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    I happily accept the fact I'm an odd bird. Interests range from gardening to firedancing - I can climb a tree in a corset, and have been known to do so in order to find a good nest to curl up and read a book. My husband is a geek, I'm a nerd, and we are learning how to blend our lives - think neo-techno-elven.
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    Northern Ohio The COLD part.

About Me

Diagnosed with celiac this summer (09) after 15+ years of doctors not able to decide WHY I had to have bookshelves installed in my bathroom rather than a mere magazine rack. I've been sick, tired, and sick and tired of BEING sick and tired for so long that I'm still in a bit of shock over feeling, well, good now. Yeah, relearning how to cook gluten free can be crazy making, and I have days when I would kill for some "real" pasta - but not having to know where every bathroom in a 20 mile radius is worth it!

The 60+ pounds that fell off are a pretty nice perk too! It looks like now that I know what was wrong, and can finally take charge of my own health - turning 30 this year isn't scary at all. I'm looking forward to catching up on all the fun I've missed while watching life run by when I was benched on the bed, the couch, or running to the bathroom!

Don't ask me to drive your car - but I'm safe to leave around your critters and kids. (I can't promise they won't learn to swear in Klingon or the rules of fencing while near me.) My mother shakes her head when talking about me... but since she is usually also smiling, I'll leave it up to you to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing No kids yet (maybe next year - my husband has begun to wonder about "spawning") but 4 cats.

  1. Well that answers ONE big worry for me! I've looked at tons of recipes for gluten-free cooking and so many sing the praises of almond or coconut flour as a great replacement - which is great for many, but when you are allergic to BOTH, well. Not so good. I'd been wondering if I could use cashews...