenfree but they SUGGEST it could be a lot easier on us. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it.
  2. Yes, the probiotics, taking high doses over a period of time, healed my leaky gut. The type I take are "3.0 Billion CFU's per capsule". I took one in the morning and one at night. I still take them. I've read that gluten issues "leech", or suck, vitamins/minerals and our "villi" is always going to be struggling to keep up. Vit. D is one of those. I'm not at all an outside kind of person, so I take extra D in pill form. But they say 10 minutes in the sunlight is good for a day's D. And I help my "villi" by taking the lactobacillus acidophilus. I would suggest the next time you go to the doctor and have blood drawn to ask them to do a work up on your vitamin/mineral levels and then find ways to boost those. One more question....I went back and scanned your post again. Is there, by chance, a non-glutenfree person in your household? I'm the only gluten-intolerant person in my household (at the moment). MOST of my cooking is just whole foods, naturally glutenfree. But occasionally I fix things that I do both....glutenfree AND normal. Like spaghetti nights or something. And they do for themselves all the time in MY kitchen, lol. They TRY hard to be aware but I've seen them lapse in remembering things I need for a non-contaminated work area. So I'm vigilant about washing down my counters and surfaces they touch A LOT.
  3. Sadly, I think stress does all kinds of things to us that we don't realize. Even when we think we've got a handle on the stress. When my father was sick and dying I was VERY aware of the stress of the situation and did everything I could to deal with it and thought I was doing well. But there were DEFINITE things going on with my body that forced me to come home when all was said and done and have to have a d&c and go on medication because of the stress. I think it could be key to all kinds of things...heart, cancer, etc. But until we understand more, we are captives of our stresses. That said....I think my own gluten-intolerance (I figured it out on my own so was never officially diagnosed) came about because of a move. Now, we had moved numerous times prior...most, cross-country. All stressful, as moving usually is. But it was not an unknown and I thought I was dealing with it just fine, although I wasn't really happy about it. I had finally returned to live in a beloved location a second time and I didn't really want to leave again. But I was dealing. It was shortly after the move that I started having all kinds of problems and my own research was necessary because doctors weren't finding anything. Unfortunately, all the material out there says once that "trigger" is pulled, it can't be "UNpulled".
  4. From my own experience, nothing will be seem better till a leaky gut is healed. I found a gluten-free/allergen free vitamin/mineral place online at kirkmanlabs.com. I still use their Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotics because dairy use to be a bigger issue for me when I discovered my gluten-intolerance also. So my doctor's suggestion of eating yogurt was not helpful. But I would take the pills in the morning and at night, both, for a few weeks. After awhile, I felt better and my digestion was clearly getting better. I would also make sure all your vitamins and such ARE glutenfree. As for the kale chips....did you use olive oil or spray oil? Did you know some spray oils have wheat in them?? Check yours. I suspect you are missing glutens and other foods that have become a bother to you. When I first started making my list...it seemed to go on and on. I ended up with a list of glutens, dairy, nuts, eggs, beans, rice. IN TIME, I have gotten the eggs back, SOME dairy with the help of lactose-free milk, SOME rice and SOME beans. The glutens and nuts seem to be my mainstays. Keep looking at your ingredients on EVERYTHING. ALL the time! Also look for those magic words, "....processed in a facility that also handles....." . THAT tells ME no-no. Best wishes!
  5. You are right, of course, Caselynn. Thank you.
  6. Another poster says it is. I have no clue as to why it bothers me. Its kinda hard as my husband loves it and puts it on everything he cooks. He sets aside my stuff and doesn't use it on mine, of course, but I'm noticing that restaurants use it quite a bit too. I'd just like to know what there is about it that's bothering me.
  7. I've tried searching this site and can't find anything else re: Lawry's Season Salt. I also did a Ask.com query and discovered that the company confirmed that according to their ingredients list, is indeed glutenfree. So why do it seem to hugely bother me?? I do indeed have other food groups that I have issues with but NONE of them are in Lawry's. I grew up eating Lawry's and never had a problem with it till I became gluten-intolerant, along with the other food intolerances about 6 yrs ago. Lawry's and chili powder seem to be on that list. I can have cayenne pepper, salsa's, etc but not the powder. Any thoughts???
  8. jststric

