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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. From cdford: My neurological problems were so bad prior to my diagnosis that I was bedbound and unable to even feed myself or go to the bathroom without assistance. After being gluten-free for almost 5 years, I can now use a walker around the house, cook some days, drive on good days, etc. ...
  3. Glad y'all don't have a problem with TT, but I sure do. I was using Northern for a while and could not figure out why "those places" stayed raw and itchy. Saw the notice on Clan Thompson's site and changed brands. No more problems after the initial stuff healed.
  4. The docs were so sure I had MS that they did MRIs regularly for six years just waiting for the scales to show up. Turns out that, like many celiacs, my nerves had been affected. The neurological damage from celiac disease mimics MS closely. The good news is that it gets better the longer you are...
  5. I have both FMS and GI...and my hands and feet swell something fierce, especially during the summer months. My shoes are loose in the morning yet leave whelps by evening and I am just now getting to where I can wear my wedding band again after several years.
  6. Adding gluten to juice is about as stupid as using anything other than potato starch to thicken potato soup. No more Tropicana Twisters in my fridge. My spouse and my daughter will not be pleased.
  7. I also meant to mention that there is a tool for cutting the onion. Mine was a Christmas gift several years ago, but I have also seen them at the stores. One comes in a Vidalia onion recipe kit as well.
  8. There is also a website with that kind of stuff, if only I could remember the URL for it. Also, the blooming onion recipe works much better if you soak the onion in ice water for a while first.
  9. I can't remember right now where I finally found some really good info on the neurological damage and the muscle spasms. When my brain works again, I'll try to remember to check and post the info here. Right now I am just having one of those days...well, weeks.
  10. I have the swallowing problem but do not have GERD. My family watches me like a hawk when I eat because it can be such a problem. I have the neurological damage and the docs think that is the cause for me. It has gotten much better the longer I am gluten-free, though it still comes and goes some...
  11. I avoided mixed even before going gluten-free. Most are simple to create on your own. For tacos, we do the following: Brown a lb of ground beef (or more in a family the size of ours), adding onion and garlic when almost brown so that the flavors can mix as the onion becomes translucent. Drain...