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  1. Hi Kellibee. Welcome to the confusing world of food labelling. The fact that the chips are made in a facility that processes wheat in no way means that the product contains gluten. It may not even be produced on the same equipment. No matter what precautions are taken to avoid cross-contamination, the fact that the chips are "certified" means that they are regularly tested and meet the criteria of the certifying organization. I would totally trust them.
  2. I am never offended by this question. I know there are a lot of people who have gone gluten-free just to lose weight or simply believe it is healthier. Restaurants cater to this group and often list items gluten-free that do not fit the strict definition for those who react to it. I appreciate the fact that they recognize that some of us have to be more cautious. Just say, "Allergy".
  3. In Canada, the cheese Doritos have a gluten-free label on the package. Other ones like the sweet chili ones contain wheat. Could be different in the U.S.
  4. Yup. That happens to me. Sometimes I am doubled over in pain and other times not. I had ribs at a restaurant once. They came out halfway through the meal in a panic. It turns out the rib sauce was not gluten-free. I went home and stocked my bathroom with lots of reading material, but nothing happened.
  5. I will talk to the hospital pharmicist. Thanks all for your help.
  6. I am going for surgery. The surgeon told me he prescribes hydromorphone post operation. Do i need to worry about gluten? How about Tylenol 3 (maybe I can ask for that instead). Thanks, DougE
  7. I am nonsymptomatic. I do get my blood tested every other year, but I am not sure how reliable that would be. I think that since I am trying my darndest not to consume gluten, even if I was not doing it right, I would probably get a false negative on a blood test. I am extra careful to avoid cross contamination, and rely heavily on other Celiac's experiences. These forums are a god-send for that purpose. One question I have never been able to resolve is if I should be avoiding all oats. I do have gluten-free oats once in a while, but some are sensitive to even gluten-free oats. Without symptoms, would I know?
  8. Hi Patt, I am not in New Brunswick, but I am in nearby Haliifax. Also was born and raised in Moncton, so I still travel to NB quite a bit. Doug
  9. Thanks kareng. I have never bought Mikes at a store. I only ordered it at a bar once or twice because they had not gluten-free beers or ciders. Never got a chance to read the label. Now I am usually very consciencous of reading labels, but I think that the rules are different for alcoholic beverages (at least in Canada). So I ordered it "It's just lemonade, right?" That just shows how dangerous it can be to make assumptions. Learned my lesson.
  10. Does this article look legit? The part on beer is totally in line with what I have read in the past, but Mike's hard lemonade? I never would have guessed.
  11. Experiment with the rub. I just use what I have on hand. I do not wrap the salmon, but use a vegetable grill so I don't lose any if it falls apart. I find the rub helps hold the fillets together anyway. If you prefer to wrap it in foil, that might change the cooking time, I'm not sure.
  12. For salmon fillets, make a rub of equal parts chili powder and cumin, crush in a bit of an herb (e.g. thyme) and add a little black pepper. Coat the fillets thoroughly with the rub and cook on the BBQ about 4 or 5 minutes per side.
  13. Hi I have a business trip to Winnipeg next week, staying at the Humphry Inn. I found a great list of restaurants on the local Celiac Association website, but how about gluten-free beer? Can anyone recommend bars (or restaurants) where I can get gluten-free beer?
  14. I see a lot of favourable comments for toaster bags. I bought some once, but I found they were so large that there was extra bag on the sides of the toaster. They even started to melt. I thought, this looks like a fire hazard, but even if it isn't, I don't like the idea of plastic melting on my toast. Was I doing something wrong? I can't remember the brand, I think it was Toast-it. Anyway, I picked up a small inexpensive toaster at the supermarket and take it everywhere.
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