    Gluten Free In Hawaii

    My family and I traveled there in May for the first time. Its ALWAYS scary traveling with multiple food intolerances/allergies!! Its really not THAT hard to find gluten-free in HI. As with anywhere, the nicer the restaurants, the easier it is to find do-able items on a menu AND real chefs that can customize. But seafood and fish is SOOOO plentiful there that its pretty easy to have a piece of salmon or fish added to a salad, etc. Its not really any cheaper, tho, just because its plentiful. Tourism is tourism and you pay. We actually went for a drive along the northshore and came across a food truck and my boys LOVE food trucks so we stopped. I wasn't too optimistic but it ended up probably being my most favorite meal there!! Again...fresh fish and fresh fruits. Now, if you want to go to small, local places.....then your pickings will be slim to none. The general Hawaiian population doesn't seem at ALL familiar with glutenfree needs. If those are your only options, or you happen to not care for seafood and fish....then I would suggest asking for a mini-fridge for your room and buying foods at the market. I did take a few items with me, but with such expensive fees for baggage these days, I certainly wouldn't depend on that to sustain you for the trip's duration. I'm not too knowledgable about other airlines, as we tend to fly Delta most of the time, but they have a pretty decent gluten-free "meal" option you can purchase for $5, I think it was. I hope you go and have a GREAT time...its a BEAUTIFUL trip!!!
  9. You know, you both could very well be gluten-intolerant and there's no test for that. And its often just as bad as any "official" Celiac diagnosis. The only difference is that a true Celiac can say they have a specific disease, where we intolerant folks can't. "Intolerant" gives the impression that its not serious, when in fact it can be just as nasty. And gluten-intolerant can't write off gluten-free food costs on our taxes, like those that are official can!! Other than that....you gotta just decide that when something you eat gives you problems when you eat it and those symptoms get better when you don't.....as the old joke goes, "Well, then don't DO that!" But you can talk till you are blue in the face and until they (given they are adults) decide to accept this is their problem, you are talking to the wind. I know a couple of people that I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that they are at least gluten-intolerant. But I have talked to them a number of times, given them information and they choose to just whine about having gut pain, joint pain, foggy mind.....etc., instead of doing anything about it. They think going gluten-free is just too impossible and they'd miss those foods. Well, I miss those foods too, but I certainly don't live miserable!!
  10. jststric

    Fast Food

    Awww, so sorry! I think McDonald's fries are NOTORIOUS in THIS community for not being gluten-free, altho McD's will tell you otherwise, quoting such miniscule numbers after the cooking, etc. McD's doesn't have a clue about cross-contamination either. As doesn't most fast food places. I DO eat Wendy's salt fries...they are DELISH. And Jimmy John's sandwiches are great about changing their gloves and doing lettuce wrap sammies. And Subway is in the process of coming out with gluten-free bread in several test markets but its not out for the general public. They WILL change their gloves and do their salads with any of the sandwich fixings for you, tho. I've found it depends on each individual Subway, tho, how caring and in the know they are about gloves, cross-contamination, etc. As a whole...fast food is just not very friendly to us. It saves ME alot of money, lol.
  11. jststric

    Flatbread Dilemma

    WOW, what I'd give for some great flatbread like that! You state you are normally pretty sensitive to cross-contaminations. But you are having no problems with it at the moment? I would go ahead and enjoy it as long as you can. I SUSPECT if you are like me....there may come a time when it WILL bother you. Perhaps that's because when I find something I love like that and its kinda iffy....I REALLY enjoy it....overly, lol. You should tell them to MARKET THAT STUFF!!! They'd make a mint from all of US!! : )
  12. I would check with your doctor. I don't have experience with pregnancy while having Celiac....I became gluten-intolerant and other foods too, in mid-life. But I would say if you are basically a healthy person, otherwise, it most likely could be controlled with doctor's help. I wouldn't waste any time checking into it, tho. A child is such a blessing....don't give up on that desire. Worst case scenario should the medical news not be good....adoption is a great gift to give a child, yourself!! Blessings to you!
  13. jststric

    Rice With Gluten?

    ah, AUTO-CORRECT, lmbo!!! Gotta love it, dontcha? It sure makes communications interesting once in awhile! : )
  14. jststric

    Rice With Gluten?

    I'm not officially Celiac, but have gluten-intolerance, at least. I am also bothered by rice. I have just recently gotten where I can have it in a limited way. I do better with brown rice than white. And wild rice is completetly fine. But I've read wild rice is officially a GRASS and not rice. I'm curious what the other poster meant with the word "wharf". As most of know, Celiac or gluten-intolerant are rarely ONLY bothered by glutens. Multiple food no-no's are usually the case and everyone is different.