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  1. I think what you are feeling is good old gas. For some reason my doctor said we have more than our share of air in our intestines. When I get this I usually take some Citracel tabs and it goes away. I've had my gallbladder studied every which way and it is functioning normally. Try thr fiber pills, they are gluten-free and I think it will bring you relief, it does for me, helps the constipation too.
  2. Lister, When I was unknowingly glutened from the dust created from the drywall paste, it was getting in my hair and on my clothes, shoes, and even on my pet poodle. When I finished for the day I had to wash my hair and I'm sure I got glutened that way, also from the clothes and the dog, etc. Are you being careful not to carry home the particles from working around that stuff all day? Getting into another type of job would definitely help. Perhaps if you went to the board of labor and explained your situation they could help. When I became disabled and unable to work as a nurse they actually paid for some computer training. You seem to be very adept at computers, perhaps you could find another line of work especially if your doctor would back you up that you shouldn't be working there.
  3. lisa, are you on any acid blockers like Nexium or Prevacid? I couldn't take Lexapro, made me feel like a zombie.
  4. I am much healthier going gluten -free. I can't remeber the last time I had a cold or needed antibiotics. I also take a flu shot and I haven't had the flu in over 5 years. (knock on wood)
  5. I was trying to be helpful to the contractors. Every night I swept up the dust which had fallen to the floor. It got in my hair and all over my clothes. I had to shampoo every night and you know what they say, just a little dab will do you. I got so glutened that i was unable to walk to the doctors office. Of course he had no clue, so i got on the board and ravenwoodglass figured it out. I'll always be grateful to her, I thought I was crippled for life! Just remember drywall paste contains GLUTEN!
  6. This is one of my major symptoms along with insomnia. I am giving up corn and eggs because I tested positive for them on a York test. I'm still having problems sleeping. I take Zoloft and Klonopin. He wanted me to try Trazadone but I sleep all day instead of at night. I was recently glutened from the drywall paste which was being used in our new house. I feel better than I did but still can't get rid of it. I would feel so much better if I could just sleep all night and didn't have the pain. It's sounds like you might have fibromyalgia. Sometimes a small doese of Amitryptiline can help, it helped me when I first went gluten-free. I will ask my MD about it next month, maybe it would help to take it again. Hope you find some answers, you are not alone!
  7. I think you also need to keep a food journal. Does this occur after eating any food or one or more foods in particular? Do you have any heartburn associated with this? Is it hard for you to swollow certain foods? I have trouble swallowing hard boiled eggs, it is very scary, I usually spit them out so that i can swallow. My Mother also had this problem especially when she was upset about something. I had a food test and found that i am intolerant of wheat, yeast, corn, dairy, and egg whites.
  8. I am gluten intolerant and I cannot use anything with wheat as far as shampoo or coloring. It's not that I swallow it but it stays on my scalp for a long time despite thorough rinsing and it irritates it and makes it itchy, same with cosmetics, etc. I use mostly Dove products and garnier fructis shampoo, and I'm getting ready to try the Feria by Loreal which is gluten free. I don't know why this happens, I had a Negative biopsy, negative genetic tests, but positive blood work. Everyone is different. perhaps you won't be that sensitive. I also have problems at the dentist which you might not be aware of. Good Luck!
  9. I had a negative biopsy and negative gene test. I was positive on one blood test ( IGA) which dropped when I went gluten free. My doctor insists that I can eat both wheat and dairy. We went round and round on this, it is my body and I know what I can eat and what I can't. That's why I don't see him anymore. I am gluten intolerant and you could be too.
  10. Could be allergies or fluid in the inner ear. This is the time of year that affects me. Does your head spin around when you are lying down? You might need an antihistamine such as Benadryl. I myself take Zyrtec. If you take one they will make you sleepy so don't drive.
