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  1. There is also a Whole Foods in Maui
  2. When of my favorites to throw out when getting the pity look - " But look st all the calories I am saving". Works well, especially when the group is eating deep fried and breaded appetizers or big desserts :-).
  3. Watch out on the chicken if you cannot tolerate nightshades. They started adding paprika recently. So bummed! Kirkland shampoo and cream rinse are gluten-free, ditto with dog food ( heh, healthier for Fido too). The Costco magazine has stated that all the Kirkland spices are gluten-free and have never had a problem The Kirkland version of Immodium says gluten-free, but gave me a severe DH breakouts I think from red dye or maybe iodine?
  4. helpful hint - to keep your traveling food cold, pack in an insulated lunch bag with a bag of frozen peas. Ice packs won't clear TSA, but peas do! Was just told recently that you can now take a frozen (frozen solid) bottlr of water with you through security. tried it last week at LAX as I had extra time. My carry on bag got pulled for the secondary inspection, but they let me takethe frozen bottle with me! Going to try putting the bottle in its own tray next time. Anyone know anymore about this? It would be a much better cooler pack than peas!
  5. - nightshades - dairy, including alternates almond, rice milk, etc ( unless baked in something) - eggs ( unless baked in something) - lots of vegetables -especially green ones - nuts, except for an occasional couple of almonds -and I think my latest might be items iodine content and or salt. Have not been able to reintroduce anything - going on 13 years now since diagnosed. Will be curious what others have to say and any ideas/ suggestions. The refrig and pantry are the enemy I have to plow throgh when hunger hits.
  6. Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe - yummy sandwiches ( yes, a sandwich on homemade bread!), salads, soups, etc. on Oracle Road - always go here when I am in town. Love the Mexican wedding cookies and snickerdoodles -such a treat. For Mexican, El Charro has good food and a gluten-free menu. We go th the one on Oracle, have never had an issue. For food shopping, Whole Foods and Sprouts. Frys and Bashas carry Boars Head deli products. Frys has a bigger selection of gluten-free foods.
  7. Regarding your question- Some of the portable "picnic" foods I keep on hand for when I don't have anything to premade to pack and take include: Tuna in foil packets , I add dried cranberries Sandwiches (paleo flat bread I make and freeze, (can't handle potato starch in Udis anymore) made with almond butter and pumpkin spread or fruit spread , Boars Head deli meat', veggies, etc. - love with sweet potato chips Chiocolate Protein shake, make with water instead of dairy. I use a pea protein, add almond butter, banana , spinach, honey, etc depending on mood and time Crackers, Boars Head salami, fruit or vegies Paleo muffins (keep in freezer). Just made blueberry and banana coconut this weekend, yumm . Microwave Applegate Chicken apple sausage links to take with Any other ideas? Please share, I too struggle finding easy, yummy pack and go items for when I don't have leftovers
  8. A fine sipping anejo or reposado tequila on the rocks. Don Julio is very smooth , melts in your mouth. There also some new organic tequilas available on the market that are preety good.
  9. There is no scientific evidence to back this but I find it interesting that when I have used products with gluten, they cause problems . Not typical problems found when ingesting gluten, but other issues... For example.... Suntan lotion w G = very red sun burn, gluten-free= nice tan Hand and body lotion w G= sticky skin, gluten-free lotion= soft, silky skin Shampoo w G= frizzy hair, GFshampoo =soft, silky hair G mascara= red, itchy eyes, lash breakage, gluten-free mascara = long, lush eyelashes G eye shadow = red eyes, loses color, gluten-free eyeshadow = clear eyes, longer lasting Make up w G = pimples, gluten-free make up, clear skin G soap = dry flaky skin or sticky residue, gluten-free soap normal skin G laundry soap = itchy clothes or sheets Does anyone else see weird reactions similar to these?
  10. Bonus!! All those 1000's of calories you saved!
  11. Hi Ken, The Brick Oven in Ventura, Ca is good, great to hear about option in Kihei. Any word yet on the new Hyatt Andaz property in Wailea?
  12. Bring your own food. I eat out a lot either socially or on business trips. I always bring my own food (in case there is not anything on menu that is safe) When the server asks for your order just quietly say "I have severe food allergies so I have my own food to eat" I will usually order a beverage. 90% of the time the server even brings me a plate to put my own food on even though I have never asked. I have never been questioned or told no you cant do that about having my own food or snacks. I just don't make a big deal about it and pull it out when others have been served. I always make sure i leave the server a tip specfically from me . For example, if you go to the pizza place, make up some pizza ahead of time , wrap in foil , put in a small insulated lunch bag and you are set to enjoy the time with your friends. I find it too hard to go and just watch others eat. Much easier to participate with having safe foods with me. The outing then becomes about the people not about the location or food When your friends say "oh it to bad you can't have this deep fried onion tower dripping in dressing" (or whatever)... I usually just respond with a "yeah me too, but my hips are really appreciating all the calories I am saving." and it gets a laugh, then I change the conversation. Enjoy your time with your friends!
