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  1. SunnyJB

    Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    Well, yes, I am now unemployed. I was fired the day after I said I needed to take some time off for testing (all the...
  2. Does it stop with the gluten free diet? I haven't started the diet yet, because I have read enough to know that I should...
  3. UGH! This is my least favorite part. I can drink one shot and be throwing up because of it. This is coming from someone...
  4. SunnyJB

    Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    I think I'm going to have to make packets and hand them out to my work mates. NO ONE takes me seriously when I'm having...
  5. Completely understand your frustration!! Here's to finding a way to live without pain!
  6. SunnyJB

    New Here

    Thanks Tiff. I am taking a precursory action, and journaling EVERYTHING I put into my mouth, and every syptom I have...
  7. SunnyJB

    New Here

    I thought I had PCOS on my list. Was dx'd with that at age 15.
  8. SunnyJB

    New Here

    missed one... I was dx with PCOS at age 15
  9. Hi. I am Sunshyne. I'm 29 and have been searching for an answer to what is wrong with me for over 10 years. I have been...