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  1. Kathleen Smith

    Advice On Feeling So Sick

    Hi Everyone, I havent been on in awhile. I am diagnosed and gluten free just over two years. The fisrt year was...
  2. Kathleen Smith

    Cannot Lose Weight!

    Hi Everyone, I have been gluten-free for two years. The last 6 months have been the most healing. That is mostly...
  3. Hi Lucia, I have been going to the Celiac Disease Research Center in Columbia myself! I went there because I am a year...
  4. Kathleen Smith

    Diagnosis = Refractory Sprue

    Yogamommy~ I have also been gluten free a year but my blood tests for antibodies did respond. My endoscopy showed...
  5. Hi All, I am researching (or trying) both FODMAP and the Specific Carb Diet b/c I am gluten free a year and still having...
  6. Kathleen Smith

    Info On Bacterial Overgrowth Test

    Thank you Kayo!
  7. Kathleen Smith

    Info On Bacterial Overgrowth Test

    Thanks for the info Kayo. I am going to research the FODMAP diet a little. What are some foods that you avoid and...
  8. Hi Everyone ~ On to my next test, I am getting a bacterial overgrowth test done in two weeks (main symtpoms are nausea...
  9. Kathleen Smith

    Visually Most Repulsive Gluteny Food

    Donuts. I really got grossed out this past weekend when I went through the Donkun Donuts drive thur with my sister....
  10. Kathleen Smith

    Help! Biopsy Possible Refractory

    I am going to start this. no corn or corn chips either right? I can have potatoes and sweet potatoes though...
  11. Kathleen Smith

    Help! Biopsy Possible Refractory

    I have seen all the posts and was thinking about trying that.
  12. Kathleen Smith

    Help! Biopsy Possible Refractory

    Thank you all for your replies. I am confused too if my bloodwork is so good. I went to the celiac specialist for...
  13. Hi all My doctor just left me a message that is scary. I went to a Celiac Research Center in NYC after a year and...
  14. Kathleen Smith

    Feeling Sick After Eating Anything.

    This happens to me too. I am a year and half gluten free. I just went to the Celiac Center in Columbia and my bloodwork...
  15. Kathleen Smith

    Primal Defense Probiotic gluten-free?

    Thanks! I was reading about the barely grass but I think the risk of CC is too high for me to be comfortable with, ...