  13. Just ate at Mono on Irving between 18/19th on Friday night while in town from California Had one of the best meals in my life . ask for the food allergy chart. It outlines what you can/can't have for any common food intolerance. Waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful too
  14. I travel 1-3 times a month on business and always bring food with me to supplement what I can safely eat or to feed me if nothing is available. Costco sell a great soft sided cooler ( called Coolmate) that has flown all over the world with me. It can be checked as luggage (if you have liquids in it) I use frozen water bottles for cooling and then have to drink or taken as carry on ( use frozen bags of peas for cooling). The hotel or training center must provide you with a refrig (ADA). Request with your reservation and tell them it's for medical reasons. They can charge you but your employer would be obligated to reimburse you. I have only been charged twice in the last ten years. If a mircrowave is not available you would be amazed what you can heat up in a coffee maker pot in your hotel room if you reslly want hot food - Hot choc to soup to chili, etc Toaster bags (available on Amazon) are great for taking your gluten-free bread, muffin, waffle and toasting at a breakfast bar, I often bring my own toaster tho. Some suggested items to take (list may vary depending on what you can eat All gluten-free of course - almond or coconut milk Cereal Bread or English muffin, or waffles or muffins Bars , granola Tuna packets Salad dressing Premade panini sandwiches, quesadillas Treat ( cookies, brownie) so you have something while everyone is enjoying dessert Juice (in water bottles) Cheese, crackers Nuts, nut butter, Zip lock of veggies and dip Or Whatever your favorite foods are Also suggest taking a paring knife (checked luggage) , plastic services utensils, zip lock baggies and a couple of paper plates You can do this! Once you get in the routine of packing your gluten-free "suitcase" with your favorite easy foods it becomes simple. Ps. Don't forget to pack a lunch bag for the airplane even if a short flight and you don't think you will need. Planes get delayed, cancelled and stuck on runways. Some airports are better than others in having gluten-free options. The only thing they are going to hand out on an airplane is pretzels.
  15. Hi Ken, thanks for the suggestion, I'll be in P.S. at end of December and back to Hawaii in April. Big island this year. You always know the best places. Leslie
  16. For more affordable options, check to see if there are massage schools in your area. Usually getting a massage at a school about the same price as a pedicure! May not be fancy like a spa, but have almost always had a good treatment.
  17. More and more all the time. My #1 vote goes to Four Seasons Scottsdale (the exec chef there, Chef Mel, daughter has food allergies so he has labeled all menus and staff are very well trained). Was at Kimpton Hotel Solamar last week in San Diego and menu was clearly marked. Kauai Marriott is starting to make changes and found gluten-free snack items in Grand Hyatt San Antonio this week. It's also getting easier to find gluten-free snack items in airports. BTW, my worse vote goes to Ritz Pentegon City, DC. For a nice property, they still don't get it but there are local eateries nearby that have gluten-free menus
  18. May I also suggest Foil (or foil sheets from Costco ). Great for a liner on counters, in glass dishes, bakeware, etc. great cc saver Toaster bags. Awesome invention for anyone who does not always have access to a gluten-free toaster or grill. You can order from Amazon. They are like a baggie (made out of a material similar to an iron liner that quilters use). Put bread, English muffin, frozen waffle, grilled cheese sandwich , etc and pop in any toaster. I use at hotels all the time at the breakfast buffets, I just go downstairs with my English muffin in a small lunch bag and pop into the toaster and waa la, breakfast I can eat. I have even had waitstaff toast for me in restaurants where there is no buffet.
  19. Rice tortillas and teff tortillas Rice and multigrain English muffins ( not home and cannot remember brand -starts with an e). Almond milk yogurt (almanede) Crunch master multigrain crackers Mesa Sunrise cereal Apple gate chicken and sage breakfast sausage, sliced deli turkey, Pedersons bacon La Glorita corn tortillas Pamelas shortbread or choc cookies ( but watch the calories on these) Justins almond butter ( 365 = whole foods brand peanut butter is really good) 365 broths - low sodium, no msg ! Keep an eye out this time of year, they will have gluten-free gravy (Imangibe brand), gluten-free stuffing mix, etc dark chocolate chips Guacamole ( made in house). gluten-free halibut fish ( in box like fisf&chips) Plus all the udis,Rudis, Glutino products available and their meats and vegetables
  20. Costco Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner. Both gluten-free and surprisingly good. Also Aveda products.
  21. Kirkland shampoo, conditioner, and body wash Kirkland spices And so much more. Check labels but I have purchased items including Food Should taste So Good brand chips, Mission tortilla chips, dried fruit snacks, meat in bulk, Aiellos (sp?) sausage, etc In their magazine they often note which products are gluten-free and had a good article in their June2010 magazine regarding celiac disease.
  22. Thanks all. I had most of the natural remedies at home so I doubled up on those and will pick up the Vicks tomorrow. I am starting to feel somewhat human enough to venture to the store again!
  23. Kirkland ( Costco) shampoo and conditioner are gluten-free and I was surprised the changes in my hair- not losing as much, less spilt ends, softer, etc. Price is great too.
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