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  1. David in Seattle

    Please Help!

    DD - Sent you a PM. David
  2. David in Seattle

    Hook Worn Therapy

    I know it's been used with some success in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis). Have you seen this: LINK
  3. David in Seattle

    Is It Weird That I Think I Only Want To Date Gluten-Free Men?

    Even in places like Sydney? Where'd I put that Frequent Flier number...
  4. Mskedi - Thanks for the reply. I don't doubt you're right, but looking through all the bottles with so many of them being non-English was a bit daunting. Can you recommend a specific brand? Maybe a nice LINK to the manufacturer's site with a picture of the bottle? Seriously that last part would be great! David.
  5. David in Seattle

    San-j Tamari Sauce

    Seattle has a huge number of Asians and not far from my house is an Asian market the size of your average QFC/Ralph's/Krogers. They must have 400 different bottles of soy sauce, but no San J. So I get it at Safeway
  6. That's doesn't mean the gluten is getting INTO the meat in an intact form as a result of the animals having eaten it. Animal protein (e.g., that found in muscle) and the plant protein they eat (e.g., the compound gluten, which is made up of the proteins gliadin and glutenin) are entirely different. Animals break down plant matter in digestion to extract things like amino acids, which are then used by their bodies to built things like muscle. If your son is getting a gluten reaction from certain chicken it may well be because that chicken was fed wheat, BUT, the gluten most likely contaminated the meat from fecal contact and/or just from all the wheat dust/debris that is so abundant in the factory farms which use it. It gets all over the animal, some of it remains on their skin & feathers, and it then contaminates the wash which the carcasses pass through in processing, and thereby the meat itself. If Foster Farms uses only corn (if) then their product is likely just as contaminated with corn debris, but this isn't an issue because you don't have a problem with corn. Some say you can wash enough of this away when you get the meat into your kitchen, some say no, or that it depends on your individual sensitivity. I'm glad though that you've found a product you and your family can use. I would be concerned that every single Foster facility uses no wheat, or even if they don't that they may not change to wheat at any time with no notice.
  7. David in Seattle

    I Wasn't Sure What To Say...

    As long as people have been sick, there have been frauds, quacks, and charlatans eager to prey upon their misery. Of course, what this great market for rubbish speaks to most is the huge population of sufferers who "traditional medicine" has failed. Who would be spending time and money going from homeopath, to naturopath, to chiropractor, to acupuncturist, etc., if their "regular" doctor, to whom they almost certainly appealed 1st, had been able to end their troubles?
  8. David in Seattle

    I Wasn't Sure What To Say...

    Not sure where it was, but I recently read someone saying their chiropractor was claiming they could cure this person of Celiac. The nonsense people will believe.
  9. David in Seattle

    Snyders- Call To Action

    I'm pretty proficient with computers, no, I pasted the correct URL & it was changed back to the one for this thread. Don't know why. I'm glad to hear there was no censorship
  10. David in Seattle

    Snyders- Call To Action

    That link is simply to this thread. I tried reposting, got the same result. I suspect some moderator editing is going on here, perhaps because the link is to a "competing" site. How nice. Here's the text of the page: I received the following from someone who I really respect in the gluten free community. Jules is completely dedicated to making this a better gluten free world. Please read the following: Are you willing to be poisoned?  For profit? I apologize for the alarm, but where food safety and our health are concerned, silence is not an option. I hope you agree. This month I met a senior executive of a food company that is launching a new gluten-free product. When I asked why their product was not certified gluten-free, I was discouraged (because I usually only eat products that are certified). As we discussed their reasons, and their casual and dangerous interpretation of what "gluten free" means, my stomach knotted, by blood pressure rose and I was moved to write a letter to their CEO. Please read the letter, and join me and thousands of gluten-free consumers who will not be taken advantage of for profit
  11. David in Seattle


    Julie - How old is your daughter? I don't have children, so this will probably sound terribly naive, but when my brother & I were growing up, we always ate salad with dinner, because that's what was put in front of us, and also never drank pop, or ate junk food, simply because it wasn't in the house. Maybe if she had no other dinner time options, she'd eventually have to give in & eat her veggies. Given the alternative If she's older & not under your control 24 hours a day, at least that way you'd know she was getting one good meal a day. Is there something about the salad bar/restaurant variety that you could replicate at home? The dressing, maybe?
  12. David in Seattle

    Not Doing Well Emotionally

    I think I understand how you feel. In my case, I'm still looking for a firm diagnosis, but if it's Celiac, FMS, IBD, or some combination, there is no question I have lost much of the joy of living for what should have been the most functional 30 some years of my existence because of ill health. It seems so unfair ("Life isn't fair", yeah, I know), everywhere you look, you see people, the majority of whom, just based on statistics, are capable of having nice healthy lives. Instead so many of them are walking around (or riding little carts), grossly overweight, cramming their faces with junk food and cigarettes, all washed down with a 5 gallon pail of carbonated chemicals. Yet their stomachs feel just fine. And in my case, I also have to deal with the upheaval of having been abandoned by the woman I thought was going to "be here forever", as she constantly reassured me she would, right up to the moment she left because of my health. I don't know if it's some emotional manifestation of "gluten withdrawal", or just a rational response to a pretty lousy set of circumstances, but it is very hard to take at times.
  13. David in Seattle

    Morbid Nightmares

    A number of medications can cause nightmares. One of the most common is Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), and it shares this effect with other antihistamine based, over the counter sleep aids. Here's a link to a list of other drugs with this propensity LIST You may want to look it over & see if you are taking any of the medications mentioned.
  14. David in Seattle

    Anyone Go Through Jury Duty?

    I've had FMS since I was in my early 20's, the gut thing only started about 15 months ago. I'm trying gluten free, though I haven't been "officially" diagnosed. I thought the fibro was bad (and it is)? This is worse, at least in my case. I wonder if that's also your experience? I'm hoping MAYBE the whole thing is gluten, so far, it's not clear. Anyway, nice to not be in this boat alone