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  1. I'm past menopause so I can't relate to that. I do know that when I was pregnant I vomited every day for 9months. i only gained 14 pounds and my little girl weighed in at ten pounds, had a lot of heartburn too, it now makes sense to me. We're all still learning, I just learned tonight that drywall...
  2. My symptoms were triggered by thyroid surgery in 2000. I had pain in my gallbladder area and my dr said it had to come out. When I saw the surgeon he did a HIDA scan and it showed that the GB was normal. My GI doc encouraged me to go on a gluten-free diet which helped but the pain continued. He treated...
  3. I used to get the cramps in my hands, I would have to massage them and it really hurt, as long as I stay on the diet I'm OK..
  4. Berneses, Have you had your cholesterol checked? When my daughter was younger (30's) she had them and got tested and found her cholesterol was elevated, she changed her diet and her numbers dropped.