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  1. Lesx2

    Gluten Free In Hawaii

    There is also a Whole Foods in Maui
  2. When of my favorites to throw out when getting the pity look - " But look st all the calories I am saving". Works well...
  3. Lesx2

    Apps For Gluten-Free Restaurants

    Ditto on "find me Gluten Free" app
  4. Watch out on the chicken if you cannot tolerate nightshades. They started adding paprika recently. So bummed! Kirkland...
  5. Lesx2

    Special Meals On Planes?

    helpful hint - to keep your traveling food cold, pack in an insulated lunch bag with a bag of frozen peas. Ice packs...
  6. - nightshades - dairy, including alternates almond, rice milk, etc ( unless baked in something) - eggs ( unless baked...
  7. Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe - yummy sandwiches ( yes, a sandwich on homemade bread!), salads, soups, etc...
  8. Regarding your question- Some of the portable "picnic" foods I keep on hand for when I don't have anything to premade...
  9. A fine sipping anejo or reposado tequila on the rocks. Don Julio is very smooth , melts in your mouth. There also some...
  10. There is no scientific evidence to back this but I find it interesting that when I have used products with gluten, they...
  11. Bonus!! All those 1000's of calories you saved!
  12. Lesx2

    New Gluten-Free Pizza Place

    Hi Ken, The Brick Oven in Ventura, Ca is good, great to hear about option in Kihei. Any word yet on the new Hyatt...
  13. Lesx2

    Awkward Meals Out

    Bring your own food. I eat out a lot either socially or on business trips. I always bring my own food (in case there...
  14. Just ate at Mono on Irving between 18/19th on Friday night while in town from California Had one of the best meals...