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  1. pchick

    A New Language...

    [quote name='Eastender' date='Aug 27 2009, 10:14 AM']what a comeback story!! You go girl!! Did I see that you are not eating sugar? Sounds like you are eating exactly what I am. My alternative med guy just gave me a food allergy test and the gluten intolerance showed up. what do you do about...
  2. pchick

    Actual Results

    Hello Blogland.... After a bunch of self research, I asked my doctor for copies of my test results so I can see exactly what he meant by "gluten intolerance". When I looked at the numbers I was VERY confused because it said my Gliadin SIgA was 7 Negative. I immediately posted a question and Korwyn...
  3. pchick

    New Diagnosis

    Gluten free shampoo... what a concept! I have to check that out... I always have had BAD acne ~ I can't ever remember having totally clear skin. Since I've been Gluten free I'm clearing up with only a little left. Never even thought about the shampoo!!! What brand/where did you get it? I too...
  4. I've been reading online and on this forum about cross contamination and I'm wondering how serious I have to take this. I haven't been gluten free long enough to know if having flour in my kitchen is going to be hazardous. You see, my husband loves to bake ~ pies especially. Now I have very good...
  5. I broke down and charged a new air conditioner yesterday. I was too hot, and I'm just a wimp... I swear, the heat makes me a different person. We put it in our daughter's room and put all the fish tanks in there (otherwise we'd have fish soup!) so now we have one room nice and cool to sit in when...
  6. pchick

    Crazy Heat

    It's 12:30am and my house is down to 89 after a day of record highs (106) in Portland today. My husband is tired of hearing me complain. The heat really zaps me, and my feet are so swollen they hurt to walk on. It's making me super emotional, and I've been breaking down crying off and on all day...
  7. pchick

    A New Language...

    Being this is my first blog entry here, I'd like to give a bit of my history so as to explain how I got here in the first place. I'm 40 now, and was just diagnosed Gluten Intolerant by my naturopath from stool samples, and bloodwork. Then I came right home and started my own research... that...