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  1. pufffee

    Gluten In Lunchmeats

    Richard, I am not trying to argue with you. Gluten and Milk products are in most procssed deli meats. Especially milk. Dietz and Watson is only meat in my Shaws or Hannafords that actually states GLUTEN Free(sure their are many more). If all meats were gluten free or dairy free why does one mfg make claim this and no one else seems to. Also I looked at about ten packages of Nathans Polish Kelbasa(sp) and all contained wheat as did two other MFG's. Milk is huge part of processed meat I had no idea gluten had any business in MEat lol but it does. My mother has had this disease for 30 years and went through all these issues as well. I am sure things have changed with some mfg's but saying it is untrue is only misleading people on this site. I suggest we look at as questions as you mentioned but just beware it is in SOME meats
  2. pufffee

    Gluten In Lunchmeats

    Most pepperoni contains stater culture which is milk product and does not state contains milke product.
  3. gluten-free for three weeks now and stools are on and off and far as substance. I mainly go once a day. I am confirmed celiac through blood and Endo. My issue is belly being constantly bloated and gurgling. That has yet to subside. Working on new strategies for that though like lowering lactose intake.
  4. pufffee

    Gluten In Lunchmeats

    Beward most processed meats contain gluten. it is a processing agent. Ask Deli counter person for Gluten free meats. They are out there. Like Boars head. Stuff is everywhere. Look at most peperoni sticks that actually contain milk products and no one would ever know
  5. From Website Q. How much gluten does this contain? A. We do not add any gluten to our products. However, we cannot guarantee that all raw materials are 100% gluten-free. I have heard this alot with products and the cross contamination can still mess with people. CEntrum seems to be good, although they are expensive 2. Is Centrum gluten-free and is it safe for people with celiac disease to take? Yes, Centrum is gluten-free and suitable for individuals with celiac disease.
  6. Hi THere I am wondering the same thing. NEw Celiac here and been taking them and still not feeling 100% but only on diet for three weeks so not sure if vitamins are issue yet or not?
  7. I don't consider it a reaction because I have given up both lactose and gluten for a month at a time and still bloated everysingle day and when I drink milk or eat icecream, nothing new happens I was already bloated. I will give it up again now that I am strictly gluten-free now.
  8. Oh man this stinks, this is the closest thing to a vegatable I liked lol. It seems it is a pattern. I get REAL bloated and gurgling noises in my stomach : (
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone has had any issues eating SnapeaCrisps from CALBEE?
  10. Thank you, this helps! I am gonna look into cutting as much of lactose out of diet as possible. I do have handle though on what has gluten and what does not but need to focus a bit on lactose more I guess
  11. Thank you! I hope it does get better it is a dumb problem to have lol
  12. I have been eating yogurt. Yoplait gluten-free yogurt for the first time in my life so that is my only probiotic I take. I have taken then in the past as well with no luck. Maybe try again? Rice Works chips bother my stomach alot so no more of those. But other then that not much really bothers me. I am just constantly bloated
  13. Hi I got officially diagnosed two weeks ago. Second Endo and all positive blood work. My mother has it as well. I have been doing great on diet and have a lot of help from this site and of course my mother. I have gurgling noises and what seems to be stomach acid issues but never get heartburn ever. I was given Bentyl and only take one pill three times a day. This comes from months of taking pepermint, Ginger, etc with no help. Still, this is not working either, but it has only been two weeks. BUT I have been bloated for over a year and half. Now that I am officially diagnosed and on diet, will this ever go away? I have lost about 7lbs over last 6 months but belly looks like I am pregnant or have little bowling ball in stomach.( i am 6"3 190lbs . I was told I have lactose intolerence but drink milk and eat cheese in small doses and see feel no reactions. Also I have given up all Lactose containing products for a month at a time and still bloated. Everyone on here gets the Big D, tired constantly, and have muscle issues during recovery and prior to diagnoses. I will admit I am tired a lot but muscles are fine and all vitamin levels are fine. Anyone with similar issues or advise with bloating. I have come so far with this but can't get this one thing fixed.
  14. Thanks, I have seen this and other links but wondering if things or production get better with diet?
  15. Hi Newly officially diagnosed. My wife is very concerned that I may have low sperm count and I am wondering if damage from disease caused this and or will I have better count now that I am on the diet? Or it could be unrelated all together. Just wondering if their is a relationship between the celiac and sperm count. I appreciate feedback!