  11. Dear Blanchmae, I understand completely. Even though I have been a nurse for many years, I had a very bad experience following thyroid surgery. I won't go into details but I spent four days in Intensive Care. I was supposed to have gone home the following day. Ever since then I have become extremely nervous around having any procedures. The Endoscopy was fairly easy. You have to refrain from eating the night before and the next morning. In the hospital you go into a short procedure unit or GI Lab, whatever. They do a short history and physical and start an IV. Let them know you are very nervous and they might adjust your anesthesia. They take you into the room, turn you on your side and begin the procedure. They usually spray your throat with something to numb your gag reflex. The nurse sits with you and is very nice and explains everything to you. In the meantime they are giving you medication in the IV which makes you feel drowsy. I was aware of everything that was going on but felt like I was in LaLa land. I don't remember the tube going down my throat, I wasn't in pain. My Dr knew I was a nurse so he was showing me pictures and talking to me the whole time. I don't remember the tube coming out and I was back in my room before I knew it. You have to stay in recovery until your gag reflex comes back, then they give you something to eat and drink, then you go home and sleep most of the day. You have to have someone with you to drive you home or they won't let you leave.When the doctor puts the tube into your stomach he checks for any inflammation, ulcers, and does a biopsies from several different areas to be sent away for analysis.He is also looking for damage to the villi to confirm Celiac. They are small hair like projections which grow on the intestinal walls. The Colonoscopy is a procedure in which the doctor passes another tube up into the rectum which enables him to visualize your large intestines. He will be looking mostly for polyps, tumors, diverticuli, etc. You also receive an IV medication that puts you "out" but I remember the whole thing. I won't say that it wasn't painful because it was for me. Whenever they pressed on my abdomen I would scream. The doctor said that I have a lot of "gas" and most people don't react that way. Again you come back to recovery and then you go home. The worst part of the procedure is the prep the day before. You have to take a special laxative to clean out your intestinal tract. You can also watch the procedure on the monitor which I did. I know you are scared but you have to have it done to get a diagnosis and find out what is wrong with you. You can't keep going on as you are and I know you will feel better once it is all over. You make get lucky and never have to have it again. My husband has to have a Colonoscopy every three years because his brother died from colon cancer.If you have any questions let me know. If you are near a medical center by all means get to the best GI doc around. I am in a small town but the hospital was voted one of the top 100 small hospitals in the nation. My GI doc has diagnosed over 200 Celiac patients in the area so I felt comfortable with him. The nurses who work these units are very well trained, they know you are scared, many of them have been through the procedure. That was the best part of the procedure, they are very compassionate and their caring is so reassuring. you usually have the same nurse assigned to you and that is very comforting. Please, please don't be afraid.
  12. Hi, Just wanted to pass along that I had very little heartburn either, that's why I was surprised about the severity of the problem. I thought that since I was an RN that I had a handle on everything. I sure have learned a lot in the past 5 years. I was so sure that I needed to have my gallbladder removed and so did my GP, he sent me to a surgeon who completely ruled that out. He is the one who referred me to the GI doc. I'm glad he did because right away he tested me for antibodies, IGA was 75, he did the 2 scopes and found one polyp on the colonoscopy ( which was neg for cancer).He did find the severe GERD and suggested a gluten free diet but after he found that I didn't have the gene he said I could eat wheat and dairy, which is why we came to a parting of the ways. Someone else on this board suggested that the acid reflux is known to cause great anxiety symptoms and dizzines, and heart fluttering. If you have symptoms that severe I urge you to get scoped, you won't be sorry. I belive in some alternative medicine but only after a complete physical screening. Good luck to you! Acid reflux can be a precursor to Celiac and many of us have it.
  13. Have you had your thyroid gland checked? Thyroid disease is an autoimmune disease that goes along with Celiac, diabetes, etc...
  14. Ditto on increasing the protein, I increased my protein and my cravings have been stopped. Instead of cookies after dinner, I have been substituting trail mix or some kind of meat, hard cheese (the only kind I can tolerate). I also have peanut butter in the morning on fruit or rice cake and it has stopped me from reaching for a snack. Hope this helps...
  15. Hi, I just wanted to welcome to the board. I'm sure you will find the answers you are searching for here on this board. Perhaps this is God's way of helping you to find help. First of all, your symptoms sound a lot like mine were in the beginning. Have you had an upper GI or endoscopy done? You could be suffering from acid reflux. I do not have Celiac's disease but I am gluten intolerant. One of my biggest problems was the acid reflux, it made me very anxious, heart flutters, and the dizziness. It got so bad that i couldn't drive ( I love to drive), thank God my husband was always with me when i had these "attacks". After the "scope" I learned thet my acid reflux was so bad that I was diagnosed with Barrett's ring around the esophagus, but my biopsies have always been Negative. It can, in some cases turn into cancerous and I will always have to be monitored. To make a long story short I started on an acid reducer , gave up gluten and DAIRY and I have been doing much better, not completely cured (I was 62 when diagnosed so I have had a lot of damage), and I intend to stay gluten free forever. My GI doc says that I can eat wheat because I had genetic testing which was negative. My advice is to get yourself to a good GI doc and get an EGD and Colonoscopy. Everyone of us should have these areas scoped at least once in your life, just like we have to have pap tests and mammograms for women and test for prostate cancer in men! Thanks for listing, I will be anxious to hear from you...
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