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    I enjoy spending time with my friends doing any number of things. I bowl on a league once a week, and spend quite a bit of time with my young niece.
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  1. Bobbijo6681

    Top Priorites To Watch For

    I wouldn't give up on your favorites there if you are only worried about the soy sauce....I asked my favorite place ...
  2. Bobbijo6681

    Removing Gluten From An Oven

    Also...an easy solution is to not put any food directly on the oven racks, as long as your food doesn't touch the rack...
  3. Bobbijo6681

    Removing Gluten From An Oven

    From what I understand the cleaning setting should do the trick....If you have a cast iron skillet that is the recommeneded...
  4. Bobbijo6681

    Top Priorites To Watch For

    Not sure exactly what you are looking for here..... but hopefully I can help in some way. Hidden places for gluten...
  5. Bobbijo6681

    How Much B12? --Low Energy

    My understanding with B12 (I am also deficient in this) is that it is disolvable. Meaning if you don't need it you will...
  6. Bobbijo6681


    Thanks for all the help guys!!! I guess I have lots to do before they get back!
  7. Bobbijo6681


    Thanks for the thoughts guys!!! I am not sure that telling them I will only eat what I bring is the right answer though...
  8. My guess is that you are having a pretty good case of withdrawls...or big CC problems. I would try to really eliminate...
  9. Bobbijo6681


    Good Afternoon All!!! I just spoke with my mother yesterday and confirmed that they are moving back to Iowa from Arizona...
  10. Bobbijo6681

    What Did You Eat Today?

    Well since yesterday was much more exciting than today has been so far, I will start with that: Breakfast: Sausage...
  11. I do have to agree about the Katz Gluten Free Challah, that is the first gluten-free bread that I have purchased and...
  12. Bobbijo6681

    Neuro Symptoms

    I was told by my neurologist that falling over with your eyes closed is a symptom of a B12 deficiency. If you haven...
  13. Bobbijo6681

    Questions From A Newbie

    I too have very few symptoms of glutening. Mostly just bad D for a couple of hours and then back to being OK. I have...
  14. Bobbijo6681

    Something Really Scary Has Happened

    Also if they were checking for B12 in order to get a true reading (from what my lab told me) they have to do the methamalonic...
  15. Bobbijo6681

    Problem With Swelling?

    I had severe swelling in both of my feet and legs and it wasn't really "painful" but more of an annoyance, and uncomfortableness...